What’s the Best Kids Soccer Goal? Reviews and Expert Tips

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Best Kids Soccer Goals: Reviews & Expert Tips

Currently, there are tonne of 1 kid’s soccer goals on the market. How do you choose the best one? Well, before you go all in, there a few variables you need to take into account and when purchasing a goals for your child you’ll need to know what you’re actually looking at.

Here’s a quick soccer goal ‘key’ for you to reference too;

  • Pop Up Soccer Goals

These are goal that don’t require any assembly. You literally twist and the ‘pop-up’.

  • Portable Soccer Goals

Although pop up goals (the ones above) by their very nature are portable – when we talk about true portable goals – we talk about goals that have a little bit of assembly required and usually tend to be much bigger size.

  • Indoor Soccer Goals

Indoor goals are effectively any goals that can be used indoors. Simple really.

There are goals that are specifically built for indoor use, but as you’ll see below with a little tweak you can use both pop-up goals and portable goals indoors.

Soccer Goals for Toddlers and Young Children

Generally speaking, the only soccer goals I’d recommend for toddlers would most pop up soccer goals. These goals are extremely easy to set up, usually sold in pairs and have a great ‘lifetime’.

Another thing that’s an absolute gem about these goals is their ability to be stored and transported easily.

Most, if not all of pop up soccer goals, fold flat and pack into a nice circular (or square depending on the shape of the goal itself) bag that can be put over the shoulder and carried anywhere you need it to be.

Why not use a ‘portable’ or ‘indoor’ kids soccer goal?

Well, let’s start with the first question;

As we went into detail above the larger portable natured goals, are just that – larger. While these goals will look great, if you’re just looking for soccer goal for your toddler or young child, a smaller, less expensive option will do perfectly. Portable soccer goals also tend to be a little heavier and are harder to store and transport.

In regards to indoor soccer goals;

Well the great thing about pop up soccer goals is that can be used indoor. Now, it’s also worth mentioning that if you don’t want to be constantly adjusting the position of the goal I suggest you grab yourself a sandbag or two to keep the goals in place.

Other than that pop up soccer goals can be used indoor – and regular are used indoors.

Best Pop Up Soccer Goals for Toddlers and Young Children

PUGG Pop Up Soccer Goals

PUGG Pop Up Soccer Goals for Kids
1,190 Reviews
PUGG Pop Up Soccer Goals for Kids
The original pop up soccer goals. They're durable, flexible and lightweight, making them a perfect soccer for toddlers and young children.

In Short:

  • 2 Goal or 1 Goal option
  • Set includes goals, pegs, and spare kit parts
  • Carry bag also included
  • Multiple sizes available

These goals, as far as I can remember are the ‘daddies’ of pop up soccer goals. They’re the first goals I remember using when working younger children. They’re super-durable for what they are, come in at a decent price and are made by one of the biggest brands in this corner of the market.

I would have no problem in recommending PUGG soccer goals to any soccer coach, parent and community organisation.

Again as I mentioned above, they are ultra-portable, super-light and easy to set up and dismantle.

GOLME Pro Pop Up Soccer Goal

In short:

  • 3 sizes available
  • Carry bag included
  • Super durable goals for their size
  • Comes in a set of 2

The GOLME Pro pop up soccer goals are pretty much exactly the same as the PUGGS with a few minor differences.

First of all the design and aesthetics of the GOLME PRO soccer goals are slightly different. Instead of the yellow finish you have with the PUGG’s, the GOLMES come with a nice red finish.

And secondly, in general, the price tends to be cheaper than that of PUGG goals.

Other than that the goals are pretty much on par with each other. As with the PUGG; the GOLME PRO comes with a 2 goal package, a carry bag and boat load of positive reviews from customers.

There are of course other pop up soccer goals on the market that I would recommend – mainly because pop up natured goals rarely differ much from each other.

That said, both of the goals above I have used personally and have no hesitation in recommending them for toddler and young children – and as you’ll, see below older age groups too.

Soccer Goals for Kids Aged: 6-9 Years Old

If you looking for soccer goals for kids that are slightly older – say 6-9 years old. The criteria of goal changes a little bit.

While you certainly can use a set of pop up goals (and if you are looking to develop your child soccer abilities on a more serious level – I would recommend you do use them in some capacity), at this age group you can start to think about the bigger more portable soccer goals.

As you’ll see there is a little bit of a crossover between the 2 outer age groups (toddlers – 5 years old and 10-12 years old) but in general, these are the goals I would recommend for 6-9 year olds…

Franklin Sports Blackhawk Portable Soccer Goals

Franklin Sports Blackhawk Portable Soccer Goals
18,864 Reviews
Franklin Sports Blackhawk Portable Soccer Goals
Coming in 4 sizes, the Blackhack gives you pop up style goal in the shape of a traditional portable soccer goal.

By name, this goal is a portable soccer goal – but by design it pretty much pops up like any other pop up soccer goal. But that aside from that, these goals would be perfect for kids in this age group.

This 6×4 kids soccer goal comes from the makers of Franklin –who are a mammoth brand in this space. This goal has been a popular seller here amongst readers of this blog, and for good reason. It’s a solid, durable portable soccer goal that comes in two sizes and 2 colours.

It’s an especially useful soccer goal if you’re looking to leave it outside as it comes with an all-weather 4×4 net that can withstand the outside elements. The only thing I would say with this goal – especially if you leave it outside is the locking clips that keep the goal posts in place.

If these things go rusty, expect a sore finger or two trying to push them! Other than that though these goals are a solid investment for kids of this age and should hold up to most ball impacts.

Lifetime Adjustable Soccer Goals

Lifetime Adjustable Soccer Goal
392 Reviews
Lifetime Adjustable Soccer Goal
The only adjustable soccer goal on on the market. Have the ability to change the length and width to suit you kids ability and age at the same time...

I would say the Lifetime Adjustable soccer goals are almost the most perfect soccer goal for kids recreational play.


The ability to adjust the goal into 3 different sizes. In theory, you could buy this goal for every age group and just increase the length and width each year!

It does have its downside though. Metal soccer goals of this nature tend to bend and become a nuisance to pack away as they age – so it’s imperative you look after these goals if you do intend to go down this route. Maybe even a little WD-40 wouldn’t go a miss either for those colder months.

Overall though, it’s a very good piece of engineering that’s earned itself its fair share of positive reviews.

SKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer Goals

SKLZ Portable Soccer Goals
950 Reviews
SKLZ Portable Soccer Goals
One of the most popular soccer goals on the market at the moment. A unique design, easy to setup and pack away and come complete with a carry bag for easy portability.

Me and these soccer goals have history. We have spent many long months and years together in past…

…okay this isn’t a love story so I’ll cut straight to the point.

I had to assemble, stake in, dismantle, pack away and carry these things for about 4 years in total. And while at times, carry them and packing them away did seem a nuisance– there’s no hiding the fact that the SKLZ soccer goals are one of the best portable soccer goals for kids on the market.

They have a unique designed rivalled by none, come in at a good price for what they offer and are super durable.

Setup takes about 2-3 minutes once you’ve done it a few times, and the portability is great as long as you don’t plan to walk 6 miles a day with them.

The dismantling is even easier than the setup but the packing away of the net into the bag can be a bit of fiddly affair…Being able to tighten the Velcro around the net when you’re packing them away is the issue….There’s enough space alright, but if you don’t fold the net up properly you’ll probably run into this same problem.

But, they are incredible goals and I’ve personal seen them take an absolute pelting in the past and they stood up to every single shot.

Looking for a Kids Soccer Goal for 10-12 Years Olds?

For this age group, you are more than okay to use any of the goals we mentioned above. In fact, I regularly use smaller sized pop up goals with older kids so I can get them to focus on playing the game rather than shooting from the other side of the pitch.

However, at this age you have to take into consideration the ‘boredom’ levels of a 12 year old and what they’re used to. If you’re buying a soccer goal for kid of this age they more than likely already play for a team and are used to bigger, more durable and aesthetically better looking goals.

So if you are looking to buy a soccer goal for this age group I highly recommend you check out this post here.

I go into detail on all best goals on the market at the moment and it should give you a good idea at what you’re looking at in regards to size and price – in fact, here’s an example of if you’re interested quickly;

[wpsm_divider top=”20px” bottom=”20px” style=”solid”]
FORZA Portable Soccer Goal for the Backyard
427 Reviews
FORZA Portable Soccer Goal for the Backyard
Solidm durable, weather-resistant and good-looking. What else could you really want in a kids soccer goal?
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So as you can see, while there are different types of soccer goals that suit each age group separately, there is definitely a crossover.

You can use the smaller pop up goals with 10-12 year olds and similarly you canuse the bigger portable soccer goals with 6-9 year old group. And, if you really wanted to you could use the SKLZ Quickster soccer goal for example, with the really young age groups.

That said, I think it’s important if you want to see some development in your child’s soccer ability, then using the above guidelines is highly recommended. And if this is case, buying a soccer goal is recommended, but just allowing your child to have as much time with soccer ball is far more important.

Lot touches on the ball, lots of familiarity with the ball and finally, lots of goals to improve their confidence.

All the best and good luck with your choice!

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