Top 10 Best Soccer Cleats for Outdoors, Indoors and Wide Feet

Choosing a new set of soccer cleats is no easy task. There are so many manufacturers, models and technologies to keep up with that it can be overwhelming. In this roundup, we’ll be looking at some of the top boots on the market and helping you to choose.


Of course, there’s no ‘best’ soccer cleat – it’s about finding the ‘right’ soccer cleat for you. By balancing price, features, performance and purpose, you’ll find a set that suits your situation and needs.

There’s a lot of factors to consider including your budget, the surface you play on, your position on the field and what aspect of your game is most important to you. It’s also important to think about shoe shape – if you’re wide footed, for instance.

Getting it right will make you sharper, faster and more precise in matches. Of course, better cleats won’t revolutionise your game, but they can give you an edge by complementing your playstyle and keeping you comfortable until the final whistle.

In picking out products for this roundup, we’ve factored in a wide range of things including weight, price, durability, materials, customer reviews, support, performance, fit and design. We’ll look at each product in turn and talk about its strengths and weaknesses.

Best Rated Soccer Cleats

Best Soccer Cleat 1
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adidas Performance Men’s X 16.3 FG Soccer Shoe

In Short

  • Lightweight synthetic boots with no wear-in time
  • Compression upper that molds to the foot
  • Stud pattern for explosive speed on natural grass
  • Some extra ankle support for stability
  • Good looks and wide variety of design options

adidas Performance Men’s x16.3 Review

The synthetic leather on these cleats means there’s no wearing in time, but they won’t stretch either, so make sure you consider that in choosing your size. Synthetic is both light and durable, so you can expect to get plenty of use from these.

The upper has a compression fitting inside which is designed to mould around your foot for extra comfort and control. This gives you the sort of fit that high quality leather is known for, in a lighter package. It also sits a little above the shoe, giving some extra ankle support and injury reduction.

Designed for firm ground (that’s the ‘FG’ in the title), these are ideal for natural grass pitches and will perform best on ground that’s neither wet nor rock hard, as they need to dig in a bit. They’ve got a ‘Chaos’ stud pattern which adidas have designed for explosive speed – in other words these are good for attacking players.

They’re also well-priced on Amazon with a ton of positive reviews, making these a strong all-rounder.

Possible Drawbacks:

Most people say that these cleats fit as expected – but most of the rest report them being on the small side – so perhaps considering order half a size up.

Best Soccer Cleat 2
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adidas Performance Men’s X 15.3 Cleat Soccer Shoe

In Short

  • Hybrid boots happy on firm natural and artificial pitches
  • Mesh upper for added breathability
  • Extra rigidity in the middle for stability
  • Synthetic construction so no wear in
  • Stud formation designed for change in direction

adidas Performance Men’s x 15.3 Review

The construction is also a hybrid, with a mixture of textile and synthetic in the upper and a rubber sole. The mesh in the upper adds breathability and the overall package is very light.

As with other synthetic boots there’s no need to wear these in – they’ll be good to go from the time you put them on. The construction includes extra layers in the middle of the boot that is designed to give some extra stability through rigidity.

Firm natural grass and artificial grass are these cleats’ ideal environment, and the ‘X-CLAW’ stud pattern is optimised for rapid movement on both surfaces, with a focus on fast cuts and changes in direction, so it’s great for attackers who need to get the jump on defenders.

Possible Drawbacks:

The hybrid nature of these boots is both a strength and a weakness. They’re lightweight, breathable and great on both firm and artificial grass, but the lack of specialisation means they might not be the best of the best in either area. Also, a lot of people find they are a little on the small side, so ordering half a size up might be worth it.

Best Soccer Cleat 3
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Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory V FG Soccer Cleat

In Short

  • Synthetic leather cleats for firm ground
  • Over 15 colour choices
  • Cushioning around the midsole for extra comfort
  • All-direction traction good for defenders
  • Few standout features and very variable pricing

Nike Mercurial Victory V FG Review

As with our other top cleats, the synthetic means there shouldn’t be much in the way of wearing in time. The leather alternative used here means you’ll get a shoe that is both lighter and more durable than the equivalent natural leather, with better water resistance thrown in.

The inner has extra cushioning around the midsole. That’s designed to make the shoes more comfortable and should give you a little extra stability and responsiveness by making sure they cling to your feet.

‘FG’ in the title tells you these are intended for natural grass that is neither too wet nor too dry, and the stud pattern claims traction in every direction, which might suit a defensive player who needs to be able to reliably react to attackers.

Although these cleats lack standout features, Amazon users give them very good feedback, making them a solid, dependable and durable pick.

Possible Drawbacks:

There’s a wide range of pricing on Amazon – from the affordable to the over-the-top, depending on what size and color you’re after. These are good quality cleats but probably not worth spending a fortune on.



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High Top / Ankle Support Soccer Cleats

High Top / Ankle Support Soccer Cleat 1
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Nike Mercurial Victory VI Dynamic Fit Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat

In Short

  • Fully synthetic firm ground cleats
  • New-style nylon ankle support for stability and protection
  • Tongueless design for improved fit around the foot
  • Sockliner in the midsole for comfort
  • Bladed stud formation designed for acceleration

Nike Mercurial Victory VI Dynamic Fit Firm Ground Review

Following the new trend of incorporating an additional ankle support, Nike strikes a middle ground between traditional low and mid profile boots. The support adds comfort, stability and protection to the ankle, without sacrificing as much agility as a mid profile shoe.

The synthetic leather construction means you get waterproofing in a shoe that is both lighter and more durable than a natural leather cleat, without using animal products. It has a tongueless upper that Nike says gives superior fit around the foot. At first these do feel a bit unusual – you can feel the laces right on top of your feet.

Instead of the tongue you get a sockliner that adds comfort and keeps the boot close to your feet, while the bladed studs are designed for fast acceleration.

Best on firm ground natural grass, these Nike cleats are well-reviewed by other users and are decently priced. They come with the latest style of ankle support too, making them a good pick.

Possible Drawbacks:

The tongueless approach does take some getting used to. Again, there’s some price variation between sizes and colours. Be sure to avoid the top end prices which are a bit much.

High Top / Ankle Support Soccer Cleat 2
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ANLUKE Men’s Athletic Hightop Soccer Cleats

In Short

  • Leather cleats for soft and damp pitches
  • New-style ankle support for extra protection
  • Leather moulds better to the foot, but is heavier
  • Novelty transparent studs and three colour choices
  • Cheapest cleats in our roundup

ANLUKE Men’s Athletic Hightop Soccer Cleats Review

They come in a choice of three colours including the distinctive blue and green and are fitted with the fabric ankle support that is increasingly popular. Adding control and protection at minimal cost to mobility, the support also helps prevent bits of soil getting into your shoes.

The leather used will wear in over time and mould around your foot, giving excellent fit at the expense of a little waterproofing and durability. They’ll also be heavier than an equivalent synthetic boot.

Unusually, the studs are transparent which is a bit of a novelty, and they’re designed to dig down to ensure traction on soft ground, although they’ll work fine on firm ground too.

User reviews are very good and from the feedback quality control doesn’t seem to be an issue.

Possible Drawbacks:

The low price can also be a drawback – don’t expect world-leading performance from these cleats. Having said that, as a budget backup pair for matches on wet grass these could be ideal.



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Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet

Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet 1
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Nike Men’s Magista Obra FG Soccer Cleat (Rio Teal)

In Short

  • Advanced technology cleat for firm ground
  • Knit synthetic upper for breathability and wide feet
  • Ankle support for extra protection and stability
  • Textured surface for strong ball control
  • Expensive, advanced performance cleats

Nike Men’s Magista Obra FG Review

These synthetic cleats have a Flyknit upper which is extremely light and adds breathability. They won’t need much in the way of wearing in and should perform at their best straight away.

They come with a well-designed ankle support which gives you some of the protection and stability of a hightop without compromising much on mobility and agility.

Nike describes its All Conditions Control technology as giving additional ball control, thanks to its textured, grippy surface. It’s that same material which gives the Magista Obra its traits as a cleat for people with wider feet. The natural flex should keep you feeling more comfortable throughout the game.

Firm ground is the ideal environment for these cleats, and they’re well reviewed on Amazon. They’re expensive, but for those with deep pockets playing at a high level then these might work for you.

Possible Drawbacks:

Well, the price. These are expensive cleats. Whether they’re worth it will depend on your budget and what level you play at. Money invested in training aids may be a better choice if you’re working on your game.

Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet 2
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PUMA Men’s King Top M.I.I FG Soccer Shoe

In Short

  • Classic design for firm and soft ground
  • Leather construction that will mould to the foot
  • Sturdy, stable but heavier than synthetic
  • Premium calf leather upper and rubber sole
  • Expensive for what they are

PUMA Men’s King Top M.I.I FG Review

The premium calf leather on these cleats offers the moulding around the foot that’s prized among the purists. The shape and fit will improve over time, making them a good choice for people with wider feet, who will find the leather naturally slackens around the middle of the foot.

That same soft leather nature will give great feel around the ball, too. These cleats are sturdy and stable, but they’re also a little heavier thanks to the leather.

They’ll need to be well-cared for – natural leather won’t last as long as synthetic, and won’t be as waterproof either. The traditional stud design is at home on firm ground, but the conical shape will also work well on soft pitches, as they dig into the soil to keep you moving.

They’re well-priced on Amazon with a ton of very positive reviews, making these a strong all-rounder.

Possible Drawbacks:

We do wonder about the price. As listed here it’s pretty high for what is old technology. Still, if you’re a purist, you’ll enjoy them.

Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet 3
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adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe

In Short

  • Classic design cues that echo the golden decades
  • Premium kangaroo leather that moulds to the foot
  • Good for wide feet as the leather will stretch to fit
  • Conical rubber studs designed for firm natural grass
  • Expensive for the features

adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial Review

The soft kangaroo leather upper means a great feel on foot. It will also mould around your foot over time, meaning those with wide feet will find them getting more comfortable the more they play.

As usual, although leather is a great material for a soccer cleat, there is a trade-off. You get a softer, more supple material that has a unique feel and shape around the foot, but one that is heavier, less waterproof and less durable than synthetic.

The rubber conical studs are designed for use on firm, natural pitches. The rounder shape suits slightly softer ground where they can really dig in. You might find the more modern stud arrangements on other cleats give you greater traction though.

Possible Drawbacks:

The classic design is stunning, but the price is high for old fashioned technology, especially the stud formation which may not have the same traction as newer designs.


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Indoor and Turf Soccer Cleats

Indoor and Turf Soccer Cleat 1
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adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat

In Short

  • Turf and indoor cleats with classic design
  • Premium kangaroo leather construction
  • Insoles for extra comfort and better fit
  • Studs ideal for surface where they can bite in a little
  • Quality control issues with batches in recent years

adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Review

The top-quality kangaroo leather will shape to the foot over time, and its softness gives a wonderful feel to contact with the ball. Leather is heavier than synthetic, and a little less durable but that’s less of a concern for hard and indoor pitches. The same thing goes for the waterproofing.

There’s an extended tongue and adidas claim a no-chafe heel. There’s also a synthetic lining and two insoles to make the boots more comfortable over the course of a match.

On the outside, the ‘TRAXION’ studs on the bottom are perfect for hard and turf surfaces because they can dig in a little. They’ll work well indoors too, although if you play exclusively indoors you might be better off with flats.

The leather construction means these are on the heavier side, but in exchange you get the protection and stability that affords.

Possible Drawbacks:

It looks like adidas have had a difficult time in recent years with some new manufacturing processes, so make sure there’s a decent returns policy before getting a pair, just in case you buy from a poor batch and need to swap them.

Indoor and Turf Soccer Cleat 2
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adidas Performance Men’s X 15.2 CT Soccer Shoe

In Short

  • Flat cleats for indoor courts
  • Can double as street shoes with their striking designs
  • Synthetic construction for very light weight
  • Good breathability at the rear of the shoes
  • Specialised cleats – only great on the court

adidas Performance Men’s X 15.2 CT Review

They have a synthetic upper and rubber sole means they are very light, and their flat sole means major traction on court and gym surfaces. They’re intended primarily for indoor use but would also work OK on turf.

The synthetic means they won’t need much wearing in and should be more durable than the leather alternatives and be lighter, too. You should get plenty of wear out of them and the rear of the upper weaves in textiles that add some breathability.

There’s no studs to speak of here obviously, so keep that in mind. These will work best on surfaces that have nothing to dig into. On those surfaces studs are likely to perform a little better.

They get great reviews on Amazon, although some people report they are a little on the small side, so consider ordering up a little.

Possible Drawbacks:

Most people are happy with the fit, although those who aren’t generally say they were too small – so perhaps think about ordering half a size up. The nature of the flat sole means these are bit specialized. If you play on more than one type of surface you might be better with a hybrid.


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