Recommended Gear

Best Soccer Gear

As a coach, you want the best for your players and team. Using the right equipment can make your job easier and more effective. Below is some gear that we recommended to help bring your team to the next level.

If you coach soccer – you need this.

Soccer Goals

Our readers have bought all sorts of soccer goals this year and it was a tight one to only fit in the top 5.

Each goal has its individual merits, but they are all portable. This means you’ll be able to assemble, dismantle, pack them away and transport them with ease. Here’s are the top 5 soccer goals according to our readers:


Soccer Rebounders

Soccer Rebounders

Although not used in every soccer environment, soccer rebounders are starting to make an appearance at training ‘facilities’ up and down the country. Soccer rebounders are a fantastic way to develop and challenge your players using what I call ‘Game-Like’ situations.

Soccer rebounders can return a ball at game speed, height and with a few adjustments can even even give you game-like pressure.

Again, there were quite a few soccer rebounders chosen by our readers. Here are the top 3.

If you’re serious about improving your young athletes then a soccer rebounder is a worthwhile investment.

Portable Sports Benches

Portable Sports Benches

Often forgotten about amongst youth sports clubs – sports benches.

A good solid, durable sports bench can save you a huge amount of stress and keep you team organized when you need it most.

Again, these sports benches are portable and are super easy to set up.

Here’s our readers top 3:

Portable Baseball Equipment


Baseball, is enjoyed by millions up and down the country, so it comes as no surprise that there are 4 solid Baseball products in our bestsellers list.

Fitness & Conditioning Equipment

Fitness & Conditioning

Then we’ve got our conditioning equipment which if used properly, can lay all the right foundations needed to produce highly quality players. By the far the most popular piece this year is the;


Finally, we’ve got a few other pieces that were bought regularly by our readers this year.