Baseball Training Equipment List: To Take Your Players to The Next Level

Baseball Training Equipment

Your Baseball Equipment Checklist to Up-skill Your Players

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Baseball is an athletic sport that requires precision, strength, mental resilience and pace.

As a coach or a parent, there’s a lot of equipment out there to help you develop your players, and today we’re going to look at some of it. It’s not exhaustive but should you give you a good place to start.

Before we head into the specific training equipment available, I just want to briefly go over some player specific ‘equipment’.

Baseball Clothing & Apparel Checklist

Before we head into the specific training equipment available, I just want to briefly go over some player specific ‘equipment’. Without the necessary personal gear – players won’t be able to, well…play. So here’s a quick list of the essential items each a player will need;

  • Baseball Clothing
    • Cleats
    • Socks
    • Tops
    • Pants
  • Playing Equipment
    • Gloves (Baseball & Batting)
    • Bats
    • Cups
    • Helmet
  • Other Essentials
    • Water
    • Sunscreen
    • Eye Protection

Baseball Training Equipment

Now we’ll move on to development of our players…

Of course, there are many overlapping skills in baseball, but I’ve categorized the equipment broadly into pitching, hitting and fielding skills.

Equipment as a training aid is a cornerstone of development. Too often, it is thought that just playing the game is enough. But the best players actually devote more time to preparation than playing.

On top of that, the repetition that’s possible with the right equipment allows moves to become muscle memory, freeing up the mind to focus on reacting to the opposition.

So, without further ado, here’s your baseball equipment list starting with your pitcher…

The Skills a Great Pitcher Needs

A great pitcher has it all. It goes further than pitch velocity, of course. Because the top hitters can deal with the fastest of balls, a good pitcher needs a rounded skillset.

Precise movement, mental resilience, accurate throwing, movement of the ball and strength all play an important part in developing a successful pitcher.

Baseball Equipment List for Pitchers:

So let’s get into it. First up, the Strike Strings Kit

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You might also consider something like the Baseball Designated Hitter.

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The SKLZ Quickster Baseball Combo Net is a more traditional throwing net, which has a couple of advantages…

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To improve velocity, you need to work on your pitcher’s strength.

SKLZ Weighted Baseballs are a good place to start – although be very careful with the age group you decide to use these with.

You can complement them with something like this…

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Being able to give your pitchers instant feedback is important. Not only does that reinforce progress but it also helps you evaluate what is working, and what isn’t, which maximizing your training time…

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For improving technique…

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Becoming a Great Hitter

A good hitter needs lightning-fast reflexes and super hand-eye coordination. A good level of strength and a strong grip are important too, of course.

Balance, posture and movement, combined with muscle memory, all add up to rounding out a good hitter. Mental resilience and confidence play less obvious but still important roles. The ability to stay consistent under pressure or after a mistake is crucial.

Baseball Equipment List to Help Your Players Learn to Hit

A tee like this one from Tanner is a good place to start.

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The Prohitter Batting Training Aid is a good complement.

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At the higher end, a pitching machine like the Hack Attack offers extraordinary training potential. It is capable of pitching at over 100mph and throwing every type of ball. Your hitters will benefit from the kind of repetition that builds muscle memory and hones technique – without relying on pitchers. The Hack Attack by Sports Attack is a significant investment, but it will transform your training and pitcher development. It’s also used right up to professional level.

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Again, the consistent repetition will help your players develop their technique quickly. Muscle memory allows a hitter to be fully focused on the pitcher and not their own technique.

Looking at technique, there’s a range of kit you can take advantage of;

  1. Precision Impact Firm Slugs are a good way of giving your hitters instant, useful feedback about the quality of their contact.
  2. And the Easton Training Stick is a versatile, tool to help your players improve their consistency and form.

Brand Specific Training Equipment

SKLZ make great equipment, and I’ll round this out with two batting aids. The first, the Hurricane Category 4 Batting Trainer. 

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What Your Players Need for Good Fielding

A good fielder has strong arms and can throw and catch the baseball all day long. Good mobility is also important. Coordination, strength, speed, jumping and agility all add up to making a rounded fielder.

Tactical awareness is also important for all your fielders. Everyone needs to know what to do when the ball is hit to them, but just as importantly, what to do when it isn’t hit to them. That takes concentration and focus.

Athleticism and decision-making also feed into another key fielding skill – a great first step. Top fielders get to the right place by reacting precisely to where the ball has been hit.

Baseball Equipment List to Develop Great Fielders

First, let’s think about mobility. A great place to start is with some Baseball specific movement and fitness training equipment;

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  1. To add an extra dimension, 6″ Speed Training Hurdles improve strength as well as agility, making players quicker off the mark.
  2. And to work on leaping, the SKLZ HOPZ Vertical Jump Trainer builds muscles and technique.


Moving onto skills with the ball…

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Side note: The vast repetition achievable with a rebounder is one its key benefits. You can check out more about baseball rebounders and pitchbacks here.


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To train reaction speeds, you can use something like the Qball Reaction Ball.

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Speaking of which, the SKLZ Ground Ball Trainer is a handy little tool….

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So, there you go – not an exhaustive list but what I hope is a good overview of the equipment that’s out there to help you as a coach. I’d love to know your thoughts about the list. Have you used any of the kit I’ve talked about? What were your own experiences?

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