Folding Football Subs Bench Reviews: 3 Types You Need to Know About

Football Subs Bench

Football Subs Bench: Top 5 Best Portable Folding Team Subs Benches


Do you struggle to keep young football players organised?

Are you tired of telling your subs to stay put?

Do you find your attention divided between the eager, active players on the field and the bored, impatient players on the side lines?


‘Nobody ever said that coaching kids’ football would be easy!’


Your young players are there to play.

Sitting on the side lines watching others is not fun. It’s actually quite boring.

Waiting can be cold, wet and uncomfortable and more than one eager player will take the opportunity to slope off, run around, or get a little too close to the active players in the name of encouragement.

It’s not surprising, but it can be annoying!

You need a way to keep your subs happy, organised and out of the way, while making sure that they feel included in the action.

How to Support Your Players Effectively in a Subtle Way…

‘Why do I need a folding subs bench?’ may ask. Well, here’s a few pretty important reasons;

  • Increase Player Focus: You’ll have a central point in which you can get them all to sit down and focus on the game
  • Balance Playing Time: In youth football, it’s notoriously hard to balance playing time. A subs bench will help you tremendously by keeping everyone organised with minimal stress
  • Improve Your Focus: It also allows you to focus fully on the action in front of you instead of being distracted by players wandering off and playing in the bushes somewhere!
  • Improve Team Spirit: You’ll ensure that your players all feel included in the game, even when they are not included in the action
  • Keep Your Team Organised: Need I say anymore?
  • Keep Anxious Parents Happy: Probably one of the hardest things to do in youth football!


Your players might be happy to hover at the edges of the action while taking a break but, as their coach, you owe it to them to make sure that they’re cheerful, comfortable and ready to play when you need them.

A portable subs bench is the answer to 99% of your problems.

The best subs benches on the market are lightweight, easy to erect and dismantle and come with a carry case which makes them easy to transport.

Their portability means that you can always have your bench available, when you need it.

Which is the best football subs bench?

When choosing a bench, there are a few things to consider:

  • How big do you need it to be? There is little point in buying a bench that’s too small – you need one that will happily fit enough players.
  • Will you need to transport it? How far and how often? The good news is that all of the benches I review below are portable so you can use them whenever and wherever you need them.
  • Is it durable? As a youth football coach you know that funds for equipment are often limited by factors outside your control. Replacements are not always easy to justify so you need a bench that will stand up to long use.
  • What Type Suits You Best?: As you’ll see below, there a 3 main types of subs benches you can choose from

So, which is the best football subs bench?

The round-up below will cover all of the above factors as well as feedback from real users. I’ve also included tips and tricks to help you get them most from you chosen bench.

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Pop Up Shelter

Quickplay 8 Seater Team Bench and Shelter

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Here’s a quick breakdown of what a portable team shelter can give you and your team;

  • Protection From the Weather: So your players health is always taken care of
  • A Professional Touch: That gives your team the psychological edge
  • Suitable for Parents: If need be
  • Highly Portable: So you can take it too away games you need to
  • Perfect for Summer Tournaments


One of the worst parts of sitting and waiting during a sports match is the tendency to cool down quickly and feel a chill.

This is the only one of the five chosen ‘benches’ that comes with a shelter, which makes it the perfect choice if your team is likely to be playing in poor weather or tournaments in the summer months.

And here in England? That’s bound to happen.


Protect your players this year

The waterproof cover means that your players will be protected even in a rainstorm and parents will feel reassured that you are doing your best for their children.

The bench can be assembled as a row of seats for younger, smaller players or as individual stools if the players are bigger.

On sunny days, both sides can be zipped open to reveal windows, giving a view of three sides – which also allows you to keep a close eye on your players, especially if you’re coaching little ones!.

It is worth being aware that this bench is considerably heavier that similar benches. At 20kg, it is not the most portable of our top 5, though you do have the option, if the weather is nice, of only using the seating and leaving the tent at home.

If you don’t mind the extra weight and storage space then this is a great choice – a sturdy, durable seats and shelter that will keep your players dry and happy.

This portable bench is perfect for –

  • Wet weather
  • Hot summer months


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Folding Subs Bench (With Backrest)

Trademark Innovations Folding Sports Sideline Bench

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Here’s a quick breakdown of what a folding subs bench with a backrest can give you and your team;

  • Backrest: For extra support for players, coaches and parents
  • Super Simple Set Up: By just pulling the bench from either end
  • Carry Bag: To make transporting, storing and carrying the bench as easy as possible
  • Multiple Sizes: So you have an option to choose depending on your squad size


At just 9kg, it is less than half the weight of the Quickplay 8 seater shelter featured above, and much easier to handle.

This football subs bench is great for a team that has to make do with different training spaces and needs something more portable.

It’s very easy to set up and fold down and fits into a neat, compact carry case with rucksack style straps for easy carrying.

There are two sizes of bench available – a 4 seater and 6 seater – so you can choose the on that best suits your needs.

Be aware though, only the 6-seater has a backrest. The 4 seater does not.

The seats have backs for added comfort. If your players constantly complain about uncomfortable seating then this could win you brownie points!

Win them over, and their parents!

There’s no shelter with this bench so it’s not as good for the winter months. Fantastic if you’re looking for a bench during the summer months or if you train indoors.

This bench is perfect for –

  • Indoor games and sunny days
  • If you’re looking for more comfort with a backrest (6-seater Subs Bench)


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Folding Subs Bench (With Backrest)

Samba Sports 6-Seater Folding Bench

Here’s another folding subs bench with a backrest – this time from Samba.

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It is made from a heavy duty steel frame and good quality bench fabric made to withstand a lot of moving around and poor weather conditions.

The carry bag that accompanies this bench is designed to be slung over one shoulder with two long shoulder straps. It weighs just 11kg so it quite handy to transport and is easy to set up and pack away – especially if you’re looking to use it on a regular basis.


The Samba bench is perfect for:

  • Coaches who need to get set up in a hurry


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Folding Subs Bench (NO Backrest)

SKLZ Portable Lightweight Sports Bench

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Similar to the Trademark Innovations subs bench but with no backrest.

While it might seem a little useless to even mention it because it doesn’t have a backrest – it does come in considerably cheaper than the Trademark Innovations bench.


These seats are perfect when –

  • You need just a few extra seats for supporters or parents
  • You need to travel on public transport, or you have limited space available

Looking for a no-frills sports team subs bench? Check out the SKLZ sports team bench.



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Individual Folding Stools

Quickplay Football Team Bench (Individual Stools)

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Here’s what Individual Folding Stools can give you and your team;

  • Quick Set Up: Extremely light and simple to set up and use
  • Cheap Option: The stools on their own are the cheapest option if you’re on a budget
  • Multi-Use: Can also be used for other things when needed – especially at tournaments and events

If the Quickplay Shelter wasn’t something you was interested in but you still wanted the individual bench and seats – then this one’s for you.

With a selection of; 4 seats, 8 seats and a 12 seater, it’s flexible enough for times when you know you need some extra seating. – Think tournaments and other similar events.

The modular design gives you a lot of versatility. A row of joined up seats are ideal when you need to keep smaller players organized and seated together but you also have the option of offering individual stools if you need extra seating for parents, visitors or supporters.

Be aware that they are quite narrow so are not a great option as regular seating for adults.

Unlike the Trademark Innovations and Samba subs benches, these seats do not have any backrests. This makes them slightly less comfortable to sit in but also means that they are lighter and smaller – which of course, makes them easily managed by one person.

Aluminium frames and polyester seat covers make this portable bench both strong and light. The strong materials mean that it will stand up well to plenty of use and poor weather but the very lightweight frames can blow over in strong winds if you do not keep an eye on them!

These are perfect when –

  • You know you’ll need some extra seating but are not sure how much
  • You’d like the flexibility of choosing between a bench and individual seating
  • You want to put a smile on the face of Mums and Dads that turn up week-in week-out!



Overall Opinion:

What football bench you end up buying is entirely up to what YOU need it for and how well it will support YOUR players.

If you’re simply looking to organise your players in one area while games are playing then you might just want to go with Net World Sports individual benches that can be attached to each other.

If however, you’re looking for more than just a stress free life, and you want that extra professional look, with maximum protection for your players while they sit down and watch their teammates playing then the Net World Sports 8 Seater Bench & Shelter will be a far better choice for your money.

Overall, you’ll naturally need to ask yourself 4 key questions;

  1. Are my players engaged enough in the games when they’re not playing?

By getting your players to engage in the game from the start, they not only start reading the game from an outside perspective but they’ll be far more likely to play better when they do go on. Also, when they’re engaged in the gameplay you’re fostering a very healthy scenario for great team spirit.

  1. Am I protecting my players as much as I should be?

If I’m honest, in this day and age, players shouldn’t really be sitting on the mud in the corner of the pitch somewhere waiting for ‘their turn’ week-in week-out.

Doing this creates a negative effect that ripples right through the team and eventually ends up with parents getting involved.

  1. Are match-days as organised as they should be?

Organised match days from when your first player turns up to when the final car leaves car park – is it as organised as it can be?

  1. And, are my players learning as well as they could be?

By encouraging your players to ‘study’ the game a little better you’ll not only develop better players and a better team but better people. Something parents will thank you for far more than what happens on the pitch.

Choosing the best pop up subs bench for your team really depends on your specific needs but, no matter which bench you choose, you know your team will thank you for taking the time to think about their needs.


What football subs bench would suit your team the best?


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