Indoor Soccer Goals: Reviews & Tips

Indoor Soccer Goals

Indoor Soccer Goals: Reviews & Tips

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If you’ve ever bought a set of soccer goals online you’ll know the relative ease you now have in a digital world.

You can log onto your computer, search through amazon, read a review or two and purchase a goal.

It’ll be at your door in the next few days. Sorted.

Indoor soccer goals however – are a little different – especially when you’re a little unsure about what to look for.

Indoor soccer goals are just that, soccer goals you can use indoors. Now the issue occurs when you start looking round a for a set indoor soccer goals, where you’ll come across a range of absolutly huge pieces of equipment that are neither light to carry around or easy to set up.

Let me give you a quick example from a session I run on Wednesday afternoon’s. The venue is decent, the staff are friendly, and the lads who come to the session are a good bunch, but the goals?

The goals are pain in the backside to set up, move and store every week.

Then take Monday in contrast. At this venue, I’ve got these beautiful portable soccer goals (which I go into detail below on), that not only look fantastic when set up, but are extremely durable and don’t take very long to put together.

We have to put about 6-8 of them together each week – I wouldn’t even want to dream about putting 6-8 of the first goal anywhere!

So what am I trying to say?

Well, I guess it’s this. Don’t be fooled by what companies have to say. You can, and people regularly do, use different types of goals indoors for various purposes.

And what type of goals are these?

I’m glad you asked! Here they are..

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Pop-Up Soccer Goals

For the purpose of keeping it simple, pop-up soccer goals are goals that literally pop up.

They don’t need any support from anything else. They just unfold and pop up in the true sense of the word.

Here are some examples of pop-up goals

Pugg Pop Up Soccer GoalsPUGG Soccer Goals

I’ve been using these for years. PUGG Goals are pretty durable (if not jumped all over!) and come in various sizes depending on the age of your group.

You can check ’em out here. 

Powernet Pop-Up Soccer GoalsPowernet Pop Up Soccer Goal

This time a slightly different shape, but the idea is still the same. Unfold the goal out of the bag, and let it pop up.

As you can the ‘crossbar’ on the Powernet is more horizontal as opposed to the PUGG which is more of rainbow shape.

The different between the two? Nothing much really.

Here’s the link to find out more if you’re interested


Franklin Fold and Go Soccer Goal

The mechanical working of this goal is slightly different to the last two. With the franklin fold and go, instead of letting the goal unfold and ‘pop-up’ – you’ll unfold it and click it into place.

Similar idea just a different design. Here’s the link to check them out…

Who would suit these goals best?

Although this isn’t absolute gospel, you would usually use pop up soccer goals with younger age groups.

The goals themselves will tend to hold up longer and they’ll challenge younger players a lot better than sticking them in 8 x 24 soccer goal!

Another way you can use these goals, is for older groups, when you want to focus more playing the game as opposed to shooting all the time.

As these goals are smaller in size than our other two examples, they’ll force players to think about the game a little more.

Additional items you will need;

I would recommend if you grab you a set of pop up soccer goals, that you also grab yourself a goal anchor or two while you’re at it.

You’ll thank me later.

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PUGG Pop Up Soccer Goals
1,133 Reviews
PUGG Pop Up Soccer Goals
PUGG Soccer goals are one of the more popular pop-up soccer goals on the market..
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Portable Soccer Goals

Although, pop-up soccer goals are by their very nature ‘portable’ – there is another slightly more sophisticated soccer goal that suits this category a little better.

Portable soccer goals, usually, by all intense and purposes, are larger soccer goals that replicate a real game scenario.

While you usually wouldn’t use these types of goals for real games, they are perfect for training and will do exactly what you need them to do and more.

Portable soccer goals come in all shapes and sizes, and do tend to be used a lot more than your average ‘game soccer goal’ –and for that very reason they need to be extremely durable, portable and relatively lightweight to move around.

Here are some examples of portable soccer goals;

SKLZ Portable Soccer GoalSKLZ Quickster Soccer Goals

These goals have improved immensely over the last couple of years. These are the exact goals we use on our Monday night session and I must say I am very impressed.

We’ve currently got the new edition Quickster soccer goals. The small ones are really tidy looking.

Not only are they durable as heck, they come in about 5 pieces (per goal) which slot together in less than 3 or 4 minutes.

And to take them down it’s even easier.

TIP Alert: Although, be sure to pack the net properly and evenly, otherwise you’ll have bits of net poking out of the bag!

And, not only that but these new ones we’ve got, come with foam footings as well, so they’ll sit nicely on your indoor surface.

Here are some other examples of portable soccer goals you can check out;

Additional Items You’ll Need

It all depends on what portable soccer goal you go with. If you go with the SKLZ for example, they’re heavy and durable enough so you won’t have to keep chasing them round.

That said, there will be one or two goals, that will need the extra weight – so for those goals I recommend grabbing some sandbags or other goal anchors.

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QuickPlay Pro Match-Fold Portable Soccer Goals
82 Reviews
QuickPlay Pro Match-Fold Portable Soccer Goals
Not interested any of the above? Here's some from QuickPlay Sports that might get your juices flowing...
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Futsal ‘Soccer’ Goals

As Futsal is primarily an indoor sport, the goals that are used for Futsal are perfect for what we need.

Check out this article where we discuss the differences between futsal and indoor soccer.

Futsal soccer goals have more of a square shaped design.

When I first had a look for Futsal goals about a year ago, I couldn’t find any apart from the Powernet & Bownet.

Now, as you’ll see there’s quite few on the market. Here they are;

Bownet Soccer GoalBownet

So first up we’ve got the Bownet Futsal soccer goal. As you can see it’s got more of a square design, as I mentioned above. It also comes with that ‘bow-style’ design which is far better for handling shots from older players and Futsal balls (which I wholly recommend if you’re playing indoors).

The one in the image to the side is the smallest of their goals but they have size range that goes right up to a full size soccer goal. (8×24)

You can check out all Bownet sizes here

PowernetPowernet Soccer Goal

Then we’ve got the Powernet Soccer goal. As you’ll see here, it’s very similar in design to the Bownet but just a little cheaper.

Now, if you’re on a budget, that’s great, you’ll be able to pick up a well-designed soccer goal for a good price. Have a read of the reviews though, the Bownet’s generally tend to be more durable than the Powernet soccer goals – and obviously is reflected in the price.

I did comparison of the the Bownet and Powernet brands here if you’re interested.

Again, you can check out all the Powernet goal sizes here


Then we’ve got the FORZA Samba soccer goals. I’m not a huge fan of these as I find them to be a little bit of pain to set up and dismantle. But in the name of clarity and transparency I thought I’d list it here for you to have a look.

That said however, I know some people however, that swear by them and absolutely love them. All preference I suppose!

They are usually used outside – but can, be used indoors too with some weighted sandbags.

Here’s the link if you’re interested

Kwik Official Futsal GoalKwik Goal Futsal Goal

As you’ll see here on its Amazon page – the Kwik Official Futsal Goal is a pretty impressive soccer goal that looks exactly how a futsal goal should look.

These would also be perfect for more official indoor games. You’ve also got the added benefit of getting anchor bags included too.

Worth a look if you’re serious about indoor football.

SKLZ Futsal Portable GoalSKLZ Pro Training Futsal Goal

As you’ll see it’s very similar the other SKLZ soccer goals I spoke about above, but of course, comes with the Futsal square shaped design finished with a yellow material covering the metal bars around the bottom. Well worth checking out.

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SKLZ Pro Training Futsal Goal
5 Reviews
SKLZ Pro Training Futsal Goal
This is probably my favorite goal for ease of set up, dismantling, portability and sheer design.
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AGORA Portable Futsal GoalAGORA Official Futsal Goal

And then finally, we’ve got another Official game play Futsal goal from AGORA. Very similar in design to the Kwik Official and comes with anchor bags and stakes if you need them.

Well worth a check if you’re interested in the official futsal design.

Click here for more information


Indoor Soccer Goals

And that’s it…for now. Thing’s a moving fast, and like I said at the start – a year ago you wouldn’t have been able to get 90% of the goals above. Now you can get them all with the right budget.

Overall, if you use an indoor space for any period of time before moving back outside again, I would probably recommend you go with one of the ‘Portable Soccer Goals’.

If you’re coaching really young kids and you’re on budget then I would defiantly recommend going with the smaller ‘Pop Up Soccer Goals’

Finally, if you’re looking to play indoor far more often, then you could go with the ‘Portable Soccer Goals’ but you’re best bet would be going with one of the Futsal specific goals.

Not only are these goals specifically made for indoor soccer but Futsal itself is an incredible game to improve the technical aspect of soccer.

Overall, you need to get the right goals for your circumstance and ultimately you’re the only person who can make that decision. But, if you use categories and advice above you’ll be well on track to finding a goal that does exactly, what you need it to do.

All the best,

  • Coach

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