Top 7 Best Ski & Snowboard Helmets [2018 Update]

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What are the best Ski and Snowboard helmets on the current market?

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Does the prospect of a head injury worry you when you’re out enjoying the slopes on your skis or snowboard?  Perhaps you are the parent or grandparent of a young skier or snowboarder and are worried for their safety each time they head to the slopes.

Though these concerns are very real, they shouldn’t prevent you or your loved ones from doing what they enjoy.  A quality ski or snowboarding helmet is an easy solution that allows anyone the chance to experience the rush of flying down a mountain with far less risk following a fall or accidental collision.

All you need to do is to measure all the way around your head from the forehead to the back.  Make sure you do it in centimetres since that is what most companies use as a guide.  Once you have that number, you are ready to find the helmet that is perfect for you!

Ski Helmet / Snowboard Helmet Buying Advice Guide

  • Safety – Many helmets on the market carry safety certifications. If you see either CEN1077 or ASTM2040 in relation to your helmet, you can be assured that that particular helmet meets very strict government specifications regarding safety.  Another noteworthy label is MIPS.  This stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System and represents a helmet’s ability to protect a wearer from considerable injury should an accident occur.


  • Budget – Many helmets can vary in price based upon a number of factors. Depending on the style, model year, and design, helmets can range from being easily affordable to outright extravagant.


  • Material – Ski and Snowboarding helmets are made from a variety of materials. The real determinate for what a helmet is made of depends on its construction.  Many helmets are made with a hard polycarbonate or ABS exterior with a EPS foam liner.


  • Construction – The two most common designs used in making ski and snowboarding helmets are In-mould and Hard Shell. In-mould designs are lighter and often blend a polycarbonate shell with an EPS foam liner. Hard Shell designs are far more durable use an ABS shell bonded with an EPS liner.  Know that there are other variations on the market that blend these together, but you will most often see one of these.


  • Ventilation – Vent holes are what help a helmet to keep from growing too hot and uncomfortable. Some construction types carry more holes than others.  Many helmets off users the ability to open and close vents to adjust to changing conditions and to satisfy the wearer’s needs.


  • Additional Features – While the list above covers many of the basic features of most helmets, there are still other areas to consider. Some helmets have liners or ear flaps that are hypoallergenic or can be removed entirely.  Others have variations in design and functionality regarding their chinstrap, goggle clip, and internal adjustment system.
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Best Ski & Snowboard Helmets

Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet


  • Fully complies with EN1077 standards and is CE certified.
  • Hard Shell design featuring two reinforced layers.
  • Includes a multiport ventilation system and incorporated mesh screens to provide ample airflow.

Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet Review

The Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet is an excellent choice for any skier or snowboarder looking for added safety and style.  With 16 different colours and styles to choose from, everyone is sure to find the perfect helmet to fit their needs.

This helmet fully complies with CEEN1077 safety regulations and is built using a hard shell design.  The external layer is made of highly durable ABS material while the internal shell uses impact absorbing EPS.  Adding to the safety of this helmet is a multiport ventilation system with an incorporated mesh lining for extra airflow.  The internal fabric and ear padding are both hypoallergenic and treated to be antibacterial.  As an added comfort bonus, this helmet also features a padded chinstrap as well as an integrated goggle loop to ensure your goggles stay where they need to be at all times.

Best of all, the Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet is priced with your budget in mind.  Given the wide array of styles and sizes, this is an extremely affordable option sure to meet your needs and ensure you stay safe and comfortable all season long!

Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet Pros and Reasons to Buy:

  • Pro #1 – A Limited Lifetime Warranty covers all material/manufacturer defects
  • Pro #2 – Numerous Colour Options allow you to choose a helmet to match your gear
  • Pro #3 – Hypoallergenic and Antibacterial treatments on the interior of the helmet keep it clean and fresh
  • Con #1 – The helmets tend to run a bit small overall and sizing can be a challenge


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Odoland Adult Sports Helmet and Protective Glasses


  • Meets all ASTMF2024 and CEEN1077 required safety specifications.
  • Constructed using premium plastic components to be both shockproof and penetration resistant
  • Features 12 air holes – 6 of which are adjustable.


Odoland Adult Sports Helmet and Protective Glasses Review

The Odoland Adult Sports Helmet and Protective Glasses are an unbelievable deal for any winter sports enthusiast.  Considering the price, this offer is an incredible value!  Included in the price is a pair of Odoland Protective Ski Glasses along with a top quality helmet.  Know that the value of this helmet goes far beyond the mere out of pocket expense though.

Odoland designed this sports helmet from premium plastic components and ensures that it is both shockproof as well as penetration resistant.  Need further convincing of how safe this helmet is?  Know that it meets all safety standards necessary to carry both ASTMF2024 and CEEN1077 certifications.

While this helmet does not carry a variety of options for colour or style, it does offer the wearer options when it comes to controlling the venting system.  6 of the 12 incorporated air holes are fully adjustable and will help guarantee that anyone wearing this helmet stays at just the right temperature.

The interior of this helmet and the earmuffs are both removable for easy maintenance and for further temperature control should it be necessary.

Odoland Adult Sports Helmet and Protective Glasses Pros and Reasons to Buy:

  • Pro #1 – This is a combo deal that include not only the helmet, but ski goggles as well.
  • Pro #2 – The helmet is both lightweight and highly durable.
  • Pro #3 – Ventilation options abound in this model and are designed with comfort in mind.
  • Con #1 – The goggles are not of premium design and may deteriorate rapidly due to material used


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Smith Optics Unisex Adult Variance Snow Sports Helmet

In short:

  • Designated with a MIPS classification.
  • Constructed using a hybrid shell design.
  • The AirEvac 2 ventilation system incorporates 18 vents along with a low profile regulator and adjustable climate control option.

Smith Optics Unisex Adult Variance Snow Sports Helmet Review

Smith Optics has a variety of helmets on the market and this is certainly one you should consider.  The helmet itself comes in a variety of colour and finish options giving you the option to select just the right one to compliment you.  Standard in each helmet is a nano silver performance lining adding comfort to this helmet’s superior safety.

Speaking of safety, Smith Optics designed this helmet to fulfil the MIPS designation.  Its tough hybrid shell design is guaranteed to be a lightweight and yet safe option for anyone hitting the slopes.  The AirEvac 2 ventilation system also helps ensure further comfort and the low profile regulator gives you the control the adjust the 18 vents incorporated into this helmet’s design.  As an added bonus, you can even incorporate various audio systems into the earmuffs and listen to your favourite tunes while you cruise the slopes.

All of these benefits come at a cost however as this helmet tends to run on the higher end of the price spectrum.  If you are serious about safety and want a helmet guaranteed for years to come, this may be the one for you!

Smith Optics Unisex Adult Variance Snow Sports Helmet Pros and Reasons to Buy:

  • Pro #1 – The ventilation options make this product exceptionally comfortable for active days outdoors.
  • Pro #2 – Utilizing audio system technology gives you the chance to incorporate your own soundtrack to the great outdoors.
  • Pro #3 – The MIPS designation ensures any wearer will be well protected.
  • Con #1 – Prices can vary greatly based upon size/colour options.


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Giro Era MIPS Women’s Snow Helmet

In short:

  • Carries a CEEN1077 safety rating as well as a MIPS designation.
  • In-mould construction is used to design this series of helmet.
  • An incorporated thermostat controlled ventilation system

Giro Era MIPS Women’s Snow Helmet Review

The Giro Era MIPS Women’s Snow Helmet is the first helmet on this list specifically designed with women in mind.  This helmet comes in a variety of colours and finishes and each has detailing aimed to meet the stylistic needs of women.  Considering this helmet has both MIPS and CEEN1077 safety designations, the exterior style options are an added bonus!

This helmet is sure to be a comfortable fit for any woman looking to enjoy the winter safely.  The in-mould construction uses both vertical tuning as well as an in-form fit system to ensure the helmet fits comfortably and stays secure no matter the conditions.  Giro’s super cool vents and incorporated thermostat control system further signify just how incredible this helmet truly is.

Giro also carries a variety of products such as goggles and audio systems.  If you happen to already have any of these products, you can be sure they are fully compatible with this series of helmet and will incorporate without issue.

Giro Era MIPS Women’s Snow Helmet Pros and Reasons to Buy:

  • Pro #1 – This is a helmet designed specifically for the ladies and not intended to be a unisex option.
  • Pro #2 – The helmet is a bargain given its affordability alongside its MIPS designation.
  • Pro #3 – All Giro audio systems are compatible with this helmet.
  • Con #1 – Due to limited ability to adjust the chin strap, wearing this helmet safely may feel too tight at times.


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Smith Optics SMITH Men’s Aspect Helmet

In short:

  • Fully complies with all ASTM F 2040 and CE EN 1077 regulations.
  • An in-mould design featuring a durable PC shell and cushioning EPS foam liner.
  • 14 adjustable vents are incorporated along with an adjustable climate control system.

Smith Optics SMITH Men’s Aspect Helmet Review

Smith Optics is at it again with their Men’s Aspect Helmet.  This helmet is yet another alternative when it comes to a durable, safe option for outdoor fun on the slopes.  Smith has designed this helmet using an in-mould design process featuring a PC shell and EPS foam liner.  The result is an extremely tough, and yet lightweight helmet perfect for anyone serious about safety.

The helmet comes in a variety of colours and sizes.  Some colours can run slightly more expensive than others making the Men’s Aspect helmet tend to run on the higher end of some people’s budgets.  Like many of the other helmets on this list, this one fully complies with both ASTM F 2040 and CEEN 1077 safety regulations.

In addition to these features, the Men’s Aspect helmet also incorporates removable earpads and goggle locks giving you the option to only incorporate what you need.   Speaking of incorporating what you want, how about your some audio?  Each helmet gives you the option to incorporate outdoor audio tech should you choose to bring it along.


Smith Optics SMITH Men’s Aspect Helmet Pros and Reasons to Buy:

Pro #1 – A lightweight option



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Traverse Sparrow Youth Ski/Snowboard & Snowmobile Helmet

In short:

  • Carries a CEEN1077 safety rating.
  • A combination of durable ABS exterior and EPS foam interior is incorporated into this hard-shell design.
  • Eight vents are built into this helmets exterior.

Traverse Sparrow Youth Ski/Snowboard & Snowmobile Helmet Review

Every parent wants their little ones to get out and explore the world in every way possible.  The trouble is many face though is how to keep them safe as well as active.  The Traverse Sparrow Youth Ski/Snowboard & Snowmobile Helmet is an incredible value for any parent who may find themselves in this situation.

With a CEEN1077 safety rating, this helmet is already on the road to being an incredible option for youth looking to get active in the winter.  The durable ABS exterior coupled with the EPS foam interior gives this hard-shell helmet the strength needed to ensure little heads are free from big injuries.

Along with safety, The Traverse Sparrow Youth helmet also incorporates eight air vents in the exterior of the helmet to keep little ones from getting too warm while out in the cold.  The chinstrap designed to keep the helmet in place is also designed to using forgiving padding that makes it even easier to wear this helmet for long hours.

Traverse Sparrow Youth Ski/Snowboard & Snowmobile Helmet Pros and Reasons to Buy:

  • Pro #1 – An extremely budget friendly option for anyone looking for both value and safety.
  • Pro #2 – Durable design is perfectly suitable for adventurous youth.
  • Pro #3 – The padded chinstrap adds comfort along with safety.
  • Con #1 – This helmet is not designed to be adjustable and may not fit certain riders comfortably.


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Smith Optics Zoom Junior Helmet

In short:

  • Carries both ASTM F 2040 and CE EN 1077 safety certifications.
  • Designed using an In-mould method of construction with a PC shell and EPS lining.
  • Incorporates AirEvac2 Ventilation along with Airflow Climate control systems.

Smith Optics Zoom Junior Helmet Review

The Smith Optics Zoom Junior Helmet is yet another incredibly safe and budget friendly alternative for anyone in search of a quality ski/snowboard helmet.  This junior helmet has a variety of features that are sure to please.

First and foremost, this helmet meets all specifications related to both ASTM F 2040 and CEEN 1077 safety regulations.  The in-mould design method is equipped with a sturdy PC shell and a forgiving EPS lining.  Along with the resilient materials used in the Zoom’s construction, this helmet is also equipped with AirEvac2 Ventilation alongside the Airflow Climate control system.  Not only will your junior rider be safe, they will also remain as cool as needed when needed!

Additionally, this helmet comes in a variety of colours and finishes giving you the option to select exactly what you like without having to settle for less.  The goggle clip included on the rear of the helmet is detachable should you not require it, though it can remain in tact if the need remains.

This helmet gives you the comfort and fit needed to make it a lasting addition to any outdoor sport season.

Smith Optics Zoom Junior Helmet Pros and Reasons to Buy:

  • Pro #1 – Dial Fit System makes sizing this helmet as quick and easy as possible.
  • Pro #2 – Reduced weight without sacrificing safety thanks to in-mould design.
  • Pro #3 – Soft tricot lining gives this helmet added comfort along with safety.
  • Con #1 – Tends to run larger than average and finding the perfect fit can be a challenge.





No matter your budget, the perfect helmet is out there waiting for you.  There is an immense variety of sizes, styles, colours, and designs to choose from.  If you’ve read the above recommendations carefully, you should now be wise enough to pick the ski or snowboarding helmet that is best for you!


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