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9ortable Lacrosse Goals: Reviews and Tips

Let’s get it out there – Lacrosse is becoming HUGELY popular.

Lacrosse combines the rush-to-the-net intensity that makes ice hockey so exciting with football’s crushing hits, soccer’s constant ball movement across the pitch, and basketball’s shot clock.

Nonetheless, Lacrosse pre-dates all of these other sports. Lacrosse is Lacrosse, and it is its own unique sport. As such, in order to be played properly it needs its own equipment.

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This includes the lacrosse net.

Simply put, a lacrosse net has to be able to stand up to a great deal of impact. This is the case whether it’s a portable lacrosse goal that can be set up at any sports facility for official league play, or a set of foldable lacrosse goals used in team practice.

What we have here are portable lacrosse goal reviews that we hope will help you to select the lacrosse net you’ve been looking for. These are five of some of the best lacrosse goals on the market at the moment..

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Lacrosse Net#1: Bownet LAX Portable Lacrosse Goal

Bownet Lax Lacrosse Goal

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The first thing you notice about this Bownet portable lacrosse goal is that it’s extremely light, weighing in at a mere 25 pounds.

This weight includes the rectangular canvas carrying bag – (which ‘comes free’ when you buy the goal). Inside the carrying bag you’ll find the steel poles which fit into orange nylon sheaths.

In addition to everything you need to quickly put together a portable lacrosse goal you’ll also find a regulation size crease in the carrying bag. Add

Having a full-size crease adds an element of “game time” realism to a training sessions that you simply couldn’t get without having a net.

It should be noted that one of the reasons that the Bownet LAX goal is so light is because there’s no cross bar. For this reason you’re better off using another goal if you want a portable lacrosse goal for official game play.

As far as portability goes – once you put it on into it’s carry bag you pretty much sorted – oh, and, the canvas bag should fit into the trunk of your car without taking up that much space.

Add some more game-time realism into your training sessions.

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Lacrosse Net#2: SKLZ Quickster Lacrosse Goal

SKLZ Lacrosse Goal

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If you’re looking for an especially heavy duty portable lacrosse goal than the SKLZ Quickster Lacrosse Goal is one of the best practice goals on the market in terms of durability.

As you’ll see from this video here, setting up the SKLZ Lacrosse Goal is quite literally a snap thanks to the click-lock tubing system. No tools are required and you don’t have to worry about any easily lost nuts or bolts.

The fiberglass ‘Tension-Tite’ frame is incredibly strong yet remains lightweight. There are also components made out of composite steel, and the corners feature extra reinforcement – which makes this net ridiculously durable.

The double ply polyester netting is equally tough, and testing has shown that it can withstand shots of up to 100 miles per hour. This means it could stand up to a fierce stinger slung from an MLL superstar like Mike Sawyer of The Charlotte Hounds.

Stock tends to get low on this one quite frequently over on Amazon – at the time of writing this there’s only one left.

That said, SKLZ do replenish their inventory relatively quick. So, If you want to save some time and grab yourself a durable portable lacrosse goal in the process – you can check out this page here.

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Lacrosse Net#3: Gladiator Official Lacrosse Goal Net

The lacrosse goal for game day…

Gladiator Lacrosse Goal

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With a solid sales rank on Amazon for ‘Field Equipment’ – The Gladiator Lacrosse Goal has been said to be the best lacrosse goal on the market by some customers across various different websites.

The Gladiator official lacrosse goal net is easy to assemble. Granted, you do have to use a little elbow grease to get the poles to lock together, but once they do hook up they make a perfectly tight fit.

Most people find that it takes about half an hour to have this net fully assembled. You don’t need to use any tools and there are no screws. Once they goal has been put together is comes in very solid and durable.

Note however, the Gladiator Official is NOT a foldable lacrosse goal that you can move from point A to point B in your car. However, it is light enough that you can easily lift it up with one hand(it weighs about 20 lbs out of box).

It also triumphs where both our previous nets failed in that it can be used for official game play.

The netting is made from 3mm polyester that’s braided for extra strength and easily attaches to the inch and a half thick steel tubes of the frame with lacing cord.

Naturally, instructions are included and are easy to follow (you probably won’t even need them if I’m being perfectly honest..)

Unlike most portable and foldable lacrosse goals this unit does not have a pole that runs from the middle of the cross bar to the point where the two side bars meet at the back of the net. Thisis part of the reason why this net is so light.

Gladiator LacrosseIf the Gladiator Official fits what you’re looking for, I’d recommend grabbing some stakes to hold it firmly to the ground for those harder hits,

Ready to start play? 
Here’s more information if you’re interested

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Lacrosse Net#4: BSN Practice Lacrosse Goal

SSG Lacrosse Practice Net

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You’d be forgiven for completely over looking this portable lacrosse net. One picture that looks like it was taken in the early 19 hundreds, not much in terms of information from the manufacture and no information regarding setting it up.

Sounds like a dudd if you ask me….

Until you look into it’s reviews.

it’s incredibly impressive star rating on Amazon make’s it a great contender for our top 5 lacrosse goals here on PSC.

At first glance, this lacrosse practice goal from BSN is quite similar to the above net from Gladiator. Both have a six piece frame made from inch and a half thick high grade steel that has a layer of bright orange powder coating that provides much needed smoothness. The six metal poles join together with Allen Key bolts.

One key difference however, between this net and the Gladiator lacrosse goal is it’s weight.

This model is considerably heavier. So for some, you would probably better going with the Gladiator, but if you’re looking for the additional durability factor then this BSN Practice Lacrosse net might just be what you’re looking for.

The net is 3 mm braided nylon and there are lacing rods lining the rear ground supports, the crossbar and the uprights. Threading the netting through the rods is time consuming (expect this to take a couple of hours) but is well worth it as you’ll have a very snug fit when you’re done.

Using zip ties to hold the net in place temporarily as you go about doing this makes the job easier.

It may be a little bit of work – but it’s impressive rating among customers can’t be ignored

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Lacrosse Net#5: Rukket Rip It! Portable Lacrosse Goal

Rukket Lacrosse Goal Assembled

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Last but, defiantly NOT least – The Rukket Rip It! portable lacrosse goal.

You’ve got two options;

  • 4×4 (Indoor Regulation)- Comes with free carry case
  • 6×6 (Regulation) – Does NOT come with carry case

What ever size you go with, if you’re looking for an extremely lightweight, easy to carry and inexpensive portable lacrosse goal – the Rukket Rip It! is defiantly worth considering.

4 x 4 Indoor Lacrosse Goal

The smaller Rukket Rip It Lacrosse Goal is the size commonly used in indoor “box lacrosse”. Having a smaller lacrosse net is also a great way to improve one’s shooting accuracy.

Rukket Lacrosse Goal SizesThe steel corner pieces allow this net to be totally collapsible. Simply fold the net up after you’re finished with the game, practice, or training session and it’s ready to be easily stored in it’s carry case ready for the next session.

6 x 6 Regulation Lacrosse Goal

The larger of the two goals, the 6×6 is a regulation size goal. Be aware, however that this goal does NOT come with a carry case. This does make it slightly more difficult to carry round but doesn’t impede on space very much.

In simple terms, you should be able to transport the 6×6 goal anywhere pretty easily. Just be sure to no put anything to heavy on top.

What size suits you better?You can choose your size here

The frame is made out of fiberglass which is lightweight, flexible, and stands up to the hardest of shots.

The corner pockets on either side of the net provide a convenient place to store water bottles. This is also where you can place weights to secure the net if the surface will not accommodate stakes (a high school gym). Think sandbags or other weighted equipment to keep the net from moving.

Overall, a great lightweight set of lacrosse nets that make life just that little bit easier!

The Rukket Rip It! sound more like what you need?Here’s a full list of extended details


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