3 Simple Steps to Easily Improve Your Golf Grip

Golf grip tips

A strong, consistent golf grip is one of the most sure-fire ways to dramatically improve your golf game.  An improper golf grip can easily cost you club head speed and lead to an inability to strike the ball square each time.  Remember that a good golf grip equals a strong foundation to start from.

The advice that follows is written for right handed players.  Left handed players only need to switch hands in each step.


Step One

The first thing you need to do is check where the club rests in your hand.  Grab the club with your left hand and position the grip at the base of your fingers.


Next wrap your left hand around the club so that your thumb rests atop the grip.  Make sure your left thumb and pointer finger are pinched together leaving no space between them.  It should look like a V pointing up across your body and towards your right ear.  This will help maintain control of the club at the top of your swing.

Step Two

Next you will practice getting into your stance.  Keep your shoulders neutral and bring your left arm across your body to your centre.  It may help to practice this step without the club to start.

Now grip the club in your left hand as before.  Remember to point the V between your left thumb and pointer finger up across your body to your right ear.  In this stance, you should be able to see the first two knuckles of your left hand when looking down at your grip.

Step Three

This next step can take several different forms depending on whether you prefer to use an interlocking or an overlapping grip.  The first method discussed will be the interlocking grip.

Interlocking Grip

With your left hand firmly gripping the club as we discussed above, raise the club straight in the air so that your left arm is perpendicular to your body.  Extend your left pointer finger so that it is now pointing straight ahead of you.  Now you will take your right hand and slide it in above your left hand on the club.

What you are aiming for is to have your left pointer finger slide between your right pinkie and ring finger.  The club should also be resting at the base of your right fingers, just like you did with your left hand.

Bring the club down and get into your typical golf stance.  Your right hand should now be resting atop the club.  Form the same V between your pointer finger and thumb with your right hand.  This V should now be pointing up your right arm.


Overlap Grip

This alternative grip style is begun in the exact same way as the interlock grip described above.  Everything is the exact same here except instead of sliding your left pointer finger between your right pinkie and ring finger, you will merely slide your right hand over the left so that the knuckle of your left pointer rests between the right pinkie and ring with the hands slightly overlapping one another.

No matter what preference you may have regarding your grip, the simple truth is that a good grip is how you start a good swing.  Your golf grip is one of the surest way to maintain control over the clubface and the accuracy of your swing.  Without this skill, your ability to play consistent, strong golf will surely be in jeopardy.

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