Guide to the Best Tennis Ball Hoppers: Reviews

Best tennis Ball hoppers Reviews


Best Tennis Ball Hoppers

Tennis ball hoppers serve a dual purpose by both enabling you to quickly pick up balls as well as store them neatly until you need them next. In short, tennis ball hoppers are an extremely useful piece of equipment to have next to you while you’re practicing. They;

  • Can be extremely easy to set up: Unlock a few ‘legs’, stand it up and you’re pretty much sorted
  • Can reduce the risk of injury: Bending over and picking up each ball, one by one is no fun. As you’ll see below, some are designed to help you pick-up your tennis balls as well as provide a nice ‘home’ for them during practice
  • Can save you time: So you can focus on what’s more important – developing your game
  • Are Ultra-Portable: While most weigh very little, some actually have the added benefit of having wheels. Which makes it super convenient when travelling across courts and venues with a whole load of tennis balls.
  • Are Suitable for all budgets: You can get a very basic ball hopper or you can go all out and grab the one that’s going to last you for years with all the additional features
  • Come in Multiple-Sizes: Ranging from 20 balls to holding 80+ tennis balls

overall? They save you huge amount of time, effort and possible stress – it makes sense on all levels to invest one.

Hoppers? Baskets? Or Pickups?

Tennis ball hoppers, tennis ball baskets, tennis ball pickup’s…whatever you want to call them – there’s one thing for sure – there’s fair amount of models on the market at the minute – it can be tough to know what one to buy. So, here I’ve taken a look at the top six best tennis ball hoppers, so you turn up to your next practice session with your very own, brand new court accessory…

Without further ado, here they are;

[wpsm_titlebox title=”Tennis Ball Hopper #1″ style=”2″]

Gamma Sports Tennis Ball Carts: (Brute, EZ Basket, EZ Travel Cart, EZ Travel Cart Bag)

In Short:

  • 3 models available
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Heavy duty

It’s very heavy duty, and made with chrome plated legs that won’t get easily scratched or damaged. The durable rubber wheels make it easy to wheel the cart around with very little force, plus the padded handle makes it easy to carry.

The cart carries a whopping 325 balls in one go, and it has been made to fit through most standard sized tennis court doors.

Possible Drawbacks: On the downside, this is a fairly large cart, so you may want to consider purchasing something a little more compact if you are stuck for storage space. It’s also at the pricier end of the scale, although with its well thought out features, it’s certainly worth the money.

If the Gamma looks like something you need you can check it out here.



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Gamma Sports Tennis BallTube

In Short: 

  • Comes in 2 Colors
  • Hold 18 balls – low capacity but…
  • Comes with shoulder strap for carrying

This clever contraption is tube-shaped, and it can collect and hold 18 tennis balls. The tube comes with an adjustable shoulder strap so that you can easily carry it around with you. An added bonus is that it’s USTA approved for QuickStart Tennis.

If you need a heavy duty hopper that can hold hundreds of balls, then this make and model is not for you. However, if you simply need a lightweight, stylish and affordable tennis pick up hopper, then the Gamma Sports Tennis Ballhopper may just be the perfect style for your next session.

A Possible drawback for this one is that it’s the lowest ball capacity on our list. Also strap might be a little bit uncomfortable depending on the way you decide to transport and carry it

Is a ballhopper tube more what you’re looking for? You can find out more information here. 


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Wilson 75 Tennis Ball Hopper Pick Up Basket

In Short: 

  • Holds 75 balls – more enough to get a good practice in without having to stop your game the time
  • Handles convert to legs depending on how you need it
  • Tools included for assembling
  • Metal design

The hopper features a durable steel plated construction which won’t rust or scratch over time. The basket is able to hold up to 75 calls in one go, and it even has a special no-spill lid which ensures that the balls do not fall out after you have picked them up.

The sides can also easily convert to lockable legs, which, makes it easier to store the hopper in small areas.

On the downside, there is some assembly required, however, the hopper comes with a special tool and instructions to make it easy for you. Overall, this tennis pick up hopper is a good choice if you are seeking a functional mid-size hopper.

You can grab more information here. 


[/wpsm_titlebox] [wpsm_titlebox title=”Tennis Ball Hopper #4″ style=”2″]

Tourna Pete Sampras Ballport

In Short:

  • Holds 80 balls
  • Comes in three colors; black blue and red
  • Extremely lightweight at only 4 lbs
  • Unique design allows for pick up as well as standard ‘storage’

This hopper is made from an extremely durable polypropylene, which means that it won’t rust, break or chip. It’s able to quickly pick up and hold up to 80 tennis balls. There’s also a lock feature which prevents balls from spilling out during storage of the tennis ball basket.

Much like the previous model, this design does feature some assembly, but it is very minimal. While the design may not be to everyone’s taste, the price is very economical and the product is hardwearing to boot.

Check it out on Amazon here…



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Gamma Ballhopper Pro

In Short:

  • 6 Different Models
    • 75 Ball
    • 90 Ball
    • 110 Ball
    • 50 Balls
    • 55 Balls
    • and finally, a massive 140 ball capacity. 
  • Solid, heavy duty frame – worth noting, heavier than most others on the market
  • Complete with hinged lid

It features a very simple yet effective design which enables you to pick-up and store up to 85 tennis balls. It’s made from a durable carbon steel wire with a resistant coating to keep it looking as good as new for many years.

It’s ultra-practical, as the handles can be flipped over to make the basket very easy to store. There’s also a smart lid which prevents balls from overflowing or slipping out.

Assembly is pretty easy, so is packing it away when it’s not in use. A downside is that it can’t hold hundreds of balls, and it isn’t a particularly stylish ball hopper.

Despite that, it does have good reviews, it’s made from high-quality materials, and it has a very attractive price point too. It’s a great choice if you want a no frills ball hopper for your court.

You can see what others have to say about it here…



[wpsm_titlebox title=”Tennis Ball Hopper #6″ style=”2″]

Tourna Ballport Deluxe Cart with Wheels

In Short; 

  • Ultra-Convenient: With its ability to pull or push across all surfaces
  •  Comes in 3 colors
  • Lightweight at 4.5 lbs
  • Endorsed by Pete Sampras

The material’s it’s made from will ensure it won’t rust or break. The handles on the hopper slide up or down, so you can choose to have it standing at waist height, or you can compact it down to make it easy to transport and store. The panels are also reinforced to make it extra durable, plus there is a no spill lid which prevents tennis balls from escaping. This well-designed hopper will hold up to 80 balls in any one time.

It may not have a stylish design like some of the other hoppers, but it is very hardwearing, and will be sure to last you for many years to come. It’s very reasonably priced too.

And here’s the link for more information if you’re interested…



From budget tube style hoppers to super modern baskets, these are considered to be the creme de la creme of ball hoppers. Depending on the amount of tennis balls that you want to store, as well as your tastes and budgets, one of these best tennis ball hoppers should work for you.




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