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Pop up tennis net reviews

Portable Tennis Net Reviews

(Includes Badminton & Volleyball Nets)

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Looking for a portable tennis net? Read on, we’ve got quite the bunch today young squire…squire(ette)! 🙂


Being a children’s sports coach is never easy.

You know the ins and outs of your sport and you know how to break it down and present it in simple terms, no matter what the age of your audience.

But what nobody told you was that you would be multitasking as crowd control, diplomat and part time engineer – always on hand to deal with complaints, justify your decisions and fix broken kit and equipment with bits of string and duct tape.

Coaching tennis, badminton or volleyball however, you might recognise some of these:

  • Nowhere to play: The tennis courts are full, everything’s booked, but you can use the field around the back. You brought your own net, right?
  • ‘Borrowed’ equipment: Well, you did leave it in the storage area – how was anyone to know you needed it today?
  • Exercising Your Imagination: The weather is too poor for outside play, you have more players than expected or the nets have been moved – your told to ‘adapt’. ‘The best coaches adapt’. I constantly keep hearing that and my answer is always the same – ‘Yes! When your 2 sets down!’.

Your training sessions are meant to prepare your players for game time not hinder their chances of developing. So, if you find yourself nodding to any of the above then I think it might be time to consider investing in a portable tennis net.

The Many Advantages of Portable Pop Up Tennis Nets

There are many advantages to owning a portable tennis net. You can set up and play anywhere you like, create an extra tennis court when you have more players than expected and take your nets away with you to avoid unknowingly ‘lending’ them to someone else!

The best portable tennis net ‘systems’ are;

  • Easy To Set Up: So you’re ready to use whenever you need them
  • Lightweight: So they are easy to carry
  • Storage Friendly: So that they can pack away neatly into small spaces
  • Visually Appealing: So you can create a positive learning environment for all your young player players

When you give up your precious time to coach kids, you want to focus on doing your job and making them the best they can be.

To do this, you need to know that your equipment will do what it is meant to do: make your life easier and positively re-enforce you’re coaching points.

We’ve reviewed our choice of the five best portable tennis nets on the market to make the choice simple as possibly.

Read on to find out how we got on…

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Top Five Best Portable Tennis Nets

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Pro Court Mini Tennis Combo Net

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The Pro Court Combo Net in short;

  • Easy To Set Up
  • Highly Portable
  • Available in 3 Different Sizes
  • Tennis and Badminton Ready
  • Highly Durable

It is available in three sizes and perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor use. The bright yellow edges of the net are eye-catching; visibility is definitely not a problem with the Pro Court Mini Net.

It’s a ‘mini’ net which comes in three lengths:

  • 10ft (3m)
  • 18ft (5.5m)
  • 30ft (9.1m)

It can be used for tennis or extended to make a perfect badminton net.

Ease of Use

The Pro Court Tennis and Badminton net comes in 10 labelled sections which can be put together quickly and dismantled and packed away in just a couple of minutes.

Converting the net from tennis to badminton requires the addition of just one extra pole.


The net is designed to be both strong and portable, with a good balance between weight and strength. It packs down in to a neat and compact package and comes with a handy bag that makes transport and storage easy and stress-free.


The net feels strong and there is enough flex in the poles to keep it stretched tight. The base posts are solid enough inspire confidence and they hold the net firmly in place with no need for pegs, ropes or other trip hazards.

Top Tip: Check the labeling when you put the net together for the first time to ensure you assemble it correctly.



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 Oypla Large Adjustable Foldable Tennis, Badminton & Volleyball Net

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This Oypla net is another multipurpose net: suitable for children who want to play tennis, badminton and even volleyball. It’s much cheaper that the Pro Court Net so can be a good choice if you are stretching your budget.

The posts reach 155cm at their tallest and drop to 107 cm for tennis but the net can sometimes drop a little in the middle so you might find the height slightly lower than expected.

It’s perfect for children but would not make a great choice for adults to use. So, if you’re coaching older teens or adults you might want to look at one of the other nets.


The net comes in a neat bag which can be slung over your shoulder and weighs less than 4kgs so transporting it to and from your destination should not be a problem, even if you have to travel on foot.

Ease of Use and Durability

The net is easy to assemble and ready to use very quickly. The net is made to withstand damage from shuttles and balls.

The frame feels a little flimsy compared to others on the market.

Overall, this is good value at a relatively low price. There are some necessary compromises but it will do the job well.

The Oypla Adjustable Badminton Tennis Net is definitely worth a look if low cost is a priority.

Top Tip: Take care in windy weather – you might want to add some weight (sandbags or pegs) to stop the net from blowing over.



[wpsm_titlebox title=”Portable Tennis Net #3″ style=”4″]

ZSIG Mini Tennis Net

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ZSIG’s Mini Tennis net is a much simpler product than the previous two. It’s a 3 metre long tennis net with no bells or whistles and, consequently, no small parts or fiddly adjustments to make. The net is an eye catching blue which makes it stand out against almost any background.

We actually bought one of the older model nets (as you’ll see from the picture below) and I must say I’m pretty impressed with the durability and look of the set.


Ease of Use

One of the ZSIG’s most striking features is its simplicity. The poles slot together and the parts are connected by elasticated strings so that there is no way to get the assembly wrong.


A neat blue shoulder bag provides easy storage for the net and the whole thing weighs less than 3kg. It is ideal for those who might need to set up in different locations or add an extra tennis court for a bigger than usual group.

Side Note: With the new models it can’t be confirmed that the carry bag is still included.

Looking for a badminton net?

ZSIG have also got a portable badminton net with a good rating on Amazon. 




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Songmics Adjustable Portable Tennis & Badminton Net w/ Stand

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Another adjustable net, the Songmics can be used for both badminton and tennis (posts are adjustable) so it provides a good amount of flexibility for a coach who works with different groups across different disciplines.

The net stands at 103cm for tennis and 155 cm for badminton and is simple to adjust between the different heights.

This net is 5 metres wide and suitable for larger spaces.

Ease of Use 

Assembly is very quick and easy to understand.


This net feels sturdy from the first time you use it and the poles feel solid. It comes with 4 ground pegs to hold in in place during play. The poles clip together and the net slides over the top of them so it feels quite secure once it’s assembled.



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Victor Premium Mini Net – Tennis & Badminton – Adjustable Height 

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The Victor Mini Net is narrower, at 3 metres, so is much more suitable for small spaces.

With near perfect reviews on Amazon it’s worth having a little check.


It has a sturdy, stand-alone frame which makes it ideal for indoor use. Flexible side poles create enough tension to keep the net in place during play and the net is strong enough to endure regular hits from beginners!


Like all of our portable net recommendations, the Premium Net from Victor, naturally,  comes with a neat, tent-style bag which makes transportation easy.





Portable tennis nets are adjustable, easy to carry, and simple to use: a fantastic solution for the busy coach.

Whether you need indoor or outdoor tennis nets, spare nets for emergencies or lightweight nets for carrying on public transport, you will find that there is something available to suit you.


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