What Are the Best Football Rebounders on the UK Market?

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Football Rebound Net: Which One Will Benefit YOUR Team?

It is wisely said that ‘Practice makes you perfect’. When it comes to football, that statement is almost gospel. If you are not practicing, you are always at a disadvantage. Irrespective of whether you are an athlete or a coach, it pays to have the right skills in your arsenal.

And one of the most fundamental tools that will help you get there are rebound nets. But selecting the right rebound net can be nothing short of daunting. So let us take the guess work out of it.

RapidFire Football Rebounder

There is a reason why the Rapidfire Football Rebounder (link on Amazon) is the most recommended rebounder net on the market at the moment.

It’s extremely durable, can be used for a variety of practice drills and can be folded and carried with you easily.

You can set it up in your backyard or use it for practice in a ground, it has an amazing rebound that is perfect for the budding athlete as well as the newbie.


  • Extremely Durable construction
  • Total frame size of 1m x 1m with a large rebound area
  • Perfect for aerial football skills
  • Adjustable angle
  • Folds away when not in use

QUICKPLAY Spot Target Ball Rebounders | Multi-Sport Ball Skills Training

If you are looking to hone your players control and accuracy, then the Quickplay Spot Target Rebounder (link to Amazon) is a great choice.

This ultra-portable lightweight rebounder, comes from Quickplay’s extremely popular range of products which can be setup in as little as 2 minutes.

Despite the light weight, it is extremely sturdy and can easily take heavy kicks without wobbling around. Can be used for target practice for other sports like cricket and tennis also.


  • Easy assembly in 90 seconds
  • Poles come pre-attached with the elastic cord to facilitate easy installation
  • Compact size
  • Folds for storage
  • Large 7 x 7 target area
  • Steel and fiberglass construction

Side Note: Quickplay have actually done something here I haven’t seen done by any other company, and that’s offering a free app with every purchase.

With cone layouts, drill selection and personal targets you’ll have your very own coach in the palm of your hand.

FORZA Football Rebound Wall 

Forza’s range of football coaching aids are used by coaches all around the world and their Football Rebound Wall (link on Amazon) is one of their flagship products.

This large and strong double sided training net provides athletes with unpredictable rebounds that prepare them for a sudden change in direction. It helps you hone their agility, foot speed and defences. Ideal for both goalkeepers as well as outfield players, this is a must have if you are serious about soccer practice.


  • Double sided net with a large surface area
  • Available in two sizes (12ft x 6ft or 16ft x 7ft) for indoor and outdoor use
  • Spring loaded wall for powerful rebounds
  • Ideal for group practice sessions
  • Perfect for improving reflexes for both goalies and outfielders

Not from the UK? You can check out the best soccer rebounders on the US market here.”

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