5 Best Lacrosse Rebounders: Reviews & Expert Tips

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Best Lacrosse Rebounders: Reviews & Expert Tips (Bounce Back / Pitchback Nets)


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Being able to improve yours or your players lacrosse game at a moments notice is imperative. In this lacrosse rebounder review guide, I aim introduce you to 5 of the best on the current market.

A lacrosse rebounder can help develop:

  • Passing Fundamentals
  • Accuracy
  • Line Drives
  • High Pops 
  • Grounders
  • An Individual Sense of Responsibility Among Young Players

All the lacrosse rebounders below have been picked as the ‘best’ using a few variables. Some of which include; price and budget, size, portability, storage capacity and overall longevity and durability.

So, what are the best lacrosse rebounders on the market at the minute…?


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1st Rebounder: Rukket 4 x 7 Lacrosse Rebounder Pitch Back Training Screen

In Short:

  • Multi-Use: Great for Lacrosse, Baseball and Softball
  • PSC Reader Bestseller: Great reviews amongst our readers
  • Comes with 4 Attack Angles: To progress and regress training as and when needed#
  • Coated Metal Frame: For added durability and long-term use
  • Comes with carry case

The Rukket 4×7 Rebounder Review

The Rukket 4×7 Rebounder should need no introduction really – but for those not familiar with this little beauty here’s low-down…

Unlike other sports rebounders on the market, the Rukket 4×7 is extremely easy to set up and thankfully for most of us, the assembly instructions are included should you get stuck – you’re looking at around 45 minutes for total setup. But once it’s up – you can keep it that way.

The top of the rebound net is adjustable, which allows you to challenge your young players at 4 different angles – and, at 4×7 this thing is pretty big. One of the bigger rebound nets on the market.

In regards to portability, you’ll have no problem in picking it up and moving it round the area you want it to stay in (backyard or playing fields for example)  – but,  you will however, need something bigger if you need to transport it across different locations. It’s a big piece of kit, so if you’ve got an SUV sized vehicle you should be good go.

Stability is another thing worth mentioning. A lot of nets on the market have a tendency to blow over in the wind or fall over once you’ve thrown a ball at it – this Rukket model is a little bit different however. Unless you’re looking to throw bigger balls (Think soccer and basketball) at it, it’ll hold up. In comparison to other nets, it’s pretty heavy duty.

Side note: I know some users have used the Rukket to throw basketballs at it, and have reported that there was no problem. You probably could as a general rule of thumb use bigger balls and as many others have suggested, and have no problems. I would however, recommend that if you’re looking for a rebound net for bigger balls, perhaps having a look at either the TEKK Trainer or the Quickplay Pro – rebounders that were specifically built for bigger balls and harder hits.

Overall however, the Rukket 4×7 is a great piece of kit that comes in at a fairly decent price. It’s one of the more popular rebounders on the market (across multiple sports) and has an Amazon review rating that most other products on the market would envy.

You’ll no doubt get a good return (pun intended!) for your money – and if you’ve got little ones who have interests spanning across multiple sports (baseball and softball for example) – this rebound nets got you covered.

Possible Drawbacks: I’d possibly look at buying and extra amount of bungee cords just in case you want a stronger bounce back.


  • Large surface areas
  • Popular rebound net
  • Perfect for those using it as a lacrosse rebounder as well as for baseball and softball
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Can be bit of nuisance to transport across multiple locations if you haven’t got the right sized vehicle

Why we like it: The versatility of the Rukket is second to none. With 4 angles to choose from and the ability to throw baseballs and softballs – the Rukket 4×7 rebounder can be a worthwhile investment.

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2nd Rebounder: EZ Goal Professional Throwback Rebounder

In Short:

  • Stands at 8ft: With a surface area of 6×4
  • Easily foldable: For storage and transportation
  • 70lbs making it one the heavier rebound nets
  • Ridiculously durable
  • Adjustable: For multi-angle use
  • Made specifically for lacrosse

EZ Goal Rebounder Review

Whereas the Rukket 4×7 can be used across multiple sports, the EZ Goal was designed specifically with lacrosse in mind. Instead of being a rebound net, the EZ Goal is more of a lacrosse rebound wall.

Again, this one’s big. Standing in at 8ft with a surface area of 6ft x 4ft you’ve got plenty of area to work with. It’s also adjustable, which comes in handy when you want to work on line drives, high pops and grounders.

Storage and transport of the EZ Goal is slightly easier than the Rukket as it folds nicely upon itself. In regards to portability though, I wouldn’t recommend letting a child try and move it. It comes in at 70lbs – so to save any injuries make sure an adult is around to lift or move it about.

Another thing worth noting, the EZ Goal is one durable piece of equipment. I’d recommend storing it in the garage or somewhere under cover – but that said, if you do leave it outside you’ll have no real worries – this thing can stand up to the elements.

Not much else here to say other than if you looking to improve stick skills specifically the EZ Goal might be better option.


  • Large surface area
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Lacrosse specific


  • Is a bit on the heavy side

Why we like it: If you’re looking to improve your stick skills only – I recommend picking this one up. It’s foldable, durable, sturdy, and comes in with 3 adjustable angles.

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3rd Rebounder: STX Bounce Back Lacrosse Pass Master Cover

In Short:

  • Covers to improve accuracy
  • Fits 4 x 3 rebound frames

We’ve decided to cheat on this one. To make it clear, this is NOT a lacrosse rebounder. It is however, a lacrosse rebound net COVER target.

If you’re looking to specifically improve passing fundamentals and accuracy then the STX Master Cover might just be able to help.

It’s designed to fit most rebound surface areas – although the recommended fits are; 4 x 3 – 3 x 4 rebounders.

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4th Rebounder: YUEBO Lacrosse Pitchback Rebound Screen

In Short:

  • Cheap lacrosse rebound net
  • 5 adjustable angles
  • Better for really young players
  • Good introductory rebound net

YUEBO Lacrosse Rebounder Review

If you’re looking for a cheap lacrosse rebounder that comes in under $50 – then the YUEBO might just be what you’re looking for.

With a 5 x 3.5ft surface area, it’s definitely one of the smallest out of our top 5. But, that said, it still comes with the ability to adjust the angles so you work on your game and progress and regress the challenge where needed.

A 10 minute set up time makes it the quickest one to setup and start using and it might be better for those with limited DIY skills J

That said though, if you’re a serious lacrosse player and looking for something that will take a pounding while lasting a long time – you’re probably better going with the Rukket 4×7 or EZ Goal models we went into detail on above.

But, if you’re looking for something for younger children as an introductory lacrosse rebound net (or any other sport) then the YUEBO might be the better choice.


  • Cheapest lacrosse net on our top 5
  • Quick set up time


  • Probably not the best fit for older and more serious lacrosse players.

Why we like it: It’s a great net that can introduce your little ones to lacrosse and basic sports skills at an even better price.

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5th Rebounder: Gladiator Lacrosse Professional Bounce Back Rebounder

In Short:

  • Training guide included
  • 4 x 3 surface area
  • Smaller than its competitors
  • Easily stored

Gladiator Lacrosse Professional Bounce Back Review

The Gladiator Lacrosse rebound net comes in as our most portable and easily stored lacrosse rebounder.

The surface area is quite small, coming in at 4 x 3, so add this to the foldable nature of the Gladiator – makes it a great lacrosse rebounder to setup and dismantling relatively quickly.

Created and endorsed by Casey Powell, the Gladiator is strong in nature as it is in name. I’d recommend this specific rebounder over the Rukket or the EZ Goal if space is an issue. It comes in a lot smaller and easier to store.

Also included is a training guide so you can get a much effective and efficient use out of the Gladiator as possible.


  • Best if you got a small space to work in
  • Comes with training and drill guide
  • Ultra-portable
  • Good for small storage spaces


  • Assembly instructions seem to be a little unclear

Why we like it: Again, this one’s for lacrosse players who have limited space to work with and are looking for an alternative to the Rukket 4×7.



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