What Are The Best Golf Shoes on the Current Market?


Golf shoes have come a long way since their humble beginnings.  What was once a very limited style of performance apparel has quickly morphed into one of the hottest and most versatile areas in the game of golf!

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Players now have countless choices when it comes to finding the right shoes for their style of play.  Gone are the days of the only option being leather shoes that more closely resembled dress shoes.  The market today is flooded with everything from the traditional looking leather shoes to athletic styled sneakers to even sandals specifically designed for golf.

No matter your preference, there is a pair of golf shoes out there designed specifically to fit your needs.  Consider these handy tips as a way to help find the best pair of golf shoes for you.

Tips for Buying the Best Golf Shoes

  1. Comfort – You need a pair of shoes that are comfortable to move around in. Even if you use a cart for most of your play, you still need to be able to walk about the course and an uncomfortable pair of shoes will severely limit your ability to focus on the game.
  2. Area of Play – Look at the courses you typically play on. Courses with a lot of hills or wet areas require shoes designed to meet those needs.
  3. Style – Different styles of shoes serve different purposes and appeal to different people. You should pick the style that appeals most to you.
  4. Spike or Spikeless – These two options are one of the main considerations for anyone looking to play the game. Each option has its own benefits as well as drawbacks.  Consider which fits closest to your needs before you make any decisions regarding your next pair of golf shoes.

Best Golf Shoes: Reviews and Expert Tips

We spent over 6.5 hours reviewing the following golf shoes and have had 3 writers involved in the process. Finding the ‘best’ golf shoes on the market is subjective so what we’ve tried to do is find the ‘best’ golf shoes based on things such as; price, comfort, aesthetics, brand specific, uniqueness and other industry data-backed variables.

If there are pair of golf shoes you really ought to think we should recommend then let us know and we can have our team of researchers get on the case.

Without further ado, here they are…

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DAWGS Spirit Lightweight Golf Shoe: 

  • Breathable perforated golf shoe featuring molded rubber spikes in 9-stud configuration
  • Odor resistant – Can be worn with or without socks
  • Adjustable hook and loop fastener strap accommodates most foot widths
  • Extremely lightweight

The DAWGS Spirit lightweight golf shoe is an ideal addition to any player’s game.  The shoes feature an adjustable hook and loop strap design helping them to accommodate a variety of foot widths.  Their lightweight, breathable design is perfect for players looking to get out and play in warmer areas.  These shoes can even be worn with or without socks and are built to be odor resistant.  The molded rubber spikes and massaging footbed with enhanced arch support make these affordable shoes a strong contender when considering your next pair of golf shoes.  Add in the fact that they are easy to clean and the DAWGS Spirit lightweight golf shoes may be too good to pass up.

Top Tips

  • Reason To Buy – Hook and Loop design accommodates numerous foot widths
  • Reason To Buy – Odor resistant design can be worn with or without socks
  • Possible Negative – Not ideal for cooler climates or wet courses
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Adidas Golf Mens Tour360 Boost Spiked Shoes: 

  • Incredible arch support and improved stability thanks to 360Wrap design
  • Independent heel to toe flexibility
  • Enhanced cushioning that follows the natural contours of the foot
  • Foam lining helps reduce friction and repels moisture build-up

Adidas’s Golf Men’s Tour360 Boost spiked shoe is another quality golf shoe you should highly consider.  This spiked golf shoe is made using climaproof technology making it both visually appealing as well as highly durable and long lasting.  The full length boost midsole foam provides golfers with the cushioning and support needed for long days on the course.  The Tour360 also utilizes a 360WRAP design making it both flexible and lightweight while also providing increased support for both the heel and arch of the foot.  These shoes come equipped with advanced dual-density 10-cleat puremotion TPU outsole with CenTraXion and thintech cleats giving you greater grip in the areas you need it most.

Top Tips

  • Reason To Buy – Incredible grip and stability thanks to the 10-cleat design
  • Reason To Buy – Enhanced cushioning follows natural contours of the foot
  • Possible Negative – One of the more expensive options on the market
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Adidas Adipower Boost 3 Golf Shoe: 

  • Boost midsole cushioning for unparalleled comfort
  • 6-spike tpu outsole construction with strategically placed secondary lugs for tour-proven grip and stability
  • Energy returning welded design sling helps transfer and prevent power leaks
  • Easy care thanks to Climaproof stretch microfiber leather
  • Precision designed fit thanks to fitfoam PU sockliner and molded RVA tongue

Adidas Adipower Boost 3 Golf Shoe is another strong competitor for the top golf shoe on the market.   Throughout its construction, this golf shoe is designed to aid golfers in every aspect of their game.  Its improved fit makes it a comfortable and secure shoe to wear in all conditions.  The 6 strategically placed spikes found on the Adipower Boost 3 allows for tour rated grip and stability to prevent power leaks throughout each swing.  Along with each of these benefits, the Adipower Boost 3 is also easy to care for and attractive as they are designed using Climaproof stretch microfiber leather.

Top Tips

  • Reason To Buy – Transfers power back into your swing with the 6-spike tpu construction
  • Reason To Buy – Easy to maintain thanks to Climaproof stretch microfiber leather
  • Possible Negative – Not as wide as alternatives on the market
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Callaway La Jolla Golf Shoe:

  • Well known brand from within the golfing world
  • Opti-Repel treated for a waterproof design along with dura-rubber outsole
  • Removable insole for customizable comfort level based on golfer’s needs
  • Opti-Vent mesh liner for greater air circulation and heat distribution
  • Reliable turf gripping technology thanks to CHAMP Pivix Cleats with Slim-Lok fasteners

Callaway’s La Jolla Golf Shoes continue the trend of impeccably styled golf shoes that are as functional as they are sharp.  The appeal of these shoes goes far beyond their modern aesthetic design.  These shoes have an ideal blend of weather protection while also remaining breathable thanks to the Opti-Repel waterproofing treatment combined with Opti-Vent mesh liner.  With the addition of the EVA midsoles and socklines, Callaway’s La Jolla golf shoes give golfers an all natural feel for varying ground conditions while remaining incredibly comfortable.  They also offer world-class traction by way of their CHAMP Pivix cleats and fusion-lite outsoles.

Top Tips

  • Reason To Buy – Carries a 2 year waterproof guarantee
  • Reason To Buy – Continuous comfort for long periods of play
  • Possible Negative – The additional inserts can cause the shoes to run smaller than average
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PUMA Mens FAAS Grip Golf Shoe:

  • FAAS Grip 2.0 technology for increased flexibility and improved traction
  • Enhanced stability and ground contact thanks to SmartQuill spikeless technology
  • Breathable yet optimal fitting shoe courtesy of the OrthoLite sockliner
  • Waterproofing features include stormCELL design and seam sealing in key areas
  • Everfoam technology gives wearers increased footbed support and comfort

One of the shoes joining the growing trend of spikeless alternatives in golf is the PUMA Men’s FAAS Grip golf shoe.  While this shoe lacks traditional spikes so synonymous with golf, it gives up little in the ways of stability and traction.  Thanks to the SmartQuill spikeless design and FAAS Grip 2.0 technology, these shoes allow for directional grip while maintaining the highest level of flexibility.  The shoes are extremely lightweight and comfortable enough for continuous wear no matter the conditions.  Water is also not an issue when wearing these shoes since they come complete with stormCELL waterproofing and seam sealing where it is of most critical importance.

Top Tips

  • Reason To Buy – Highly rated traction in all conditions
  • Reason To Buy – Superior support and comfort throughout the entire shoe
  • Possible Negatives – Spikeless design may not fully support swing in certain hilly/muddy conditions


No matter which shoes you opt on buying, you need to make sure they offer the support you need most.   Your golf shoes should give you the stability and functionality you require without compromising the power of your swing or regular comfort.

Remember to pick a pair of shoes that compliments the conditions you play most.  Shoes that are waterproof come with specific guarantees and ratings, so be sure to check these against what you see most often on the course.

Don’t put yourself at a disadvantage before you take that first swing.  Getting the correct pair of golf shoes is the best way to start your game off right.


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