Baseball Hitting Nets: Developing Technique Through Efficient Training

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Develop Hitting with a Baseball Hitting Net

Which aspects of yours or your players game are you looking to improve on first? Are you hoping to find some products that might be able to serve “double duty”? If you’re trying to work on the swing and become the perfect hitter, a hitting net would be the best practice apparatus to invest in.

If you’re looking to improve yours or your players swing, develop pin-point precision hitting and get some serious amount of repetitions in without the need for chasing balls – then a well put together baseball hitting net might be the next thing to invest in for your equipment ‘arsenal’.

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Whacking Them out of the Park

The art of hitting a baseball is one that has to be perfected over time, but anyone can learn to do it well so long as they devote a little effort to it.

To send a ball soaring all the way across the field, you’ll want to pay special attention to your stance while you’re at home plate waiting for the pitch to come your way. Keeping your upper body broad and open with your feet placed evenly apart is the way to start out. The tight movement of your arms and hands is also imperative to be sure that you follow through correctly and have a better chance of hitting the ball.

Keeping firm legs that are well-balanced from the feet will help you swivel quickly from your hips to match the ball’s speed and velocity as you extend your body and the bat speed to hit the pitch. As long as you keep your eyes on the ball and you begin to cultivate the understanding of how to “predict the pitch,” you should start to recognize consistent improvement if you give your all during practice.

Weighted Training Balls: Good or Bad?

Just a little side note worth mentioning. 

The use of weighted training balls is a much-debated subject that’s easy to overlook.

Many of the hitting nets that you find for sale will come with weighted training balls included. When it comes to deciding to use them or not, it will all depend on the current skill level and capabilities of each individual player.

Weighted training balls are not most ideal to use with younger players that are just getting started with the sport. More advanced players however—of late high school and college age and beyond—are just about the only people who should be utilizing weighted training balls during their practices.

What Are the Benefits of Batting Nets?

  • Quick Setup: One of the best things about a hitting net is the ease of the setup.
  • Highly Portable: They’re extremely easy to transport and can be stored in a number of ways when not in use.
  • Easy Dissemble: Most nets that you’ll find for hitting break down in a flash so you can finish training efficiently and your time more wisely like debriefing your players
  • Saves Time & Energy: You’ll also spend a whole lot less time chasing your baseballs down since you’ve only got to retrieve them from the net.
  • Multi-Use: Your Pitcher will be happy to know that they too can use a hitting net (change to ‘throwing net’) to work on their technique and that versatility makes it a more beneficial tool for everyone.
  • Make Training More Efficient: More of your practice minutes can be dedicated to actually improving on the skills needed to excel in Baseball – such as focusing on swing mechanics and not worrying how far the last ball went down the field.
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Powernet 7×7 DLX Pro Baseball Hitting Net

Powernet 7x7 DLX Pro Baseball Hitting Net
1,373 Reviews
Powernet 7x7 DLX Pro Baseball Hitting Net
Big value for money deal here from the folks at Powernet. Baseball net with strike zone, training balls, a travel tee and a ball caddy. Completed with a carry case to make the net as portable as possible.

The Powernet 7×7 DLX is lauded by parents and coaches as one of the best options for a beginner’s hitting net that can grow with your players.

When it comes to saving money, 7×7 size nets are great to go for because of the fact that the frame itself can be used with a variety of different nets.

It literally takes two minutes to get this one set up and it even comes with a convenient carrying case that makes it easy to travel with. A nice little touch with this set, the sheer amount of colors you can get the net in – so if you’re looking for a net in your team colors I’d be surprised if they haven’t got your color.

Taller players should have no problem at all using this net with ease and there’s even stakes included for use on softer ground surfaces. When you consider the price point and the reviews on this particular choice, it seems to be worth every penny.

Possible Drawbacks: The biggest complaint from consumers has been in reference to the fittings used in the assembly of this net, but the customer support team seems to be very responsive to complaints logged.

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Rukket 7×7 Baseball Hitting Net 6 Piece Kit

Rukket 7x7 Baseball Hitting Net (6 Piece)
884 Reviews
Rukket 7x7 Baseball Hitting Net (6 Piece)
Another Bundle deal here from the creators at Rukket. Comes with 4 Weighted Training Balls, a strike zone and a carry case to keep it all organized and easy to transport

Not only does the Rukket come with 3 weighted training balls, the hitting net, the 7×7 frame, and the carrying case, it also comes with a strike zone target that will make it even simpler for batters to focus on directing their hits and pitches into a specific zone at the mound.

This hitting net is also very affordable. So, if budget is your most pressing concern, the Rukket might be just what you’re looking for.

Many satisfied buyers note the heaviness of the construction here that makes it feel very long-lasting. It’s got a very good rating and tons of glowing reviews.

Possible Drawbacks: The biggest drawback of this kit seems to relate to the metal support hooks that could snap under too much pressure.

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GoPlus Baseball Hitting Net

GoPlus Baseball Hitting Net
82 Reviews
GoPlus Baseball Hitting Net
This net comes in considerably cheaper than most other net on the market but still boast a great review rating. If you're on a budget but still want a quality net then the GoPlus might be just what your training needs

Available in Black or Red, the GoPlus is best suited for slow-pitch softball players, high school player batting practice or batters on a budget who still dream of the major league, the GoPlus can handle pitches and hits of lightning fast speed and power.

The lightweight and easy-to-assemble steel frame can be secured to the ground with hooks that come included with it and customers find that the GoPlus really gets the job done. This 7×7 net could fit into virtually anyone’s budget.

If you’re hoping to buy multiple nets to practice with a one time, the GoPlus might very well be the winner to help you hit the ball and make a perfect connection time and again to become that next big hitter!

Possible Drawbacks: One of the biggest letdowns with this net is most likely a manufacturing flaw. Some buyers ran into durability inconsistencies with their nets, and that could mean that the manufacturer encountered a few challenges during the production process at one time.


If you’re looking for more bang for buck then I’d suggest going with the Powernet or Rukket Bundle deals. If you’re budget is somewhat tight then the GoPlus might be a better option.

Overall, the net you choose to go with needs to suit your specific needs. The budget, the size the life span you want to get out of your net and the overall value for money all play a major role in deciding which one to go with.

Still not happy with the selection of baseball hitting nets above? You might prefer some of these…

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