5 Best Tennis Rebound Nets for Solo Practice

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Chasing balls isn’t fun. It’s great when you’ve got a hitting partner; you can both pick up your rackets, stand either side of the court and begin practice.

But what happens when you don’t have a partner? What happens if you want to practice on your own? What happens if you can to consistently keep hitting backhands without the need to ‘serve’ your own balls every time?

If you’re a tennis coach (or parent!) it becomes a little more difficult. How can you correct your player’s technique effectively from the other side of the court? And if you’re standing beside them coaching, there comes a point when your player will need to consistently practice a certain shot or sequence of shots with minimal interruption to mimic real-game situations.

So this begs the question:

How can you increase the amount of practice put in while simultaneously limiting the amount of ‘resources’ (hitting partners, tennis courts, additional balls etc) needed to play?

Through the use of tennis rebound nets.

While a tennis rebound net won’t solve ALL your problems, it will go a long way to ensuring you can not only be ultra-effective with your use of time in training but also highly efficient too.

Here’s a quick low down on what a tennis rebound net can do for you and your training;

  • Their Perfect for Solo Practice: So there’s a reduced need for a hitting partner
  • Great for Youth and Beginner Players: So they can develop at their own pace and improve the fundamentals of tennis
  • Can Create Game Realism: So skills can be easier to transfer from practice to real games
  • Can be used across Multiple Surfaces: Reducing the need for a tennis court every time you want to practice.
  • Help You Develop a Multitude of Shots: Practice forehands only, backhands only – or switch it up without running down the patience of a hitting partner!
  • Used for Warm Up’s: Before competitive games
  • Improves Ball/flight Perception: For beginners and youth players especially

With that all said onto the reviews. Below we’ve listed 5 tennis rebounder nets used by a multitude ranging from beginners to more advanced players.

Without further ado – here they are…


#1: Net World Sports Tennis Rebound Net Trainer

Net World Sports: Tennis Rebound Net Trainer
60 Reviews
Net World Sports: Tennis Rebound Net Trainer
Coming in as our joint-largest tennis rebound net, the Net World Sports Tennis Trainer is perfect if you need a rebounder that caters for younger players.

In short;

  • 9×7 ft Surface Area: Which is Fantastic for Youth Players
  • Great for Practising Volleys
  • 4 Different Angles: To change ball return ‘flight’ and mimic real-game scenarios
  • 1 ¼ Steel frame / Weather Proof: So you can leave it outside
  • Tape Included: So you can measure shot accuracy with instant feedback

You’ll not only be able to focus on throwing and catching games to improve basic hand-eye co-ordination, but you’ll also increase the likelihood of your young player(s) hitting the rebounder every time when using a racket too.

Older players? It’s got them covered too. In addition to helping improve basic forehand and backhand shots you’ll also be able to drastically improve volleys.

The Net World Sports Tennis Rebound Trainer also comes with a moveable ‘tape’ that fastens on horizontally. This gives your players a chance to challenge and improve their accuracy while providing instant feedback for accelerated learning.

Possible Drawbacks

The bounce-back effect is not the fastest of our top 5 – although defiantly works for most players.

Some customers have mentioned that the net could be tighter for a faster ball return. This could be solved through purchasing additional bungee cords to make the net as taught as possible.

Best Suited For?

  • Younger players – big surface area and reduce speed on return ball

#2: XK Sports Tennis Rebounder

XK Sports Tennis Rebounder
21 Reviews
XK Sports Tennis Rebounder
The XK is one of more popular tennis products with our readers. The XK Sports Tennis Trainer is a little different from other tennis rebound and bounce-back nets. Firstly the XK comes in a tennis court layout which mimics a real-game situation far better than our other nets.
  • Steel Frame: For added durability
  • Water Resistant: So it can be used outside in less than desirable weather!
  • Roughly 10 minute set up: So you can save a little time in the process
  • 5×7: Not the largest but still a good size to practice with
  • Adjustable Tension: To increase ball return speed and strength
  • Lightweight 27lbs: To make to it easier carrying to and from different venues
  • Unique Design: The only one of it’s type on the market

The XK Sports Tennis Trainer is a little different from other tennis rebound and bounce-back nets. Firstly the XK comes in a tennis court layout which mimics a real-game situation far better than our other nets.

It also comes with the option of multiple tension adjustments which can slow or speed up the ball return.

Finally, and probably the most striking difference the XK has over its competitors is its ‘bounce-back’ feature. While most other nets will return the ball back at various speeds, largely depending on how hard the ball I hit in the first place – the XK ‘soaks’ the power of the shot up first and then plays the ball back at a similar speed every time.

Here’s a video that explains it all better than I can in words.

As you can see this then gives the opportunity to work on footwork and positioning more. While out last net could be best used by beginners and younger players – the XK would be more suited for slightly more advanced players due to the added accuracy and technique needed to play.

While ground shots do seem to the most obvious way to get value out of the XK, it won’t stop you from practicing your volleys, serves and other shots – it’ll just mean less consistency to your practise and more time picking up balls.

Possible Drawbacks

  • Instructions seem to be pain to ‘decode’
  • If you’re looking height variations in the ball return you’d probably be better going with one of our other rebound nets.

Best Suited for?

Older and more advanced players due to the constant body coordination and the strength needed to use this rebounder to its full potential

#3: Jaques of London Tennis Rebound Trainer

Jaques of London Tennis Rebound Trainer
17 Reviews
Jaques of London Tennis Rebound Trainer
With a 7x7 frame the Jaques of London Tennis Rebound Trainer comes in at an ideal size to cater for most players. Again this one also comes with an adjustable angle to increase the versatility and it also doesn’t weigh that much either – in fact it comes in the lightest tennis rebound net in our top 5.
  • Adjustable Angles: To change ball return ‘flight’
  • 7x7ft: Sits in the middle range of sizes in our top 5
  • 15lbs: Comes in as one of our lightest tennis rebound nets
  • Good Price: If you’re working with a tight budget

The size is great if you want to transport it, but not so great if you want to leave it outside. You should be good for most weather conditions, but if you are worried about it falling over or moving half way through shots, grab some weights or weighted sandbags to secure it down.

If you’re budget doesn’t allow you to go with one of the other nets in our top 5 the Jaques of London Tennis Net will provide your players will the foundations needed to develop their basic skills in training – and failing that, it’ll work well for warm ups before games for older too.

Possible Drawbacks

  • Assembly can be a little bit of a pain. = Grab a second person to help you

Best Suited For?

  • Younger players – due to slower speed return
  • Older players but would recommend drills or training – more for warm ups

#4: Tourna Tennis Rebound Net

Tourna Tennis Rebound Net
148 Reviews
Tourna Tennis Rebound Net
Another popular product amongst our readers. No bells and whistles - but gives you exactly what you need to train for a good price.
  • 9×7: Large surface area – great for beginners and youth players.
  • Taught net: For solid ball return speed.
  • Fit into most storage ‘facilities’ nicely

Not too much to report here – a solid, durable tennis rebound net without all the bells and whistles.

If you’re looking for a large net but find you’re working on a tight budget- then you should have a look at the Tourna Tennis rebound Net.

With a good ball return speed, large surface area to practise with and ability to slide into storage without taking up much space – it’s well worth a quick look.

Possible Drawbacks

  • Looking to store or leave it outside? = Make sure you leave it up against a wall or something similar to stop it blowing over in the wind.

Best Suited For?:

  • Younger and older players

#5: Crazy Catch Range

  • Most Portable: Packs away into an easy to carry bag
  • Carry bag included
  • Great for Progressing Practice
  • Timer included to add fun and a competitive nature to training
  • Great for younger kids

Although the Crazy Catch product range were specifically made for throwing and catching sports (think cricket) I’ve included them specifically for younger players to work on their;

  • Throwing and catching skills
  • Ball flight perception skills
  • Hand-Eye Co-ordination

There are 4 main products of the Crazy Catch range; we’ll be specifically looking at 2 of them;

Freestyle Net:

Crazy Catch Freestyle Net
19 Reviews
Crazy Catch Freestyle Net
As the coach, you can hold the net while your player makes the hits giving you control over the placement of the return balls.

It’s also great to develop to footwork and positioning and adds massive amount of fun into your training sessions.

Not your typical tennis rebound net – but with a little bit of creativity it can be used to develop a whole range of tennis specific skills.

Professional Net:

Crazy Catch Professional Net
8 Reviews
Crazy Catch Professional Net
A Larger net that can specifically help develop ground shots for younger players. It also comes with 2 sides.

The first side will return the ball in a predictable way the second side in an unpredictable way. This is absolutely fantastic if you want to challenge your younger players and add variety to your their training.

Possible Drawbacks

  • Younger players will more than likely need adult assistance to use – see Freestyle Crazy Catch
  • At the moment there seems to be long shipping time. But if you can see the huge benefit these nets can bring your players you might be willing to wait for yours. If you’ve got a larger budget you could purchase a Crazy Catch net alongside one of the other rebound nets above and use the that one until your Crazy Catch arrives.

Best Suited for?

  • Younger players – although that said, the Freestyle net could be used with older players too.

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