7 Best Portable Soccer Goals on The Market

Portable Soccer Goals

Did you know that good, solid and beautifully crafted portable soccer goal will make you the envy of every coach in your league and community?

It’s true.

Whether you’re a youth soccer coach giving back to his local community team or a soccer mom, having the most appropriate portable soccer goal that suits YOUR players could be the difference between being seen as an average coach or a top-quality coach.

Instead of using;

  1. Sweatshirts for goal posts – We all love a bit of the old school days – but honestly, every coach worth their salt knows they shouldn’t be using sweatshirts for goal posts in this day and age!
  2. Cones – how many more times do you want the flow of training sessions to be interrupted from players chasing the ball half way down the field?
  3. Cheap fall-over-any-time-you-score goals – Okay, yeah I did just make that up but that exact problem is alive and kicking with many goals on the market.

….You now have the choice of portable soccer goals such as; The GOLME and The Bownet. These portable goals will not only last you for years to come from constant pounding but will also keep your players interested longer than that cheap novelty toy they got for Christmas.

(Okay, maybe a LOT longer, but I think you get the point – you’ll keep your players engaged in your coaching. Period.)

In this post, I am going to walk you through 7 of the best portable soccer goals.

You’ll learn about the;

  • Quality of each goal
  • Ease of assemble (You’ll be really surprised at some!)
  • Portability – That is the name of the site after-all.
  • Storage
  • How versatile each goal is (Tournaments? Training? League Matches? All of them?)
  • Who the goal is more suited towards
  • And finally, value for money.

…oh, and I’ll add in any top tips I can find as I go through.

Drum roll please…….

Think portable soccer goals only come in small sizes? Think again…

Soccer Goal # 1: GOLME PRO Portable Soccer Goal 

Golme Full Size Portable Soccer Goal

The GOLME PRO Portable soccer goal isn’t like other soccer goals…In fact, it one of the few full size portable soccer goals on the market. Not only that but it comes with an unblemished reputation as being one durable piece of equipment.

The GOLME Portable Soccer goal comes in a nice nifty little bag which is easy to store. Probably one of the closest resemblance to a real goal the GOLME Portable Soccer goal is relatively easy to assemble.

It comes with all the relevant ‘bits & bobs’ and can be used on multiple surfaces.

Made from an aluminium frame, the GOLME was voted the Best Portable Soccer Goal of 2019.

I have used many types of goals in my time (some of which are below) as a soccer coach, but I haven’t used this particular portable goal.

However, from experience and reading some of the reviews on Amazon, if you do buy this particular goal then make sure the ground you’re using is suitable for the ‘pins’ that secure it into the ground.

Anything too soft won’t allow much grip and therefore make it pretty difficult to keep the goal upright the whole time.

I put together a list of the best finishing drills for your team to practice.

Here’s a summary of the GOLME Portable Soccer Goal:


Made from aluminium makes it very lightweight. There are plenty of reviews on Amazon that have excellent things to say about the sturdiness and durability of the GOLME portable goal.

Also if you’re looking to tie it down to multiple surfaces make sure you do indeed check that the surface you are using is suitable – nothing worse than having a goal that can’t stand up!

Ease of Packing Away:

Once you take the ‘pins’ out of the ground the bars easily dismantle and everything can be quickly packed into the bag. If you’re somewhat of a perfectionist then it may take you a little longer, however if you just want everything packed away no matter how the shape of the bag looks at the end then you’ll be able to do it in a few minutes.


The GOLME portable soccer goal weighs in at a relatively lightweight of 26 pounds – making it easyGOLME Portable Soccer Goal (Bag) for at least the coach who drives. For those public transport coaches, as-long as you don’t mind carrying an extra bag, you’ll be okay.

The other great thing about the GOLME, is that it comes as an ‘all-in-one’ piece meaning it makes it hard for even the most unorganized coaches to lose any parts as they are all attached to each other – small life-saver right there.

Storage (space):

As it all packs away into a small nifty little bag, this goal becomes incredibly easy to store. Again, speaking from experience I probably wouldn’t rest anything to heavy on top of it in fear of damaging the aluminium frame but definitely wouldn’t look out of place at the top of your storage pile if you have one.

What can it be used for?

This versatile goal can be used in leagues, tournaments or normal training.

Ease of Assemble:

As I mentioned above the whole thing comes as one piece making it ultra-easy to put together. Once you’ve taken it out of the bag all you’ll need to do is lay it out flat on the floor and put the obvious pieces together. Really doesn’t get any easier than that.

Who would this portable goal suit best?

Thinking in terms of budgets and longevity, if you’re planning to have the goals for a few years to come, then buying a slightly bigger goal may be of benefit to save a few dollars over the long haul.

It really all depends on what your personal circumstances are.

Value for money:
The GOLME portable goal isn’t a cheap one. However with all the positive reviews on Amazon, it tops our list of the Best Portable Soccer Goal.

People have reported having this goals for years which in itself make’s the purchase a complete no-brainer.

If you’ve got the budget then it’s definitely work checking out.


  • Make sure you wrap the Velcro round the correct way!
  • If you’re looking to use it on a beach be aware you will probably need longer ‘pins’ or spikes to ensure it stays in the ground.

Soccer Goal #2: SKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer Goal (Kickster)

SKLZ Portable Soccer Goal

Here we’ve got one of the ‘old skool’ legend’s on the block! The SKLZ Quickster has been on the market for years and I’ve been using them for the best part of 6 or 7 years. Great goals, great design and surprisingly durable. The original SKLZ soccer goal had over 700 reviews from customers on Amazon. They’ve just released a new and improved model which you can check out here…

The SKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer Goal is another easy to carry lightweight goal that can be put in the car. SKLZ are currently selling this goal in 3 sizes; 6×4, 8×5, 12×6.

Unlike the GOLME Portable Goal, I have got experience using this goal. Not only have I used it various times over my coaching career, but there was two summers in a row where I put this goal together and dismantled it 4 times a day at two separate locations!


When I first took the goal out of the bag I didn’t have much faith in its ability to make it through the day let alone the whole summer.

However, after using it with various age groups throughout the day I was pretty surprised. I will say though, if you’re using it with older kids who have harder shot, the chance of the posts sliding back down the lower ‘pipe’ will increase significantly.

Will it snap? Well I used 4 of them over two years and not one of them broke.

The nets are great – pin both sides into the top of the posts, tie the Velcro on and lift the posts up – your goal is all set.

So with that said I think giving it 8/10 is probably a fair rating – and that’s really just for the inconvenience of having to pull the post back up every time a harder shot brings them down.

Ease of Assemble

When you take the poles out of the bag, they’re all attached through an elastic rope inside the metal which makes life 100 times easier. Just lie the poles on the floor and connect them where they’re not connected – really is as simple as that.

Once you have the poles erected it’s time to put the net on. This is done [like a mentioned briefly above] using two pins either side of the net. Stick these two pins in the ends of the adjustable posts and ties the Velcro around the bars.

Once the Velcro is fastened pull the posts up.

Out of all the goals I have used in my coaching career these have to be one of the easiest goals to put together – it takes seconds.


Sports brands have really got the storage thing to a Tee. Again, I would recommend that if SKLZ Portable Goal Bagyou’re using a storage facility that the goals are not only easy to access but also not at the bottom of anything.


Another goal that doesn’t take up much space. You could fit a whole factories worth in your car and not even notice.

Also if you carry a slightly bigger than usual sports bag you’ll be able to fit one or two in there as well. The weight of two of them maybe a little too much for longer public transport journeys – but it’s definitely possible.

Used For?

I wouldn’t recommend using them for competitive games or tournaments due to the likelihood of the post losing grip and having to be pulled back up but for training they’d be perfect.

Who would this goal suit best?

I would specifically buy these goals for players over the age of about 12. That’s not to say older player can’t use them, as I used them with 18 years olds. Just know that you may have to constantly pull the posts up with older players that’s all.

If you’re constantly setting up and taking goals down then the SKLZ portable goal may be just what you need to save a huge amount of stress and time.


A little harder than putting it together especially if it’s cold and wet but all in all it doesn’t take much longer.

Value for Money

The price changes depending on the size you want. Choose your size here on Amazon.com

The biggest selling point of this goal for me is the ease of assemble and packing away.

I can set 4 of these up in a few minutes no problem.

SKLZ Portable Soccer GoalThe big downside is the grip of the posts. Any older child with a harder shot will tend to rock the posts a little and cause them to slide back down into the poles. A little bit of the pain but once your players realize how quickly it takes to pull them back up again they’ll do it themselves!

Overall though, from it’s unique design to portability and it’s ease in setting up, does make the SKLZ soccer goal fantastic value for money.

Soccer Goal #3: FORZA Soccer Goals

A new portable soccer goal that has pushed it’s way into our top 7 for this year…

The FORZA is a very popular goal – head to any youth soccer club and I bet you’ll see a few in use. Although they aren’t my top choice, I’ve used them in my own coaching and know plenty of others who do, and they are well received and reviewed.

They are made from strong PVC and have a 2.7 inch frame, which is thicker than a lot of other models. It is weatherproof and can be left up throughout the seasons.

FORZA have addressed some usability concerns in this latest model by making assembly a little easier without sacrificing tightness – in fact, they say this is their most durable yet. Of course, durability wasn’t ever a problem for the FORZA, but they aren’t the fastest goals to set up.

You’ve got a choice of five sizes:

  • all the way from the Mini Target at 3 x 2.5 foot
  • up to 12 x 6 foot.

Each one comes with the net, clips and pegs to anchor it down. You also get a 1-year warranty.


FORZA goals are well known for their quality construction. The strong PVC they are made of will stand up well to powerful shots, and the stakes will keep the goals up in windy conditions. Its construction is light but stronger and less brittle than ordinary plastic.

They are weather resistant and very rigid which means you can use them in proper games as well as training, and the net is a heavy-duty HDPE 2.5mm sort. They’ve also got FORZA’s locking system that keeps all the parts together very tight. You’ll be impressed by how well made and strong they are.

Ease of Assemble

These aren’t the easiest goals to put up and pull down. The process does speed up once you’ve got the hang of it, but until then you’ll want to leave yourself a bit of time – especially if you’ve got several to do. It’s got net clips rather than Velcro, which helps to keep the net in place.

If your situation means you’re tight for time each week (or perhaps you’re setting up half a dozen by yourself in all seasons!), there might be better choices to avoid wasting too much playing time. That said, because these things are tough, some people choose to just leave them up instead. Of course, that’s part of choosing the right goals – it’s sometimes a trade-off between durability and speed, and the right decision will depend on how you’ll use them.


The FORZA goals, thanks to their PVC construction, are not super-heavy – but they aren’t ‘lightweight’ either. If seen one of my long-term friend/soccer coach put 2 of these goals in a SMART car. Yes, it was an almighty squeeze, and yes I did question how he did it, but my eyes did not deceive me.

Storage (Space)

The frame width means this is a bit bigger and heavier than some of the other options. One won’t make too much of a dent but if you’re buying several you’ll need to think about space before they arrive.

What can it be used for?

These goals can do it all. They will stand up to the rigours of year-round training, and won’t let you down at the summer tournament, or in official matches for younger players.

Who Would Benefit from this goal the most?

These goals are a solid investment – both in terms of value for money as well as construction! They would suit coaches and soccer clubs who are looking to get more than a season out of them and need goals not only for training, but for official games too.

Value for money

The FORZA goals are well built, rigid and reliable. You can use them for official games, tournaments and all-weather training. They are reliable and good value for money, and a solid investment for multi-season use. They are not particularly quick or easy to set up, which can become a bit of a hassle, but if construction and durability are your main requirements, you’re unlikely to be disappointed.

Soccer Goal #4: PowerNet Portable Soccer Goal

Maybe an even sleeker design is what you’re looking for…

Powernet Soccer Goal

Very similar to Bownet, in design and purpose – but generally seen as the cheaper option to Bownet. If you’re shopping for cheap portable soccer goals on a budget then the Powernet might be just what you need…

The Powernet portable soccer goal has to be the next one in-line for a fine tooth comb.


The Powernet is pretty deceiving, but after firing a few balls into the net, the fiberglass frame of the goal not only ‘soaks’ up the power from the shot but actually allows the ball to fall back out of the net which makes it just that little bit harder to break.


As you’ll see from the video on this page here (left hand side), for someone who’s comfortable in setting it up, you can have it up in less than 70 seconds.

Obviously, the first time you do it will be slightly longer, but as you’ll see once the poles have been inserted through the fabric, all you have to do is hook the net over the metal poles and stick the metal stakes into the ground.


The Powernet is packed away in a very similar way to the SKLZ goal. The great thing about the Bow Net however is the ability to carry two smaller goals if your public transport coach.

For those in their own vehicle, you’ll have no problem in carrying this goal round.


On par with the SKLZ and the GOLME goals.

What can it be used for?

Unlike the other two goals we’ve talked about above, the Powernet can be used indoors provided you grab yourself some weighted sandbags – definitely beats using cones!

Great for small sided games at school sessions too.

Tournaments and other competitive games? I’d probably go with the GOLME or FORZA soccer goals if I’m honest.


Probably slightly easier than SKLZ goal due to not having as many poles to pack away.

Who is this goal best suited for?

Coaches who like to focus other aspects of the game other than shooting. Also encourages players to pass and move.

However, if you work in schools then this might be your goal. It’s lightweight frame is easy to carry and very simply to put together.

Value for money:

You may have come across the Bownet portable soccer goals?

If not I have some links for you in second to head over to to help you make a decision.

If you do; here’s the quick low down…

After going through each of the brands (Powernet vs Bownet), their main products and comparing the two in another post, here’s a quick sentence breakdown of the difference.

PowerNet and Bownet soccer goals, on the surface look exactly the same. However, what you gain in money with a PowerNet you lose in durability.

Simply put – PowerNet soccer nets tend to be cheaper, BUT, Bownet tends to be more durable.

The choice is you’res my friend; Show me the Bownet soccer goals  / Show me PowerNet soccer goals

…And if you’re wondering where that long comparison post is I just mentioned – here it is. 

Not the most portable – but definitely durable..

Soccer Goal #5: Franklin Sports Competition Soccer Goal

Franklin Sports Competition Soccer Goal

When we sat down to review the Franklin Soccer goals we quickly found out that while they weren’t the most portable on the market they sure were durable as heck!

Another goal I have personal experience in using. The Franklin Sports Competition Soccer Goal comes in two sizes with the bigger size looking amazing in its full glory.

As you’ll see though, it’s not the most portable goal for the public transport coach and can be a little tricky to assemble and dismantle due to the little ‘catches’ on the bars.


The Franklin’s quality stands up to most if not all portable goals on the market, with its 1.25 steel inch tubing making it very sturdy.

The velcro that the Franklin goal uses however does seem to be that type of velcro that loses its grip after a while. I had a look at the Amazon reviews to see if anyone else had experienced this problem and sure there it was – I wasn’t alone!

Here’s a fix for Velcro that loses it’s grip – you’ll probably need it for what ever goal you buy.


The bigger of the two goals (12×6) is going to take you a longer than the smaller goal. Some have reported it took them up to 30 minutes to assemble it.

Now, at first this may seem like a huge amount of time, but as the goal is marketed as ‘competition’ portable goal and don’t think we can argue too much. The time you will be using it for should far outweigh the assembling time.

Also, one thing that does tend to hurt more than anything else are the locking pins once Franklin Sports Competition Soccer Goalthe goal has been ‘smashed’ around a little.

If it’s cold and the goal has been used for a while be careful not to catch your fingers!

Other than that though, it’s pretty easy set up with both goals. Line the pins up with the holes on the opposite pole and you away. Finally attach the net using velcro straps and you’re ready.


I’m a little stuck on the portability. On one hand we have a box that you can neatly pack away all the poles into and slot it straight into the back of the car.

Then on the other hand we have a box that is as awkward as they can be to carry for someone who travels on public transport.

As it weighs a lot more and is a lot bigger than our other goals so I definitely would NOT recommend it for the ‘foot’ coach!

Franklin Sports Competition Soccer GoalCar drivers? Yeah you’ll be good.


Storage shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Used For?

As the name suggests, the best use for the Franklin portable goal would be competitions. Not only would they look the part but they’ll hold up too.

Besides, you wouldn’t want to spend half an hour setting up the goal for an hour session!

The smaller goal however could be used for tournaments, training, small sided games….the list is really endless.


Again this goal is not going to be packed away in 70 seconds like the Bow Net goal but there’s a good chance you’ll have used for a longer period of time.

Again, after a while watch your fingers on the locking pins when taking the goal down. A little tip here if you do find the pins to be a little work is try using a small tea spoon to push the clips down.

Who’s this goal for?

The obvious answer would be; the bigger goal for your older group and smaller goal for your younger group.

On the coach front; this goal would be suitable for coaches who has a team who play on pitches with goals not fit for purpose OR coaches who hold regular tournaments (especially the bigger of the two goals.)

Value for Money:

The price on both goals are very reasonable.

Here’s a quick video explaining everything you need to know about the Franklin Sports Competition soccer goal…

Work with different age groups? This one might be for you…

Soccer Goal #6: Lifetime Adjustable Soccer Goal

Lifetime Portable Soccer Goal with Adjustable Height and Width

The only adjustable soccer goal in our mix. The Lifetime adjustable soccer goal, while probably not the most durable, definitely comes with it’s unique benefits and uses. If you’re looking for a goal to support multiple age groups then this might just be for you.

Do you need a goal that you can change in height? Well then the Lifetime Adjustable Portable Goal may be just what you’re looking for.

With its height being able to adjust from 3-5 feet and its width 4-7 feet, the Lifetime adjustable goal may not be the goal for older children but could definitely be your goal if you coach a lot of younger children.

Schools could end up saving a huge amount of money with the Lifetime Adjustable Portable Goal.


Made from coated steel the Lifetime Portable Goal is pretty much resistant to most weather. Although I haven’t had that much experience with using these goals as much as I have with the others, I have come across ones very similar a few years back.

Again, this goal uses the same locking pins that the Franklin uses, and after being used for a while the pins will get a little harder to use.

What does keep the goal a little versatile is the ability to tighten each Velcro strap as you adjust the goal which keeps the net as tight as possible no matter what size you decide to use.

If you’re using this goal with younger age groups (under 10/11’s) then you should have no problems with the quality. Those that are aiming for older children may see the Lifetime portable goals ‘lifetime’ shortened quite considerably!


Like most, if not all of our goals the assembling needs to be pretty straight forward. The Lifetime portable goal is no different.

Although the actual putting together and assembling of the goal is pretty straight forward I do question whether or not the net would be a little bit of a pain.

As you’ll see here, you haven’t got much room for error. Catch the net as you open the goal and you may well tear it. Apart from that though, pretty simple to set up.


If you watch this video, watch for the person taking the goal out of the car. It does seem a little awkward. Now maybe that’s me being a little over critical, but seeing as we are reviewing portable soccer goals I think this kind of goes against what we’re trying to achieve here.

Never the less, if you’re not put off by the awkwardness and you drive then there are other positives about the Lifetime!

Travel on public transport? Forget about it!


For this specific goal that’s available on Amazon, as far as I can see there is no carry bag to help with transportation nor the storage.Lifetime Portable Soccer Goal with Adjustable Height and Width

While, I don’t see it being much of a problem to store (depending on your storage facility), from my experience storing any goals and their nets that don’t have any storage case or bag end up attaching themselves to anything and everything else around it.

Want to quickly get the ladder out well you may just had to untangle them from the Lifetime goal net first!

With no box or bag to store it in, you could spend 5 minutes or more before every session untangling the nets.

Used for?

I wouldn’t recommend using it for anything other than small matches with younger players and during training sessions.


Being able to put the goal up in the first place requires you to pack it away properly.

If you going to just take it apart and not really give thought on how the net is put away you may find yourself untangling it next time you use it.

Just give some extra thought when you’re packing it away.

Who’s This Goal For?

Again, like I mentioned briefly above, if you’re coach that works within a school quite regularly then these goals would be perfect.

They’re not the easiest to transport for any coach really, so if you have a place to store them at a venue that you deliver at then they may just be what you need.

Value for Money?:

Lifetime Portable Soccer Goal with Adjustable Height and WidthI like the idea of them, and I think used with the right age groups they are great for the coach spending money on a tight budget.

They’re not the cheapest of our 5 portable goals but they do have the added benefit of being multi-purpose for younger age groups.

If you need a goal that adjusts to different heights then check out the Franklin portable soccer goal here!

Looking to save a few dollars?

Soccer Goal # 7: Franklin Sports FlexPro Portable Soccer Goal

Franklin FlexPro Portable Soccer Goal

Remember we said Franklin weren’t the most portable soccer goals on the market? Well, here’s their shot creating something that can be setup, packed away and transported far easier than any of their other models.

Finally, if you’re not too bothered about the size and you’re looking for a cheap portable soccer goal – then cast your eyes on the Franklin Sports Flex Pro Portable Soccer Goal.

As far as I can work out, all signals point to this goal being new to the market in mid-2016. And I must say it’s pretty impressive looking soccer goal with simplicity at it’s core! While it’s too early to say how good this goal actually is here’s a few things to note;

  • Franklin have Become Portable: Remember our sports competition goal above? No carry bag. Bit of a pain. Well with the FlexPro, Franklin have added a nice little nifty bag to help you carry your goal
  • Changed Design: Remember the Bownet & Powernet design? It’s look very similar to those witFlexPro Carry Bagh it’s bow-style design
  • Cheapest of our Top 7: Look’s can be deceiving, but it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a cheap portable soccer goal

It is worth noting that it only comes in one size and I haven’t come across it yet in my coaching- so if you do decide this is the goal for you, feel free to leave a comment below and let us know how you’re new net is going!

You can check out the FlexPro here on Amazon

Soccer Goal Sizes: Size vs Age Group

It’s also worth considering the size of the soccer you end up buying. Too many times, I have witnessed coaches and parents using soccer goals that are far away from what a child should be using.

If we use the US Soccer standard as a guideline, these would be the portable soccer goals I recommend for each age group.

Side note: Different manufactures sizes their goals differently. Some use a width x height measurement, some other use height x width measurement. For the purposes of this guide we will be using the former… width x height;

  • Under 5’s, U6, U7 and U8:
    • 6 x 4 up to 12 x 6 soccer goals
  • Under 9’s, U10, U11 and U12
    • 18 x 6 up to 21 x 7 soccer goals
  • Under 13’s through to Adult
    • 24 x 8 Soccer goals

Again, these are just guidelines – there is absolutely no problem in using mini soccer goals for under 13’s for example if you’re in training. There multiple benefits to doing that.

But if you plan to use your goals for games and competitive matches I’d recommend sticking to the above guidelines.

Soccer Goals for the Backyard: Which One Would I Choose?

A short note away from coaching for a second.

If you’re looking for a soccer goal for the backyard, as opposed to a soccer goal you’re likely going to be moving across locations – while the variables on why you need the goal might change a little, the type of goal you end up going for doesn’t change at all really. Keep in mind the following;

  • Space Saving

If a backyard is the ‘location’ – unless you have a huge amount of space available you’re going to want to get a portable soccer goal that doesn’t take up a huge amount of space. So for this I would probably recommend against getting the GOLME for example.

  • Can be Stored Easily

You need to a soccer goal that can be stored easily and preferably doesn’t take up a huge amount of space.

  • Can Be Secured to The Floor

Sometimes – you just don’t have the time to pack the goal away and there is a chance you’ll end up leaving it outside. You also don’t want to wake up one morning and find you’re soccer has moved from your backyard to the neighbour backyard whenever strong winds hit your neighbourhood.

For that reason, a soccer goal that can easily be secured to the ground would be top priority. The great thing about all the soccer goals above – is that they can all be secured safely.

  • Durable to Weather Conditions

Leading on from the last point, a goal made from weather resistant materials will also help for those days it needs to stay outside longer than usual.

  • Quick to Setup

Again, this goes without saying, you don’t really want to be spending a huge amount of time setting the goal up every time the kids want to use it.

  • Easy to Pack Away

Similarly, the same has to be said for dismantling the goal and packing it away.

  • Safe enough for kids to operate on their own

Finally, you’re preferably going to want a soccer goal that’s not only easy for a child to ‘operate’ but safe them to use as well.

With that said the soccer goals I recommend for the backyard;


Overall, the purpose of why you need the soccer goal in the first place is the most important variable. All of the brands above are at the top of their game – you just need work out which goal suits you and your young players the best.

I would have no problem in recommending any of the above goals as they all have their own unique benefit on what they can bring. One last note however, is I would, where possible, purchase a set of two goals. This not only makes your setup look more professional but can help create the perfect conditions for learning and development – and at the end of the day, it’s the development of our young superstars that’s most important.

All the best,

  • Coach 

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