Lacrosse Equipment Checklist: Essential Equipment Needed to Play Lacrosse

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What Equipment Do You Need to Play Lacrosse?

Lacrosse – the sport that has been steadily gaining popularity over the years. With its physical nature, fast-paced style and a passion for the game only the very hardened could have, it’s easy to see why so many people love the sport.

But, this poses a simple question…

What equipment do you need to play lacrosse?

Well, on a basic level you’re going to need a few essential items; Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Elbow Pads, Cup, Mouth Guard, Cleats and a Lacrosse stick. – These pieces of equipment not only allow you to play the game but keep yourself safe at the same time.

Taking it up a level or two – other pieces of equipment lacrosse players might have or use; equipment bag, additional apparel and a wide range of lacrosse training equipment that we’ll go into more detail on below.

Essential Lacrosse Equipment


There’s a huge array of helmets on the market made specifically for lacrosse and with all that choice it can be hard to choose the helmet you want. You could approach this a few ways but the way we recommend is to go into a local store, try a few helmets on and get an idea of the size and shape you need. Then ‘armed’ with this information, head online and pick a helmet.

Doing it this way allows you to be confident in the type of helmet you need for your head while having a better selection of helmets that a regular store might not be able to give.

And, if you shop somewhere like Amazon, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to save yourself a few bucks in the process.

Shoulder Pads

Again, staying with safety, shoulder pads are primarily needed to protect any contact points of your body – ie; your collar bone, sternum, shoulders and arms.

When choosing a shoulder pads make sure you grab one that’s not only comfortable to wear but, easy to manoeuvre in when you’re playing.

Again, I’d recommend you take the same approach with shoulder pads as you would with your helmet.

STX Stallion 50 Should Pad
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STX Stallion 50 Should Pad
STX are one of the leaders in Lacrosse equipment. Here's some shoulder pads that come in black with a; x-small, small, medium and large fitting

Elbow Pads

Elbow pads, like helmets tend to come in a variety of different shapes and sizes that suit different players and playing styles.

In short, the position you play will determine the type of elbow pads you’ll need.


Lacrosse is a physical sport and if you value your ‘crown jewels’ we’d recommend you pick one of these up! These are pretty inexpensive pieces of equipment that could save you’re a lot of pain and hurt down the line…

Shock Doctor BioFlex
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Shock Doctor BioFlex
Available in both youth and adult sizes the Shock Doctor Bioflex protects without limiting movement

Mouth Guard

While you’re helmet will do most of the protection some players do opt for a mouth guard for additional protection.


Finally to wrap it up for the safety side of things you’re going to need to get yourself a pair of gloves to protect your hands. You’ll want a pair of gloves that protect your fingers and have some sort of solid support for your wrist too.

Ensure the gloves you get allow adequate movement in the fingers.

STX Lacrosse Cell 3 Gloves
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STX Lacrosse Cell 3 Gloves
Again another piece of equipment from STX. With 5 colors to choose from, a healthy amount of reviews and an improved thumb flexibility and finger rotation you can't go too far wrong. Check out the video of these in more detail here...


Cleats are next on the list.

You’ve got a few options here. You can wear soccer or football cleats for lacrosse if you’ve got a pair and want to save yourself some money.

If you haven’t got any cleats and you just intend to play lacrosse you go ahead and grab yourself a pair of lacrosse specific cleats.

Side Note: it’s well worth noting that while you can play lacrosse with soccer cleats for example you can’t play soccer with lacrosse cleats.

Lacrosse Stick

Finally, to actually play the game you’re going to need a lacrosse stick. Sticks usually come in two pieces – the shaft and the head. The type of shaft and head you’ll need will again, depend on the position you play.

STX Men's Stallion 200 Lacrosse Stick
874 Reviews
STX Men's Stallion 200 Lacrosse Stick
'Inspired by the Elite Stallion U550. Quick disclaimer this stick comes as one piece only but there plenty of other stick available too

Lacrosse Practice Equipment

If you really want to ramp up your lacrosse skills and improve you’re all-round game – you’re going to need put some hours in on the training field….

In order to do this, some lacrosse players and coaches use a variety of different types of training equipment.

In this section I’m going to list and details some of the equipment used…..


Lacrosse Goals

Obviously, lacrosse goals can be used either for training or games. Lacrosse goals usually come in one of two designs:

  • Standard Lacrosse Goals: First you’ve got the standard lacrosse goal that once you’ve set it up there’s no need to do anything more with it. A good example of this type of goal would be the Gladiator Official Lacrosse Net. These types of nets are great for competitive matches and tend to be extremely durable.
  • Portable Lacrosse Nets: The other type of net you’ll see on the market is the portable pop-up style nets. These nets can great if you want to assemble and dismantle your lacrosse goals quickly and expect to use them across different sites and facilities. A good example of one of these nets would be the Bownet LAX Lacrosse goal.

You can check out an extensive review of lacrosse goals here if you’re interested…


Lacrosse Rebounders

If you’re looking for a piece of training equipment to improve overall stick skills then investing in a lacrosse rebounder is a must.

Lacrosse rebounders tend to be come in on the large side so it’s imperative that you first check whether or not you’ve got the space to store, manoeuvre and actually use it.

First you’re going to want a rebounder that can fold up and be stored easily enough without too much trouble. Second you’ll want a rebounder that’s big enough to work on various different lacrosse skills but still portable so you can easily move it if you need too.

A great example of lacrosse rebounder worth checking out is the EZGoal Folding Lacrosse Rebounder that comes with an adjustable frame so you can practice; high pops, grounds and line drives without the need for a full on training session.

Again, I’ve gone into more detail here if you’re interested in grabbing a lacrosse rebounder…


Fitness & Conditioning Equipment

Finally, to be able to keep up with the physical (and mental) demands of the game you’re going to need to work on a few key conditioning areas of your game.

Of course you don’t need any equipment to achieve a good level of strength and fitness but sometimes you do need a change of stimulus.

Whatever your conditioning program looks like here’s a quick list of equipment that can help you ‘get stronger and game longer…’

  • Agility Ladders
  • Conditioning Mask
  • Parachutes
  • Skipping Ropes
  • Suspension Trainers
  • Resistance Bands

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