Franklin Soccer Goal Reviews

Franklin Soccer Goal product Reviews

Sick and tired of cheap flimsy soccer goals?

There are literally thousands of soccer goals on the market, and millions of people with a gazillion and 2 opinions on what soccer goal you should buy, how much you should spend and where you should get it.

Couple that with the fact nearly EVERY company will claim that their soccer goals are more durable than the next guys – who are you meant to listen to?

I’ll agree – it’s a huge pain.

There are a few companies however, that have not only stood the test of time, but have stood by their design through thick and thin.

Franklin Soccer Goals

Franklin have been around for years and after using some of their goals, and reviewing each one with a fine tooth-comb I’ve found one thing to be typical of a Franklin Soccer Goal.

They’re durable as hell.

It’s worth pointing out however, you won’t be getting the most portable of goal. If you’re willing to make a few adjustments such as clearing out the space in your trunk, or buying an additional carry case you’ll be pretty much covered for portability.

That said, they may not be easiest to transport – but none of them are that heavy that you can’t move them across the ground. It all depends really on what you need them for.



With that said, let’s dig into the each goal on a ground level…..

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Franklin Sports Competition Goal Review

(Most Durable)

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If it’s durability you’re looking for, then look no further. The Franklin Sports Competition Goal comes in two sizes (12×6 / 6×4) with powerful galvanized rust-resistant steel tubing and an all-weather net.


  • No Carry Case Included: Although it does come in a box – but it would far more hassle than it’s worth to keep dismantling and setting it up. Have somewhere to store it? Might just be the perfect goal for you.
  • Locking Pins: Also, be careful of the locking pins over time – catch your finger on them and it does tend hurt! That said however, keep them lubricated and they should be far easier to unlock.

Setup / Dismantling

With a 20 minute setup time you probably wouldn’t want to be dismantling it too many times.


  • Rust Resistant: Galvanized steel tubing that ensures you don’t have to dismantle and store it indoors in poor weather conditions.
  • 4-InchX4-Inch PE net: Allows the goal to stand in all weather conditions AND take a pounding at the same time.
  • Locking Pins: To provide a secure and stable fit
  • 6 x Ground Stakes: To stop it falling over


While it can certainly be dismantled and taken with you, it is ideal for a more permanent ‘role’ as so to speak. With the rugged and weather resistant construction, you can set it up and leave it there ready to be used when you need it.

That said if you did want to pack it up and take it with you, it wouldn’t be too hard. Unlock the pins, take the net down and fold it all away in a big enough bag. Voila!



  • Again, be careful of those pins!

  • Grab an extra set of Velcro straps if you want to be extra-prepared


A good, solid, durable soccer goal.

With a pretty long setup / assembly time, you’ll definatly want to have somewhere to store it – unless of course you don’t mind constantly setting it up and taking it down after every use.

While it’s not the most portable goal in regards to transporting it, it isn’t heavy and can be easily moved across the ground if you want to.

Looking for an ultra-durable soccer goal? ‘Yeah! Lemmie ‘ave look!’ –

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Franklin Sports Blackhawk Insta Set Portable Soccer Goal Review

(Most Portable)

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If you’re looking for something a little more portable however the Franklin Blackhawk portable soccer goal will be more up your street.

Made from PVC the Blackhawk is not only super-lightweight but water resistant too.

It has a twin colored (black and yellow) attractive frame and is designed for quick and easy no-tools set up. The best part is that it can be taken easily with you for your tournaments and practice drills.



  • Hard Shots: Can take shots from older kids – but anything over a prolonged period will probably bend the net.


Setup / Dismantling

About a 2-3 minute setup time on this one – Which is perfect if you’re looking to setup, dismantle and transport it regularly.


  • Fiberglass Frame: Which makes the Blackhawk light and very durable
  • All Weather Net: So you don’t have to switch goals half way through training
  • In-ground Stakes: To help secure it and prevent it from wobbling


  • Easy Storage: Folds flat for super-easy storage when transporting it or not using it at all
  • Lightweight: The lightweight fiberglass frame allows you to carry it easily without an trouble
  • Carry Bag Included: To make transporting it even easier




  • Always be aware of what the next size goal is for your players – It might be well worth investing in a bigger net now than having 1 set you don’t need further down the line.
  • Best suited for younger players (12 and under)
  • Invest in some sandbags if you’re looking to use it indoors.


Unlike the Sports Competition goal, the Blackhawk is a FAR more portable soccer goal. With a setup time of about 3 minutes and carry bag included – the Blackhawk is perfect if you’re looking to pack the goal away quickly.

Probably wouldn’t use it too much with older players as they’ll tend to want to smash the ball as hard as they can – which will, eventually start bending the frame.

Fantastic goal if you’re looking to get small-sided matches started quickly.




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Franklin MLS 2-Goal Set

(Portable Soccer Goal for Under 5’s)

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Looking for a goal for the really young? Like 5 and under?

Then the Franklin MLS 2-Goal Set will be perfect. Firstly, as the name suggest you’re getting two goals. Secondly, they’re a great way to keep those little minds engaged for longer than say…a couple of cones would!



  • Older Kids?: A big no-no unless you want to be replacing these things every 5 seconds

Setup / Dismantling

  • Great if you’ve got onsite storage as you can just pull them out and use them
  • Not so good if you’re looking to transport them round in your car – although it can be done with a little bit planning!


  • Plastic Frame: Which can stand up to younger kids far better
  • 8 Ground Stakes: That’ll help keep the goals rooted to the ground.
  • Weather Resistant: So it can be used in all types of weather.


  • Less Than 2lbs Each: Which makes them super-easy to move.



  • You’ll better off leaving these ones for the young kids


Perfect goals if you coach players aged 5 and under.

These goals are a perfect introduction into the game for younger players. Small, lightweight and perfectly suited for super-stars of the future.

While, you probably won’t want to set them up and dismantle them every time you use them, with a little bit of planning you might be able to transport them from session to session.

I wouldn’t recommend them to be used with older kids – it’ll cost you a small fortune in replacements!

If you work with younger players, and you’re looking for a goal that can complement their development long-term – then the Franklin MLS 2-Goal Set might be exactly what you’re looking for.



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 Franklin MLS Fold N Go Soccer Goal

(Fastest Setup Time)


Similar in design, but far more durable and portable – the Franklin MLS Fold n Go Soccer Goal. The name says it all really.

The Franklin MLS Fold N Go Soccer Goal features an insta-set up design that will have you ready to kick some balls in seconds. The innovative design just folds-up when you wish to move it or store it.

Coming from Franklin, it is every bit durable and designed to take some pounding.


  • No Carry Bag


Setup / Dismantling

Literally pop’s up and down. Nothing else to it really.


  • Durable Steel: Which is better than PVC any day.
  • Locking Joints: To stop the frame falling apart upon impact from ball
  • 4 Ground Stakes: To keep it rooted to the ground.


  • Great Design: That’s fold up and becomes really easy to carry
  • Relatively Lightweight: So it can be carried to wherever you’re looking to use it.


  • Grab yourself a carry bag (you can find the dimensions of goal here)


Again, probably better used with younger age groups.

While the last goal we went through wouldn’t be suitable for older age groups at all, the Fold n Go soccer goal could, if treated well be used with slightly older kids (up to 12).

The metal steel frame is super durable and the locking joints allow it to be easily folded and taken with you whenever you need it.

It doesn’t however, come with a carry case. This isn’t a huge a problem as the foldable design is easy enough to carry.

The Franklin Fold n Go is a surprisingly good goal.

Looking for a goal that’s super-easy to setup and take down, doesn’t weight too much and is really durable




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Franklin Sports Premier Folding Goal

(Most innovative)

And last but not least by any stretch, we’ve got the Franklin Sports Premier Folding Goal.

While this still has the durability factor reminiscent throughout most Franklin products, it is what I’d like to call 50% portable.

What does that mean?!

Well it fold’s up – but not sure you’d get it into most vehicles! More on that in a second!


  • No Carry Case


Setup / Dismantling

  • 3 Minute Setup: which isn’t too long compared to say the Sports Competition Goal


  • 25 Steel Tubing: Which makes it as durable as they get. The goal stays rooted and does not move an inch.
  • Locking Pins: To give make it as secure as possible
  • 6 Ground Stakes: To keep the goal in place during play
  • 4” Poly Ethylene Soccer Net: Which will withstand all weather conditions
  • Very Sturdy: Making it a goal you can use with older players


  • Heavy: Which again, doesn’t make them most portable soccer goals.
  • Big: They’re not the smallest of goals either!



  • Fantastic if you’ve got onsite storage – although if you make room, can fit them in your trunk
  • Even better if you drive round in van all day long!
  • Good for a mixed age of players



Again, another super-durable but not-so-portable soccer goal from Franklin.

I would defiantly recommend the Premier Folding goal if you’re looking for something durable. If you’re someone who has everything from the kitchen sink in you trunk then you’ll likely need to clear some space up to fit them in!

So if you don’t mind clearing you trunk out every time you need to use them and having a minor little workout as you lift them out and set them up then – then you’ll no doubt see the huge benefit of these goals.



  • Most of their soccer goals do seem to cater to the younger age group of players
  • For the vast majority of Franklin soccer goals you’re looking at more of a durability factors as opposed to a portable one.
  • Don’t get me wrong, some of them can be transported reletivly easily, but if portability is a major selling point for you’d probably be better off looking at SKLZ or even GOLME

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