A Good Golf Stance is Only 5 Steps Away

Perfect swing posture for golf

Good posture goes a long way when it comes to your golf game.  This shouldn’t be much of a surprise as a good posture is one of the key ideas routinely touted as being the key to improved balance and mobility.  Without a good posture, your golf game will certainly become plagued by some easily avoided obstacles.

Step One

It pays to do a quick check of your natural posture before you pick up a golf club.  All you need to do is simply stand at attention as you normally would.  Hopefully you find that your hips are in line with your ankles and your shoulders are in line with your hips.  This is an example of good body alignment.

Step Two

Now pick up a club and let’s do a check on your stance.

What you will see here is that while the body is no longer as straight as it was in Step One, it still have complete overall balance.  The hips are still positioned over the ankles and the back is still straight.  The only bends you see here are a slight bend in the knees and a bend at the hips.  This player’s back is still straight and their shoulders are back.  This is important and will be touched on in just a little bit.

Step Three

Now that we have talked about balance, let’s spend a few minutes discussing mobility.  Mobility is your ability to move about freely.  The greater your mobility, the more control you have over your golf swing.

Try this simple mobility test right where you are to see just how important posture is in relation to your mobility.  First sit in a chair and cross your arms.

Sit up straight with your shoulders pulled naturally back, see how much you can move left and right.  You should find that you have a decent range of motion in this position.

Now try this same test, but this time hunch your shoulders forward.  See the difference?

Step Four

Now get in your normal golf stance.  See whether or not your artificially create an excessive S shaped curve in your lower back.  This is the result of bad posture!  It is time to engage your abs.

Step Five

Next see where your shoulders line up.  It is natural for your shoulders to be slightly pulled forward by gravity and that is ok.  What you are trying to avoid is excessive curve of your shoulders which will limit your mobility and control.  Engage your upper shoulder muscles to help bring your shoulders in line with your back.

If you follow these steps, you should be able to recognize what the best posture is for you.  Do what you can to keep your body in the best posture you can.  While you may not look like the stars on the pro tour, following this advice will help you gain two critical pieces when it comes to the perfect golf stance: balance and mobility.

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