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Youth soccer games can be energetic and emotional. Parents, coaches, players, and referees all intently watching the game unfold. Emotions rise and harsh ...


Coaching soccer is an awesome sport to get involved with, especially at the youth level, where you can teach players important skills such as patience and ...


Injuries are one of the worst parts about playing soccer. It is a natural part of the game. Even when we are proactive, injuries happen. When they do, players ...


Soccer practice is the most valuable time you have with your players. This is when you have the most control of the environment to make necessary adjustments ...


As a coach, you want to spend a considerable amount of time with your goalkeeper. They are a very important position in the game. As a coach, you can forgot ...


Soccer coaches come from all walks of life. Many are former players who love the game and want to continue to stay involved after their player career is over. ...

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  1. Thanks for your kind words! Glad you enjoy – Coach Chris

  2. Great to hear Jonathon! One of the best in the industry for sure – Stay focused. Team PSC

  3. No problem Paul – let us know how you get on!

    – Chris

  4. Cheers for the comment Scott – all the best, Coach

  5. Hey Kylie,

    Thanks for checking in! Portable soccer goals come in all shapes and sizes, you really have to find the best net that suits your needs and your teams needs simultaneously. If you need any help let me know!


    PS: You might want to check out the 404 error on your site – doesn’t seem to be working!

  6. Hi Cheryl,

    Dismantled, the TEKK Trainer would be able to fit into the car and be transported with a little bit movement. The problem comes when you need to assemble and dismantle it every single time you need to use it. If this is the ‘road’ you want to go down then I highly recommend you grab yourself a carry bag to make thing’s easier. Again, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to setup and take down- especially if you get some of the players to help you.

    When it comes to slightly bigger pieces of equipment like the TEKK Trainer we tend to keep them at the venue if possible. Sometimes we have a secure lockup or an out-building depending on where we’re coaching.This is more for the ease of setting up than anything else.

    I’m not sure what space you have in your car but if it’s that much of a worry you do have other options. Here’s two that might help;

    Crazy Catch Rebound Nets: These are relativity new on the US market but have been a huge success in Europe. You’ve got a choice of different sizes depending on what you’re looking to use them for. Again, space might be an issue with the larger ‘Professional’ rebound net. As the name suggest though, they are more for throwing and catching.

    SKLZ Quickster Rebound Net: Although not as impressive in regards to size and stability the SKLZ Quickster is far more portable if that’s what you’re looking for!

    Both are different to the TEKK, and of course don’t come with the durability and angle-changing factors. But they are, far more easier to transport!

    If you’re interested here’s a bunch of other Soccer Rebounders that might suit you better…

    Hope this helps a little bit better Cheryl! And whatever you decide to go with we’d love to hear what it was and why! Be great to share with our readers!

    Take Care!

    – C

  7. Hi Leonard – thanks for the comment!

    Both Powernet and Bownet are different brands with very similar features. I’ve gone into more details on both brands which you can find here:

    Hope that helps!

    – C

  8. Spot on Michael – I’ve even started getting older players to try and create / develop games themselves. Gives them a sense of control and creativity over their own skill development.

    Try it and see how it goes – Chris

  9. Hi Donna,

    Thanks for your comment – much appreciated! You’re so right, it can be used for the big sports such as Lacrosse and Soccer, but there are so many other fundamental movement skill games it can be used for two. For example; simple throwing and catching games would work perfectly – and remember it doesn’t always have to be competitive!

    Thanks for comment!

    Take Care,