The Passing & Receiving Manual

“Passing & Receiving drills made INSANELY simple… PLUS dramatically improve your coaching skills, practices and confidence levels guaranteed!”

I’ve been coaching soccer for many years now so I’ve learned a thing or two along the way that I can share with you that will help you gain more enjoyment from this awesome sport & lifestyle. I’ve made a lot of mistakes throughout this time and often had to learn my lessons the hard way. If I had known what I know now (or had someone with me that knew) that would never have happened. Since then I’ve coached a number of youth soccer teams which I’ve learned how to carry out the training sessions by myself, as I haven’t always been able to figure it out on my own. And I’ve always been very meticulous with my training session and drills procedures too.

In terms of my coaching level..? I’m no pro. But I’m a confident, effective coach and I get a lot of enjoyment from it. And what I can honestly share with you are some basic, fundamental techniques and drills that I’ve been taught along the way that have helped me improve my coaching immensely. And what I found is that once I made a real, conscious effort to implement these techniques, and combined that with a well-thought training session, my teams’ passing and possession improved in leaps and bounds.

If You Are a Beginner Coach, The Passing & Receiving Manual Will Show You How To Pick Appropriate Drills, Deliver Great Coaching Points, And Plan From The Comfort Of Your Own Home To Become Seriously Coach So You Can See Meaningful Improvement!

Have a think about this for a minute… Would you like to…

  • Increase the level of enjoyment you get from coaching?
  • Have more confidence when coaching?
  • Learn some specific passing and receiving drills that will not only get your teams prepared, and strong but will help your team pass better AND more accurately than they currently can?
  • Be able to quickly adjust your training plan to suit your team needs on any given day?
  • Be able to play more challenging teams?
  • Learn how to keep your team not only playing at a high level, but advancing player development as well?
  • Know how you can save a heap of time by being able to carry out a lot of the basics? And impress your club director with your teams’ skills!

If you answered YES to one or more of the above questions then The Passing & Receiving Manual is for you.

Hi, This is such a cool book! I highly recommend it for bed time reading! I absolutely love your book and can see what a benefit it would be for our kids.

The Passing & Receiving Manual is an eBook which is a pdf download NOT a hard copy book. Once downloaded it can be easily printed and bound (at your own expense).

The Passing & Receiving Manual offers a combination of well presented, existing pages from Passing & Receiving Drills. The main difference being you can download and print it off to make your very own Passing Drills “How To” Book. A 30-page practical manual that you can take to the practice field or leave in your session notes.

Why Are You Wasting Time On Crap That Doesn’t Improve Your Teams’ Skills??

Too many people waste crazy amounts of time on drills that don’t make your team better. You know what I’m talking about, coaches who spend hours on the same boring drills, saying the same thing over and over again and only coaching to the lowest common denominator. That’s cool if you can coach well but if you’re not that boss on the pitch you should spend some money on getting your technique right and learning a few tricks in selecting the right drills and techniques for your team. The benefits are huge.

Thnx bro! I got the link and successfully downloaded it. I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into making sure I was happy! – Phillip 

Grab your pdf copy here! I learned these exercises through years of trial and error and have used them to massively improve my team’s passing and possession.

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11 Easy To Follow Passing & Receiving Drills You Must Learn In Order To Your Team To Get To The Top!

Using The Passing & Receiving Manual you’ll be able to follow the step by step instructions (with diagrams) next time you’re attempting to plan a practice session. Or you can refer to the coaching tips section between practice and games to keep your mind on what you should be doing. Throw it in your car, clipboard, desk or backpack.. it’ll go anywhere you do.

You’ll find the guts of the book will contain..

  • The basic, but fundamental passing and receiving drills that the best coaches use.
  • Step by step “how-to” guides on each drill.

Here are a few other helpful things you can expect to find in the Passing & Receiving Manual.

  • Breakdown of coaching points to focus on when passing and receiving a soccer ball. Print it off and take it with you to practice.
  • Resources to build your own drills. The software to create your own personalized soccer sessions that you can print out and take to training. You can download each drill as a PDF so you can look at them on your phone as needed.
  • An in-depth summary of setup, objective and age group for each drill.
  • Progressions drills to give you options on how to increase the difficulty of each drill for advanced teams.
  • Some very cool, soccer graphics throughout the eBook.
  • Detailed pictures of how players should complete each drill with written instructions to support the diagrams.

There’s loads of great stuff crammed into this book that can save you money, wasted time and stress, and in the process help you become a better all-round coach. I’ve put everything I could think of into this with the aim of providing beginner to intermediate coach something that will help you progress in this exciting sport. I don’t really do the ‘hype’ stuff so I’m not going to chat on about how this will teach you to coach like Pep Guardiola (cause it won’t!).

Nice work on the book. My son will love it. I just wish there had of been something like this around when I started coaching.
– Jimmy (Aus)

Discover How You Can Adjust Your Team’s Development Within A Training Session So They Can Pass Better And Retain Possession

Possession is critical as to how well your team performs, yet 95% of young players don’t learn how to pass and receive the ball correctly. If you only learn this one thing – the structure of a well-designed drill – you will be thankful you bought this book!

Most newbie coaches will happily spend $45 on new coaching sweats. But for less than the price of your fillup at a gas station or a few cups of coffee you can easily access all of the valuable tips from Passing & Receiving Tips & Drill Diagrams when you’re next out of the house or office.

The Passing & Receiving Manual can be purchased from this page through secure PayPal or Credit Card for $14.95. Grab your pdf copy here. Click below on the Buy Now icon to have it emailed to you within minutes!

The Passing & Receiving Manual is awsum as!! Has heaps of stuff in it to read, my team loves the simple circle and the diamond drills.

Karen P

Here is a list of chapters and pages included in The Passing & Receiving Manual so you know exactly what you are getting…

Each drill has similar sections including:

– Setup
– Objective
– Age Group
– Coaching Points
– Drill Instructions
– Progressions

Drill #1: Turn or Play

Drill #2: Triangle Box

Drill #3: Cross Ball

Drill #4: The Simple Circle

Drill #5: The Hourglass

Drill #6: Switching Play

Drill #7: Dutch Wineglass

Drill #8: The Diamond

Drill #9: Breaking Lines

Drill #10: Speed Number

Drill #11: Timing of the Pass

This is great thanks! Lot’s of handy information and things to learn which should keep me busy for a while!
– Emma M

If you aren’t comfortable or familiar with all of the above… you’re short changing yourself. Knowing and applying these things will make a real difference to your coaching, team and player development. Grab yourself a copy and print it off. Sneak it out on your office printer (select double-sided page option), or take it to your local printers and bind it together for the complete Passing & Receiving Manual.

The Passing & Receiving Manual is a pdf document. Check your spam folder and inbox for the email download link after purchase. It may take 1 – 2 hours for the email to reach you.

If you’ve enjoyed Portable Sports Coach Tips and got a lot out of it – please show your support by purchasing The Passing & Receiving Manual. Websites like this take a LOT of work to set up and the information is free, so I’ll leave it to you to make the call but just know that I truly appreciate each and every person that makes a purchase. The Passing & Receiving Manual is a result of years of coaching experience, hundreds of hours of labor and a desire to help other riders with their ‘coaching journey’.

Enjoy, and remember.. the journey is half the fun!


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