Portable Football Goals: Reviews & Tips (UK)

Portable Football Goals UK

Top 5 Best Portable Football Goals in the UK

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Are you always prepared?

Do your football training sessions go smoothly?

Do you and your team get the most out of every single session?

Even the best coaches in the world can struggle to get organised.

Chances are you are one of the many part time or voluntary kids football coaches giving up their weekends to coach a small local team.

Your attention is usually divided between herding energetic players, placating anxious parents, and constantly improvising as you create imaginative repairs and replacements for missing, lost or broken equipment.

Football goals are one of the most important pieces of equipment you have, which is why it’s so surprising that many coaches are still happy to improvise with cones or other markers set at each end of the field.

The problem with cones, jumpers and other markers are well known:

Like chasing balls? Practice sessions and games lose precious time to players chasing the ball across the field every time a goal is scored. When your best goal consists of two cones there is nothing to stop the ball careening off into the distance.

Cones are great…..for the non-serious football coach: You’ll find that the ‘goalposts’ have moved mid-game. An errant kick, falling player or hurtling ball has hit one the goalposts knocked it out of position. I know myself, have spent WAY to much time putting cones back ‘where they should be’!

Would you like some extra stress with that Sir?: Was it a goal, or wasn’t it? Once again, you have to settle the argument that has broken out amongst the players over whether it really was a goal or not. The sense of injustice felt by the losing team will colour the rest of the match.

‘Why Do I Need a Portable Football Goal?’

If any of the above feel familiar to you then it might be time to consider a portable football goal.

A portable football goal will:

  • Improve your AND your team’s image with professional looking equipment
  • Put an end to squabbles about whether the ball was really in or not
  • Stop the ball from hurtling off into the distance whenever a goal is scored
  • Give your team more confidence and pride in the games they play
  • Stay exactly where you put it – to do the job it was meant to do
  • Create a better sense of positivity in your training sessions
  • Show your parents and players you really do have their best interests at heart

No more ‘making-do’ with whatever you have to hand. Portable football goals come in a range of sizes so you will be able to find the perfect option, whatever the age of your players and size of your teams.

You also have the freedom to ‘create’ your own extra football pitch if you have a larger than expected group of players.


Which is the best portable football goal?

Having worked as a football coach now for the best part of 11 years, It’s safe to safe I’ve come across almost every type of goal there is.

There are of course, along with all the great goals out there a bunch of absolute trash ones. So what I’ve done, is check out several of the most popular portable football nets and summarised my favourites below.

All of the goals we’re going through today I have had some dealings with in the past – and for some a good few years of assembling and dismantling – numerous times over!

Whether you’re looking for great value, portability or robust equipment that will last for years; whether you are ready to splash out on the best money can buy or working within a very tight budget; whatever you need from a football goal you will hopefully find something to suit you below.

For each goal we will be looking at each of the following criteria:

  • Ease of use
  • Portability
  • Durability
  • Value for Money
  • Top Tips


Top 5 Portable Football Goals

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Bow Net Portable Football Net Review

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The Bow Net football net is the first pick on our list because it really has everything you need from a portable football net.

At less than 3.5kg, it’s light, extremely easy to set up and take down and comes with a handy carry bag.

The goal has a nylon net attached to a sturdy frame and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

The rubber feet are designed to leave no marks when the net is used on indoor floors, adding a nice amount of versatility for your team when the weather is too poor to venture out.

Perfect if you’re looking to use your goals in schools


The Bow Net portable net is incredibly resilient and, when it is firmly staked to the ground, it will happily flex and absorb the strongest of shots.

It does not need to be anchored to retain its shape; its flexibility means that a shot off the post will bounce straight back into play.

Players of all ages, child and adult, need not fear of damaging this net, though the size means that is it best suited to smaller players.

Ease of use

The net is not the easiest to set up the first time you use it but, once you get the hang of it, it will be up and ready to go in a very short time.

Top Tips

  • Sandbags or stakes can add a little extra stability to the Bow Net Goal if needed – both are also available to buy quite cheaply.


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Quickplay Kickster Academy Portable Football Goals

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Defiantly one of the more prevalent goals you’ll see used in youth football up and down the country…

The Quickplay Kickster goal is as fast and easy to set up and use as the name suggests.

The manufacturers suggest a 90 second set up and customer reviews agree that it is extremely quick and simple. The parts of the goal are pre-attached so there is no complicated instruction manual to work through when it arrives.

When using this goal a few summers ago, I had to set it up and take it down multiple times a day. It’s extremely easy to set-up once you’ve done it the first couple of times, and the weight when carrying it across the field is next to nothing.


One of the best things about this set of goals is their flexibility. They are robust enough to stand the rigours of use because they are built to flex and absorb the shock of the ball and return instantly to their original shape as you’ll see from this video here.

Quickplay Kickster’s come in five different sizes:

  • 3’x2’
  • 6’x4’
  • 8’x5’
  • 12’x6’
  • 17’x7’

You can choose the best size to suit your players; they cover the whole range from very young children to adults.


The Quickplay Kickster Portable Goals come with a durable carry sack that you can sling over your shoulder or in the boot of your car for easy transporting.

Top Tips

  • Pick the size of goal you need to suit your team, or buy more than one for different age groups.
  • When packing the net away make sure you fold it properly so the carry case doesn’t bulge too much!


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 Samba 8×6 Football Goal

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Samba Sports goals are made in the UK by a trusted manufacturer who has been making goals for over 20 years.

These things have been around for years!

When you buy a Samba goal, you know that you’re buying quality, knowledge and experience in market.

Ease of use

For a busy football coach, time is always in short supply.

First time erection of the Samba goal is made easy by the colour coded edges that show you where to attach the net to the posts. Once constructed, the Samba football goals can be left outside for as long as you need them and moved easily without dismantling.

This saves time at the beginning and end of every session and frees you up to concentrate on coaching your team.


The goal is light and easy to move once it is put together but, it’s not as portable as say the Bownet or Kickster.

It can be dismantled and popped into your car but does not come with a storage bag. It’s really best suited to teams who have a safe space to leave it outside or a good sized storage area.

To be brutally honest – if you’re looking for a goal to use at different places. The the Samba goal won’t be your best option. You’re probably better going with the Bownet or Kickster.


If durability is something you’re more interested in however – Samba goals have got you covered..

One of the best features of this Samba goal set is that you can leave it outside all year round. The PVC is made to withstand all weather conditions and holds up well to hard use.

Once erected, the goal is very sturdy and will stand up well to the roughest of shots. It’s great value if you need something strong and tough; it will stand up to years of use.



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Mitre Easy Fold Portable Football Goal

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Stock up on your soccer balls with this set from GoSports. Comes in; size 3, size, 4 or size 5. Not convinced? You can also order 1 single ball to test out first…”

A fold up frame and simple net, attached with Velcro ties, makes this one of the simplest goals we have featured here.

It is great if storage space is limited and you need a goal which folds down to save space. It is easy to erect and a mechanism at the corners keeps it secured while in use and makes it easy to fold away neatly.

The Mitre goal comes in two sizes: 6’x3’ or 8’x6’


The frame of the goal is made from metal with a weather resistant coating. It is ideal for outside use and great for smaller kids but is not really strong enough to stand up to heavy use.

Value for Money

The Mitre goal is cheaper than some of the others we have discussed, but this low price does come with some compromises on quality.

The metal posts are covered with a weather resistant coating but they are still prone to rust if left outside for long periods of time.

However, the Easy Fold Goal does live up to its name; it is easy to fold it down for storage when not in use.

Top Tips

  • To extend the life of your Mitre football goal, bring it inside in wet weather and make sure it is thoroughly dry before storing.




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Mitre Pop Up Football Goals

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Another goal by well-known sports brand Mitre; these are a little different to the rest of our portable goal choices.”/]

Pop-up football goals ‘pop-up’ into shape when you take them out of the bag. This makes them, by far, the easiest to erect and pack away.

The goals are a semi-circular shape and come in two sizes: 121x81x81cm and the larger 182 x106x106 cm.

Ease of Use

Due to their pop-up design, these goals are super-easy to erect and almost pop up on their own.

A quick flick of the wrists and you have your goal, ready to peg down and start play.

They are also fantastic for indoor use.


These goals are very light and come with a carry bag that keeps the goals and their ground pegs neat and safe.

Top Tips

  • The goals are really simple to put up and take down but they do require a certain knack. Practice first, before you have to do it in a hurry and with the ‘help’ of over-eager children!
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