Kwik Goal Bench Review

Kwik Goal Bench Review

Let’s be honest. Coaching youth soccer is challenging.

You’re not only playing the role of a coach but a counselor, teacher, guide, peacemaker and even a nurse when the need arises.

Wearing multiple hats can get tiring!

  • Are your players present for drills, practice, games?
  • Are they grouped together during the games for team bonding?
  • Are they comfortable at different venues in different types of weather?

Many a times, the ground is wet and can be a haven for bacteria which can cause illness – will you’re groups of dedicated parents be happy with you letting their children sit on the floor?

Would you let your own child do it?

It’s your responsibility as the coach.

To ensure that the safety and comfort of the players is taken care of.

Ohhh yes! These are the realities of the job that’s not mentioned in any coaching manual. Responsibilities that not only a soccer coach, but everyone who’s involved with young players.

Coach and parents.

Giving your players (and parents when you want to be extra nice!) somewhere clean, dry and relatively warm to sit should be a basic standard in soccer these days.

It’s also annoying.

Very annoying. You’re 1-down with not long left on the clock. You not only have to balance out playing time amongst your players, but you want to change the game up a little bit so you decide to send little-Jonny on.

At the pinnacle moment Jonny is nowhere to be seen. He’s probably playing over the other side of the bushes with another sub. But that is absolutely no help to you right now!

Yep, unless you keep your players in close proximity and together, there’s always a distraction that will grab their fragile attention.

The solution however, is very simple. A portable sports bench.

Benefits of the Sports team Bench

Believe it or not, a portable sports bench is one piece of equipment that can solve many problems that you’ll often face as a coach.

Here’s why.

  • Keeps Players Close: It ensures that the team stays together and in close proximity
  • Encourages Team Bonding: It is excellent for team bonding during, before and after gameplay
  • Keeps Your Players Safe: It prevents illnesses by keeping athletes dry and comfortable during wet weather
  • Keeps Players Engaged: Even, when they’re NOT playing. It can motivate the subs by keeping them involved in all team activities and discussions
  • Keeps Parents Happy – You’re responsible for their children – need I say anymore?
  • Balance Playing Time: Allows you to schedule equal play time for all players
  • Ultra-Portable: Which make them MUCH easier than having to carry foldable chairs for the whole team
  • Looks Professional: So you and your players look and feel professional


A team that functions as a single unit has a positive outlook towards their game and this will ultimately reflect on you.

These advantages are applicable to any sport or team as well. Irrespective of whether you’re a baseball, basketball or gymnastics coach, a sports bench is always an asset to the team.

If you are still relying on foldable chairs, then it’s time to consider an upgrade to a team bench.

There quite a few benches on the market now and choosing one that suits your needs can prove to be quite challenging.

There is one bench however, that is not only selling like hotcakes on Amazon, but is a favorite amongst PSC readers too.

Kwik Goal 6-Seat Kwik Bench

Here’s everything in short;

  • Seats 6 Players (or parents!) – so you have enough room for all your subs. You’ll probably need two benches to accommodate parents at the same time.
  • Comes in 3 Colors: To match your teams colors. If your team plays in; black, blue or red – you’re covered.
  • Portable: Fold ups to a fraction of the size for easy transport and carrying
  • Back-Rest: To support your players posture and stop them falling backwards
  • Vertical Support Poles: For added stability on unstable surfaces
  • Carry Bag Included: So you can transport and easily carry it to-and-from the field
  • Easy Setup / Dismantling: So you can be ready and gone in literally less than 60 seconds.


Kwik Goal 6 Seat Sports Bench Explained

Highly Durable

Durability is key when it comes to sport benches.

Apart from the obvious safety concern when your little-ones are sitting on the bench, there’s no point investing in a flimsy, unstable cheap bench when you’re looking to transport it, carry it and use it in all weather conditions.

The Kwik Bench however is extremely durable.

Where most chairs and other portable sports benches would be made from some sort of plastic and/or flimsy material the Kwik Goal Bench is actually made from steel with the seating material made from nylon.

As you’d expect the steel is exceptionally well at holding up, and the nylon seating comes as an all-in-one piece which minimizes the risk of any material tearing.

It’s also got vertical support poles for added strength which keep it rock-solid even on windy days and, will even stand up to most movement from small energetic players – something you’ll no doubt need to cater for!

It has a maximum load bearing capacity of 600 lbs. So, it can easily accommodate parents too along with kids. That coupled with its heavy duty frame – should be durable enough for whatever match-days throw at you.


Top Tip:

There are a few joints within the frame of the bench you’ll need to keep an eye on if you’re looking to prolong the life of your bench.

Keep them lubricated, and have a quick look over for any loose screws before you fold it up and pack it away. It’ll probably be worth carrying a small screwdriver in the bottom of the bag to tighten any loose screws

Comfortable & Supports Posture

The average foldable chair or bench that you buy off-the-shelf rarely provides comfortable seating either. Theoretically, it may be designed to seat six adults. But, even four people may find the seating too cramped for comfort.

The Kwik Goal Bench however, does have spacious seats with quality lumbar support which prevents back aches during long practice sessions. With 8″ wide seats with 16″ height, it provides a combined width of 108 inches which is perfect for 6 athletes.

Constantly keeping an eye on whether or not your players will fall backwards off the bench can be a worry if you decide to go with a portable bench with no back-rest.

This is where the Kwik Goal Bench triumphs most others.

Top Tip:

How you use you bench is entirely up to you but, if you want to keep your players focused, safe, and provide your parents with some comfortable seating at the same time – get two parents to sit either end of the bench and seat your players in the middle.

Portable & Innovative

To set it up all you got to do is pull each end until the bench has fully extended.

How to pack it away?

Do the exact opposite you did to set it up. Done.

Seconds is all it really takes to get the bench up and used in minimal time.

Storing it, transporting it and carrying it is, just as simple.

While you might not want to store it longer than you need in the back of your vehicle, it can be easily carried to and from the house / garage and field whenever you need.

And, despite the heavy duty construction, the bench is surprisingly light making it that little bit easier to carry it across to where you need it.


Top Tip:


Take care when moving or pulling the bag by its straps. The more yanking and pulling you do of the straps the weaker they’ll get. Try and use the straps for carrying on your shoulder where possible!



  • Dimensions: 18″ W x 16″ H x 108″
  • Connected Nylon Seats
  • Durable Steel Frame
  • Weight: 30 lbs
  • Model: 9B9061, 9B9064, 9B906Z
  • Color: As per choice
  • Black Nylon Carry bag included for easy toting
  • Lifetime Guarantee


The price, the added back support, the additional seating space and the durable weather-resistant materials make this an extremely versatile choice.

Be it sporting events or other outdoor events that demand a portable seating solution, the Kwik Goal Bench comes across as a great buy.


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