Best Indoor Soccer Shoes: Reviews and Tips

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What Are the Best Indoor Soccer Shoes on the Market?


Looking for a pair of indoor soccer shoes for your next game? Look no further. Below I have listed some of the bestselling, most comfortable indoor soccer shoes currently on the market.

But, before you go flying in head first, there are a few things to keep in mind…


You’ll need to consider a pair of indoor soccer shoes that not only protect your feet (of course) but protect the impact your body (ie. Knees and legs) will tak during a standard game. You’ll be playing on a harder surface than you would if you were playing on grass.

How long to break in?

When looking for a new pair of indoor shoes, the time in which it takes for them to ‘break-in’ is of vital importance. The last thing you want is pair of $100 soccer shoes that take 5 games to wear in properly. A word of advice here is if your game really matters to you – then I suggest maybe wearing them throughout your day before you decide to use them during game time.

Traction and Grip:

You also need to have the confidence you’re not going to fall over. There’s nothing worse than having doubts about your ability to actually stay on your feet playing sports – especially soccer. You need a pair of indoor soccer shoes that not only give you traction and grip – but provide you with the confidence to play the game confidently.


Finally, this should go without saying. They need to be comfortable. However, that said, we all have different size and shaped feet. What’s comfortable for me may well be different from what’s comfortable for you. A bit of advice here is too go with your gut instinct. Worn a pair of really comfortable indoor soccer shoes before? Then maybe, that’s your brain telling your to buy them again. If you can play your best soccer in them – why change?


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…with that said, here’s a quick review guide to the best indoor soccer shoes I recommend for your next game.


Diadora Mens Captiano ID Polyurethane Soccer Cleat

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Diadora Mens Captiano ID Indoor Soccer Cleat
852 Reviews
Diadora Mens Captiano ID Indoor Soccer Cleat
First up, here are a pair of indoor soccer cleats and shoes from Diadora...
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In Short:

  • Comes in 2 colors
  • Popular among some brand loyalists
  • EVA Foam wedge to protect your body on hard ground

Although they’ve been round the block a few times, Diadora trainers aren’t the most popular one’s you’ll find on the shop shelves. People, myself included, tend to go with adidas and Nike model – some of which we’ll go into detail on below.

That said though, these Diadora’s were too good to turn down for our best of list – and I have met a few people in the past that swear by them – so in essence, no ‘best of’ list would be complete without a set of Diadora’s to make the list!

The Diadora Captiano indoor soccer shoes come in two colors; black and blue. Complete with a fixed rubber sole and shock-absorbing EVA foam wedge to protect your body against hard grounds.

They’ve got an excellent grip and traction on indoor surfaces and don’t take too long break in. It’s worth noting however, that the shoe tends to fit a little narrow – so bare that mind if these are choice for your next indoor soccer game.


adidas Performace Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe

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adidas Performance Men's Samba Indoor Soccer Shoes
15,908 Reviews
adidas Performance Men's Samba Indoor Soccer Shoes
Most older soccer players will remember wearing these in days on gone past. What You might have known though is a little trick to make these indoor cleats more comfortable...
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These are the classic indoor soccer shoes most people opt for – and the sheer amount of reviews around the internet mirrors this.

The Samba Classics come in two colors; white and black. While the white color Sambas certainly do look nice, I probably would recommend going with the black ones. Nothing looks better than a fresh white trainer – but nothing looks worse than a battered old white trainer. As you’ll be using them for indoor soccer, the latter will be something you’ll probably want to avoid.

In regards to comfort, these things have a certain hidden gem to them. Most of us, when we but a trainer, we unbox the packaging, stick the trainer on, lace them how we wish and start to break them in.

Having worn these a few times myself, I’d often wonder what all the rage was about– after a few wears, they were the most uncomfortable shoes I’d ever worn. And I wasn’t just wearing them; I was running round indoor facilities sweating in them. The pain was unbearable after the 3rd use and so I passed them onto one of the lads…

It turns out the inside sole can be reversed – what?


Have a look at this video here:


Well I never.

If you do end up opting for this option, most users have said they fit really well and are so much more comfortable. Also, aim for a half a size down and you should be good to go.

Personally, I wouldn’t end up buying these again, even with my new found knowledge, as I like something to fit and mould my foot a little more (See below) But, there are absolutely thousands of people who swear by them and again, the reviews on Amazon reflect this.



Puma Mens 365 Netfit CT Soccer Shoe

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Puma Mens 365 CT Indoor Soccer Shoe
117 Reviews
Puma Mens 365 CT Indoor Soccer Shoe
Not you traditional indoor soccer shoe - but might be great for players who prefer more tightness round their feet...
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These little beauties will be my next indoor soccer shoes purchase.

Not just because they look really good, but because they fit nicely and they grip well too.

The Pumas 365 Netfit comes in with a choice 7 colors;

  • Yellow & Red
  • Black & Grey
  • Orange & Grey Shade
  • Blue & White
  • Light Blue & White
  • Bright…Bright Orange.

That’s not the exact names of the each color – just my interpretation. You’ll see what I mean you have look here…

Now, I understand these trainers – the fit, the look – are not for everyone. But for those looking for an indoor soccer shoe that brings comfort to their game – these PUMA’s might just be what you’re looking for.

They’re non marking – which pretty much the standard across indoor facilities these days and come with good traction across hard grounds.

A little note worth mentioning however, is they do come up narrow – so might not be best if you’ve got wide feet.

A little note thought, you may have an issue with the protection on the toe if you’re more of a beginner soccer player.

Overall, not as popular as say the adidas Samba Classics but defiantly an indoor shoe worth considering if you’re looking for something a little different.



adidas Performance Men’s Samba Millennium Indoor Soccer Shoe

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adidas Samba Millennium Indoor Soccer Shoe
995 Reviews
adidas Samba Millennium Indoor Soccer Shoe
Another one here from Samba range. If the others weren't really something you were interested in...
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These are the alternative brother to the Samba Classics I went into detail on above.

Unlike the Classics, The Samba Millennium indoor soccer shoes aren’t completely flat, and the tongue is much smaller – something I for one have a preference over.

After a game or two you should have them worn in and of course they come as a non-marking shoe.

Again, it’s also worth noting that they may fit a little smaller for if you’ve got wide feet and they are little more bulky than most other indoor soccer shoes.


adidas Performance Men’s X 15.2 CT Soccer Shoe

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adidas Performance Mens x 15.2 CT Indoor Soccer Shoe
192 Reviews
adidas Performance Mens x 15.2 CT Indoor Soccer Shoe
Not one of my favorites, I'll be honest, but I have seen a few young kids wearing them in the past. Much better for those with narrow feet..
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Last on our list, we’ve got another pair of adidas shoes. I personally, wouldn’t buy these soccer shoes, but again, there are some players who absolutely swear by them – so include them I will!

They come in 6 colors and the upper material on the shoe gives a good grip on the ball.

Each color comes with a different national team logo printed on the back of the shoe including; USA, Argentina and Brazil.

Although adults do buy them, they’re probably a much better look and feel for younger kids as they come up quite small and narrow.


Summarizing it all together…

After playing soccer and now coaching soccer I have come to realise there are 3 fundamentals that never change when it comes to shoes and clothing; comfort, confidence and effectiveness.

You need to feel comfortable in the clothing (and in this case your indoor soccer shoes) you’re wearing. It kind of goes without saying.

You also need to feel comfortable. Do they look and feel right?

And finally effectiveness – it might be comfy and it may even look and feel good, but if you’ve got the wrong tool for the job it doesn’t matter how good you are – you’re going to be playing at a disadvantage.

Good luck and let us know which ones you went for!

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