Adjustable Soccer Goal: The Lifetime Adjustable Soccer Goal Review

Lifetime Adjustable Soccer Goal Review

Thinking an adjustable soccer goal might benefit your coaching, players and all-round stress levels?

Well, I’ll be honest you could be right.

That said however, there are a few gripes which I’ll go into more detail on below.

If you haven’t already watched the video above, I suggest you have a quick look to get up to speed on everything.



Let’s go.


First and foremost I think it’s worth noting, that Lifetime see this as a soccer goal for parents and children. The kind of soccer goal you’ll use in your backyard.

As this website it primarily aimed at sports coaches (in this case soccer coaches) I won’t be spending too much time on how it benefits a parent in their own backyard.

That said however, all the features I go into detail on below will suit any parent as it would any soccer coach.

So, if you’ve found yourself on here, and you’re not a coach – you’ll still get a whole load of value. And I hope it’ll give you all the answer you’re looking for!

With that all summed up.

On to the….

Lifetime Adjustable Soccer Goal: One of a kind…

Lifetime Portable Soccer Goal with Adjustable Height and WidthI first came across this soccer goal when putting together PSC’s top soccer goals. There’s no two ways about it – it’s unique.

In fact, before I started writing this review, I had a little look to see if there were any others on the market – and as far as my research took me – there isn’t.

So, I suppose all of this begs the question…

 ‘Why do you need an adjustable soccer goal?’


An Adjustable Soccer Goal Can… Suit different age groups

I suppose this is the most obvious reason why you’ll want an adjustable net. If you let it, coaching soccer can get ridiculously expensive and complicated.

If you coach 3 separate age groups, you’ll sometimes be forced to buy separate goals for each age group- so that the age:goal size ratio suites your players development.

Sometimes, you wont want a smaller goal for older players, and you defiantly don’t want to put  little 7 year old Jonny in a massive goal that would swallow him over 10 times.

The Lifetime adjustable soccer goal solves this problem brilliantly.


An Adjustable Soccer Goal is…Foldable and portable

Most portable soccer goals on the market these days are not only that – portable, but space friendly too.

The Lifetime soccer goal is no different. It’ll fold up and should fit nicely into the trunk of the car. That said however, there’s a thing or two I have an issue with here that I’ll address in a minute.


An Adjustable Soccer Goal Can…Help improve skill development

Notice how I said ‘Sometimes, you won’t want a smaller goal for players’?

…sometimes, you will.


Well, what we find as coaches, is that players will constantly just want to shoot all the time. Sometimes you may want to just focus on playing the game.

Maybe, you’re looking to coach your players different phases of play, or your trying to teach them a new tactic as a unit. The last thing you want as a coach when you’re trying to bring something new and fresh to the team, is players constantly focusing on scoring.

Sometimes, you’ll just want to make it harder for your players to score – mimicking real-game situations….

…having an adjustable soccer goal makes this switch of mindset very easy, as you can imagine.


Lifetime Adjustable Soccer Goal Review

As you can see, those 3 reasons above alone – can make an adjustable soccer goal a very worthwhile investment for your players, your coaching and your management skills.

I want a dig a little deeper though, and get into the nitty gritty features of the Lifetime.

So without a further ado….


3 Adjustable Heights

Right, as we’ve already discussed this is by far, the biggest feature of this portable soccer goal.

But what are the sizes? And, will it suit your players?

Soccer Goal Size Chart

As you’ll see from the screenshot above – we’ve got a breakdown of the recommended sizes for our players.

Now here are the sizes for the Lifetime;

Height: 3 foot, 4 foot and 5 foot

Widths: 4 foot, 6 foot, 7 foot

If we use the recommendations above, we can conclude that the lifetime soccer goal suits an age range from toddlers right through to under 8’s.

Now, if you read some of the reviews over on Amazon, there are adults using the goal and they’ve still got great things to say about it.

As a soccer coach however, I would defiantly recommend staying within those regulations as much as possible though.

Ultra-Quick Setup: Easy to Assemble & DismantleLifetime Portable Soccer Goal with Adjustable Height and Width

If you’ve ever had to assemble multiple goals, quickly, over a long time you’ll be well aware of how annoying it can become!

I remember one summer, we were using inflatable goals. I had blow up and deflate 6 of them, twice a day for 6 weeks.

By the end of the summer I was ready to eat them!

(Side note: I do not recommend you eat a soccer goal..)

And that’s assembling a goal that slightly more fun than sticking bits together like the SKLZ soccer goal range for example product range for example!

The lifetime adjustable soccer goal solves this problem somewhat. It comes fully assembled already. All you have to do is pull the separate pieces apart and lock them into place.

By far, a much easier process if you’re assembling multiple goals in a short period of time.

Weather Resistant

Training outside most of the year? It’s likely to rain at some point.

You’ll need to know your folding soccer goals are ready and rust resistant. There’s nothing more unprofessional, motivation breaking and horrible than looking at a set of soccer goals that are rusted to the bone.

That, and the fact you won’t want your players handling potentially dangerous soccer goals. I don’t think your parents will happy…

The lifetime adjustable soccer goal is made from powder-coated rust resistant steel – which keeps your goal looking sharper for longer and won’t cause it smell from dampness.


Con’s? Here’s some you….

My biggest gripe with the lifetime adjustable goal? It doesn’t come with a carry bag.

If you look at other top soccer goals on Amazon, you’ll notice the majority of them come with a carry bag. It is, one of the most undervalued components of a portable soccer goal.

Not having a carry bag does make handling the Lifetime a bit awkward. If you’re looking to store your goal with other soccer and sports equipment – you’ll need to watch the net doesn’t get caught as you pull it out and put it back.

Broken or ripped net? Here’s an idea to get your net back to working order;

  • 3- the nets stay on. the never come off, (which I love) I’m not sure how durable they are, but whatever, they are nylon. if anything happens, you can just patch them with good Fish line. Replacement net


So what’s your thoughts?

What do you think?

If you asked me, I’d say it’s a very practical goal. It also seems very durable as well which did surprise me.

I’m really impressed with the idea of having multiple sizes to suit multiple groups, and I also like the idea only having to buy 2 soccer goals if I want to get a very good training session going.

Lifetime Portable Soccer Goal with Adjustable Height and WidthOverall, I do the soccer goal and I would recommend it, if you find yourself relating to much of what I said above, then you can have more of look over on Amazon here.

The lack of carry bag and loose netting when folded does cause a problem though, but if you’re looking to leave in in a safe place that doesn’t require much movement all the time then I shouldn’t see why this would be a huge problem.

Also, remember it is weather resistant.

Have a think about your individual use for the goal and make a decision from there.

Hope the review has helped!

  • Coach


Also included

  • Anchor hooks: To keep your soccer goal grounded


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