Adjustable Soccer Rebounders: 4 Rebounders That Will Add Variety to Your Next Session

Adjustable Soccer Rebounders

Soccer rebounders are incredible pieces of equipment. Not only can they support the development of a player without the need for additional players but they can also offer realism that most other soccer training equipment can’t. 

There is a slight problem however. Most rebounders come as either fixed pieces of equipment that are hard to move around or only offer one angle on which to throw or kick the ball at.

This obviously presents some limitations. You’re going to find it hard to;

  • Progress your drills
  • Regress your drills (something highly underestimated)
  • And, offer a variety of different drills

A combination of all these is vitally important to develop your players all round ability.

So how do solve this problem?

Through the ability to be able to adjust your soccer rebounders.


TEKK Trainer Rebounder


Probably, the most popular rebounder on the market at the minute.


If you need a soccer rebounder that not only suits your outfield players with various skill development, but challenges your goalkeepers too then the TEKK trainer’s got you covered.

It’s worth noting however, it’s not the most portable soccer rebounder out there. My recommendation is to ensure you have somewhere to keep your TEKK rebounder on a permanent basis that doesn’t require too much movement.

That said however, if you need to store it away in a lockup of some sort, it doesn’t take up much space at all.

The TEKK trainer doesn’t come cheap, but if you‘ve the budget then it’s well worth a look. The best price I’ve seen so far is on Amazon, which you find here.

If want some more information, I wrote a whole review which you find here.

Either way, it defiantly worth a look into.

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TEKK Adjustable Soccer Rebounder
233 Reviews
TEKK Adjustable Soccer Rebounder
The TEKK Trainer not covers a huge surface area which is great for multiple other sports, but it can also be adjusted to 7 different angles. This is fantastic for multi-use, especially in soccer.
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Quickplay Pro Soccer Rebounder


The Quickplay Pro is relatively new on the market.

Again, like the TEKK Trainer, the Quickplay Pro also comes with an adjustable angle option. But, not only that, you’ve also got the added benefit of developing your players high and low balls through it’s dual-angle panels.

Although I haven’t got direct experience with this soccer rebounder, I do have experience with other Quickplay products such as their portable soccer goal range. We’ve just received a new order of 10 goals for our Monday and Friday soccer schools, and I must say I am really impressed with the durability and strength of the goals.

I have no doubt their soccer rebounder follows suit.

With a 2mx2m surface area, the Quickplay is another fairly large piece of equipment, so again I’d probably recommend keeping it at the same venue. You won’t have too much of a problem in moving it round though.

Interested in the Quickplay Pro Adjustable Soccer Rebounder?

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Quickplay Pro Soccer Rebounder
298 Reviews
Quickplay Pro Soccer Rebounder
Again, like the TEKK Trainer, the Quickplay Pro also comes with an adjustable angle option. But, not only that, you’ve also got the added benefit of developing your players high and low balls through it’s dual-angle panels.
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Franklin Sports Adjustable Rebounder

The Franklin Adjustable Sports Rebounder comes in at a very reasonable price – which would probably explain the huge amount of reviews in comparison to its competitors.

While not as grand and aesthetically pleasing as the TEKK or the Quickplay, the Franklin Sports Rebounder serves a purpose if you’re;

  • Looking to save few dollars
  • Looking to introduce soccer rebounders to younger players
  • Or, looking to increase the challenge for older players (on a budget)

Although the size of this rebounder might be a huge benefit for some coaches and players, it could be a complete pain for others.

If you’re looking for a portable, adjustable rebounder for a great price then the Franklin Sports Rebounder might be just what you need.

The Franklin Adjustable Soccer Rebounder made our top 5 best soccer rebounders this year – you can check it out here.

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Franklin Sports Soccer Rebounder
1,990 Reviews
Franklin Sports Soccer Rebounder
Here’s a slightly smaller Adjustable rebounder if space is your main concern.
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Crazy Catch ‘Professional 2.0’

As we’re specifically talking about adjustable rebounders, I’ll keep it tight.

You’ll want to have a look at the ‘Professional 2.0’. It effectively comes as a 2-sided triangle, with each side returning the ball differently.

Firstly you’ve got a ‘Sane’ side – as the name suggests, when you throw the ball at this side of the rebounder the ball comes back to you in a predictable manor.

The other side, the ‘Insane’ side however returns the ball in an UNpredicatle manor.

This is fantastic for testing and developing quick reactions.

It works great, especially for younger players. You’re using 2 sides of a triangle to help your players develop both their throwing and kicking skills.

Throwing becomes simple but fun and each drill can be progressed to suit the needs of your players.

Kicking however, will be naturally harder using this sort of design – but don’t underestimate it. Get your drills to challenge your players properly, and you might find the speed of learning amongst your team will develop ten-fold.

All Crazy Catch products I’ve used have come with a carry bag too which makes transporting them across areas and venues quite easy.

If this sort of design is something you’re interested in however, I would actually recommend choosing one of the Crazy Catch products I mentioned above.

The largest model which could work well with your soccer drills is the professional model.

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Franklin Sports Soccer Rebounder
8 Reviews
Franklin Sports Soccer Rebounder
Originally developed to help support technique and skills associated with Cricket – the Crazy Catch range can be adapted to soccer too.
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Summing it all up


At the moment, you’ve got 4 main options;

  • The Tekk Trainer
  • The Quickplay Pro
  • The Franklin Sports Adjustable Rebounder
  • And, the Crazy Catch Professional 2.0

All of them come with a slightly different design, and of course each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Here’s a quick summary to help you along;

  • Tekk Trainer: If you’ve got the budget and the space to store it while you’re not using it, then I would defiantly recommend it. It’s not only highly durable but a piece of kit that will motivate your players as well.
  • Quickplay Pro: A Great alternative with less ‘bits and bobs’ to play around with. This one comes in more expensive than the Tekk, and I would personally recommend going with the Tekk before you even consider looking at alternatives.
  • Franklin Adjustable Sports Rebounder: If you’re on a budget, and looking to introduce rebounders to your players, then this one’s a great option. You might need something a little substantial for older players though.
  • Crazy Catch Professional 2.0: If you’re looking to adventure out a little, or you need your ‘soccer rebounder’ for other skills and sports then the Crazy Catch Professional 2.0 has got you covered. This rebounder, would be great for schools.


What adjustable rebounder suits you and your players?

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