Best Cleats Review for Soccer Coaches

Regardless if you are a coach or a player on the field, a soccer game is a long match, one that could take over two hours. In fact, with overtime, it can take even longer. Therefore, regardless of your role on the field, from staff to player, being comfortable in your shoes should be one of your number one priorities. For example, during a match, a coach can talk to other coaches, referees, and even follow other players in the field. Most importantly, however, these cleats are supposed to act as something to wear when training with the players themselves, teaching them the moves directly. 

What are the best cleats in the market? While there will be a number of options to choose from, what matters most is your preference as a coach, and how that will translate to your comfort and effectiveness on the field. Our top 5 are: 

1. Adidas Mundial

2. Nike Premier

3. Adidas Gloro

4. Puma King II 

5. Lotto Stadio Potenza IV 300. 

In the following review, I will not only go over what the best cleats are for soccer coaches but also the benefits and negatives they have along with them. A lot of soccer coaches need a comfortable pair, which should be the main driver of your decision when it comes to purchasing cleats. 

The Significance for Soccer Coaches to Have Cleats 

Although soccer players are the ones known to have cleats, and even have brand deals with major companies, it is imperative for a coach to have one as well. One of the most important and pressing reasons for this is training. Imagine a coach that didn’t really interact and show his players certain moves. It would be very hard to translate what he wants on the clipboard to the field. 

By having great cleats, you would be able to directly provide one-on-one guidance to the players on your squad. This is extremely important in their learning curves as soccer players. Seeing the film is one thing, but being able to have the coach right next to you when you need that guidance up close is quintessential.  

Furthermore, in youth coaching, this is very important. The younger years of a soccer player is essential to their progress. At the age of 25, a soccer player is essentially stuck in their ways, given a few minor improvements to their game. However, at a younger age, with on-site guidance, being able to have the correct gear, primarily boots, will be beneficial. 

In fact, a huge percentage of Canadian youth soccer teams are taught by parents. The case is the same for youth American soccer teams. As a parent coaching the kids, they are going to be a lot more energetic and uncontrolled. As a coach, having comfortable boots will not only allow you to keep up with the younger players but also allow you to be comfortable for a lengthened period of time. 

Another reason why having a great pair of boots is essential is for in-game coaching. During the game, from talking to the referees to other players, you want to be able to keep up with everything on the spot. You simply cannot do that with business shoes. By implementing proper cleats, you would be able to directly follow play by play not only your team’s movement and tactics, but also gain a greater third eye of the opposing team’s loopholes. 

It is only optimal for a good coach to have great cleats, not only for their comfortability, but also for player development and in-game activities. 

  1. Adidas Mundial Team

Out of all the cleats that a coach could possibly have in his repertoire, the Mundial team is the best bet to go. It has the best combination of comfortability and price and is considered the quintessential boot for all soccer coaches. 

The Mundial is also just another version of the classic. It is soft, full-grain, and made of kangaroo leather, and even stitched together for more durability. This is basically the all-star team of dream qualities you would want in the cleats you wear as a soccer coach. It is lightweight, durable, and extremely comfortable. Further, regardless of the turf you are in, this cleat will work on all turfs. 

Further, this shoe is more in the old-fashioned sense, sporting a leather tongue and a thin heel liner. It even has more than sufficient padding and does not slip around too often. In fact, a lot of soccer coaches use the Mundial for non-soccer occasions as well due to its durability. 

However, the best aspect of the boot is its traction. The turf soleplate is very aggressive and provides tons of grip. It provides a balance between grip and ability to be agile on the field as well. Also, you can benefit from the Mundial’s soleplate if you are recovering from injury since it is extremely stable and offers more support than a regular firm ground soleplate would offer you.  

Out of all the shoes with the best reviews, this is the most old school type shoe out there, being the most comfortable and highest quality. Always keep one of these in your bag, as it has all the best traits that you could ask for.

  1. Nike Premier

Much like the Mundial team, the Premier is one of those old school type shoes that coaches love to wear. They are not those overly complicated and super colorful ones that are out on the market, making waves of revenue, but they serve its purpose well and do so for a long time. 

Recently, Nike came out with the Premier IIs, which is essentially the Original Premier’s with some slight changes. There is an obvious change with the stitch pattern, a shift in the shape of the boot, as well as the fold-over tongue. Moreover, the recent (but limited) colorways available have looked amazing. They boast a base of black leather with a lightning blue sole, which is much more modern in design compared to the Mundial. 

According to many product testers, when the boot breaks in, it is an immediate realization that the kangaroo leather has amazing padding that speaks comfort. Further, the leather helps cushion the ball when you get a pass or bring a ball out of air. However, what is even better is that unlike many leather soccer cleats, your touch on the ball isn’t going to be dampened. Since the shape of the shoe is symmetrical, the ball feels uniform, regardless if you are dribbling with the instep or outside of the boot. 

In terms of feel, it will take a few break-ins for you to really feel the breathability of the shoe. The specific stitching tech is chosen so that the leather softens and stretches, and not to the point where it becomes very loose on the foot. 

Out of all the shoes, this is going to be the one that is the “bang for your buck.” It is under $100, and with its kangaroo leather, quality soleplate and durability could last you more than four seasons. In fact, even defender David Luiz enjoys the Premier for Chelsea FC, speaking even more so to its versatility as a cleat.

  1. Adidas Gloro

The next we have on our list is the Adidas Gloro. Like the other two previous cleats, this provides more of a classic than a modern and high tech option. Furthermore, it is supposed to compete with the Premier, adapting many of its positive traits directly. Most notable is its kangaroo leather: a classic touch to these old-school shoes. 

First, the new Gloro, although a classic shoe, maintains its balance with modernity and vintage quality. The upper portion looks similar to the 11Pro, but it’s colorways are much more simple. Instead, you only have the black and white option. Further, it is also very sleek, but once the leather starts wearing down, its age starts to show. However, this rustic look could definitely be considered stylish as well. Unlike other cleats mentioned, there is not as much stitching on it for that signature feel. 

One of the greatest aspects of the boot has to come from its touch. This is because, all throughout the shoe, you are going to get a consistent feel and touch. The thickness, of course, changes, but the feel does not. It is perfectly balanced and ratioed out so that you have that quality of consistency throughout the boot. The tongue of the cleat also has an amazing layer of padding that makes it feel even more uniform than it already is. Furthermore, its soleplate is basic but very functional. The studs have a nice flex when it is fully broke into. There is no slipping and sliding, and therefore very safe to use. 

However, one of the best aspects of the shoe is that comfort comes with wear. The more you wear it, the better it gets. By the time you have been in it for four to five practices, the leather should have melted on your foot. The liner is also a smooth synthetic that allows for a lot of room between your foot and the leather itself, giving you the flexibility you need. 

In terms of price, it is not at all costly (under $100) for the other boots in the market. This comes a close second to the Premier in its value, but you cannot go wrong with either. 

  1. Puma King II

Now, we have the pumas, which will be the only puma-branded cleats I will have on the list. Unlike the other boots, this is definitely one of the most modern and comes with a more colorful design. Further, its modern look also comes from its components, which are unlike the kangaroo leather. 

These shoes are known for their comfort. Unlike a lot of shoes, this one provides an instant fit and does not require a hefty amount of time to break into. This is primarily due to the soft and pliable upper, as well as the blends that it contains, allowing natural movement. However, as a base foundation, what makes the King II amazing is its new EverFit Lacing system. 

This adds a lot more capabilities to players. How it works is that it allows more of a snug fit when you pull the laces tightly together and is built on the side paneling. Once the laces are pulled, it cradles the foot, thus making a secure and snug feeling all the way down to the midfoot. Essentially, give the lacing system, you get to choose how tight you want the shoe to be. Therefore, when it comes to versatility in comfort, the Puma King II wins hands-down to its ability to change size for you. 

Another huge aspect of the Puma King IIs is the EverFit cage, which accentuates the shoes’ ability for your comfort. Furthermore, it adds an unusual visual appearance that highlights its signature. In its forefoot, the boot is made of a super soft full-grain leather, improving the softness and toughness you have to the ball. Although not considered to be the best boot on the market for its offensive characteristics, it can still serve as valuable for attacking-minded players. Instead, it is more geared towards center players that would like to get creative passes forward. However, as a coach, this should not concern you as much. 

Finally, the Puma King II’s outsole is perfect on the natural grass and does well on artificial turf. There is a tri-conical stud pattern that also acts as a pivot point if you need it. However, if the surface is muddy, the King II’s won’t give you the accuracy nor acceleration when needed.

  1. Lotto Stadio Potenza IV 300

Finally, we have the Lotto Stadio IV 300. This is one of the most iconic Italian soccer shoes you could find and is more centered for those players who want control over the ball. As a coach, this shoe would work best, for example, when working with a midfielder, winger, and even a forward. Unlike the other boots on the list, this comes without traditional leather in the upper range. Instead, it has a microfiber, which has some positives and negatives. Furthermore, out of all the shoes, this one, hands down, is the most accentuated through careful design. 

Unlike the Puma King II, there is a very rigid feel about the Stadio Potenza. This is mainly due to the fact that it is just a full-bodied boot. It weighs in at around 10oz and has the feel of the old school release. Lotto has not sacrificed anything in terms of the material used; however, it is very durable and provides a lot of flex on the upper part and the soleplate. 

Also, when you actually go ahead and play with them, they are super comfortable, regardless of their heaviness in relation to the other boots. However, wear them first to training just to see what it feels like prior. Around the ankle, the Lotto is also pretty standard in that it has a lightly cushioned material that gives a snug fit and security. 

The Lotto is also very much known as a control cleat, meaning that it is more well suited in training situations where you are teaching kids how to control the ball rather than score it. This is mainly due to the micro-injected inserts at the forefoot. It is not high enough along the strike area, and so it definitely has more traits geared toward the midfielder. Furthermore, its microfiber, compared to old leather, even considered as a more “control” cleat, gives it a lot of range. 

What you will like most about the Lotto is its durability due to the synthetic material. They are both water repellent and do not soak in moisture. Therefore, regardless of the weather, you are going to be able to train your team without sacrificing your own performance. 

Additionally, the fit of the boot is very compact, and is most definitely true to size regarding length, along with some breathing room for comfort in the forefoot. However, if you are a coach with wide feet, this might not be the ideal shoe for you. If that is the case, opt for a larger size or the other shoes listed above. Finally, although there is no heel counter to the boot, there is a very sturdy system that will keep you protected. This is more of players on the field than for the coach, but easily advantageous as well. 


Although all these boots have different qualities suited to different playing styles, having at least one of them in your bag will be beneficial for you and your team. If you want more of a new age and modern look to the classics, the Lotto will be for you. If you want a highly functional and bang for your buck shoe, you cannot go wrong with Mundial. Some coaches actually carry more than one pair in their bag, and in doing so, do not need to sacrifice any of the traits that a good cleat would have. 

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