Top 5 Portable Full Size Soccer Goal Reviews

Goalrilla Gamemaker Soccer Goal
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Full Size Soccer Goal #1: The GOLME Pro Full Size Soccer Goal

GOLME Full Size Soccer Goal Portable

(The Most Portable)

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First on our list of full size soccer goals is the GOLME. With no hex keys needed, an ultra-lightweight frame and a one piece design, the GOLME Full Size Soccer Goal comes in as the most portable soccer goal of our top 5.


As with most full size goals, you might periodically find yourself needing to tighten the net and goal to avoid any sagging in the middle.

The GOLME in short;GOLME Full Size Soccer Goal Carry Bag

  • Carry Case Included: Makes this goal ultra-portable
  • 3 Minute Setup Time: So you can get going ASAP
  • One-Piece Setup: So you can’t lose any parts and lose your mind in the process!
  • Made From Lightweight Aluminium: To make it even easier to carry
  • 30lbs: The lightest as well as the most portable soccer goal of our top 5

Notice I say; ‘The lightest as well as the most portable…’ – lightweight doesn’t always equate to easy to carry and transport!

None the less, it’s a goal I’m familiar with and can say once it’s all up in it’s full glory and mighty piece piece of equipment.

It’s no wonder they’ve been voted goal of the year.

With a risk-free 30-days and an additional 365 day warranty included (something I couldn’t find with our other goals) GOLME really are going well above their call of duty.

The GOLME goal is (unlike many of it’s competitors) a foldable-friendly goal that can fit nicely into the carry case – and you never know you might just fit your boots in their too.

Overall, a fantastic full size soccer goal, that can be used for games and training.

If you’re looking for a super strong portable soccer goal that can takes minutes to pack up and move then the GOLME Full Size Soccer Goal might just be what you’re looking for.

Show me the GOLME PRO Full Size Training Goal


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Full Size Soccer Goal #2: The G3Elite Soccer Goal

G3Elite Soccer Goal

(The Most Durable)

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While not the most portable full size soccer goal (no carry case and weighs over 70lbs) the G3Elite does come in as our most durable net from our top 5.


If it was a little lighter and came with a carry case – the G3Elite would give the GOLME a run for it’s money.

The G3Elite in Short;

  • 2 Inch Galvanized Steel Frame: To stand up to even the hardest of shots
  • Weather Resistant: So you don’t have to take it down if you’re using secure facilities
  • 50 x Reusable Zip Ties: To keep the net in firmly secured when in use
  • Velcro Straps: To further support net and ease when dismantling
  • Ground Stakes: To keep goal firmly in place (outdoors)
  • Bonus Replacement Net: Last time I checked they were giving away a replacement net with every purchase.

Takes about 20 minutes to setup which is pretty decent considering the fact once it’s up you’ll probably want to keep it up.
This does cause a small problem in the fact you won’t be able pack it away and move it to another facility but great if you’re looking to use it for the same purpose in the same location.

It comes with super-thick posts and they’re currently giving away an additional net for every purchase made. Have a look, you could get yourself 1 and half goals for the price 1!

Looking for a ultra-durable full size soccer goal?

Yes! Let me see the G3Elite on Amazon.



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Full Size Soccer Goal #3: The PASS Steel Soccer Goal

PASS Steel Soccer Goal

(Best Priced)

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While the G3Elite wasn’t the most portable – the PASS Steel Soccer goal is neither the most portable nor the most durable.

Why include it you ask? Good question young squire!

Well, it serves a purpose and comes in as the cheapest full size soccer goal of our Top 5.

While it might not be the most portable in the fact you’ll not want to dismantle it and transport it too many times, when it is up, moving it round isn’t hard at all.


The nets not the best. You might need to replace it sooner rather than later.

  • Best Priced: Of our top 5 full size soccer goals
  • All Surface Ready: For Beach, Grass and Turf
  • Steel Galvanized Tubing: For additional durability
  • White Painted Metal Tube: To minimize rusting
  • Easy Setup: Pretty self-explanatory
  • Stakes Included: To keep it secured to the ground when in use

There isn’t much left to say about this one – just a word of warning, don’t let your players hang off the crossbar – it will bend!

If you’re looking to save yourself a few dollars, then this goal is great ‘catch’ for the price.

Looking to save a few dollars in your quest for a soccer goal?

Click here to see more on the PASS Steel Soccer Goal.

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Full Size Soccer Goal #4: The Bownet Soccer Goal

Bownet Soccer Goal

(Fastest Setup)

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If you’re all for fast setup time then I reckon the Bownet will be right up your street. That said however, both the GOLME and Goalrilla (which we’ll go into next) have pretty fast setup times – BUT I couldn’t leave the Bownet out.

They’ve been in this portable soccer goal game for a while now. And for that reason their goal gets into our top 5.


Very mixed reviews on this one and it’s not the cheapest either.

  • 2 Minute Setup Time: So you can start playing ASAP
  • Carry Case: To make goal a lot easier to transport
  • Shot ‘Resistant’: Even for the most hardest of shots
  • All Surface Net: That can be used indoors OR outdoors
  • Made from Rigid Steel & Fiberglass: for added durability

There’s no denying it – the design on Bownet soccer goals are brilliant. They’re modern, fresh and effective soccer goals. While all Bownet sized goals generally have a very good rating amongst customers – this one, as mentioned above, the biggest of their product range does have varying reviews.

That said, they’ve got the ‘fall-over-factor’ down to a tee. Kick the ball as hard as you want the chances of this thing falling over are slim to none.

Run into it however – yeah it’ll probably fall over. Bownet seem to feel the need to remind us of this small fact. Thanks…I think!

If you’re someone who likes to get going like…10 minutes ago.

Here’s the full size version of the Bownet on Amazon.


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Full Size Soccer Goal #5: The Goalrilla Gamemaker Soccer Goal

Goalrilla Gamemaker Full Size Soccer Goal

(Most Innovative)

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What looks like 3 separate soccer goals somehow stuck together is actually a masterpiece in innovative design by the folks over at Goalrilla.

The only inflatable goal of our top 5 is perfect if you’re pretty sick and tired of soccer goal joints and clipping nets onto frames.


Prone to losing air if you don’t look after it properly. Which means dragging it round everywhere is a big no-no.

  • Inflatable: Easy to set up and even easier to deflate
  • Carry Case Included: For an added portability factor
  • Multi-Surface Compatible: For use indoors and outdoors
  • Sandbags and Stakes Included: To keep net in place where ever you decide to use it
  • 2-Way Pump Included: So you don’t have to have to develop marathon lungs!

Naturally, everything’s included to get the Goalrilla Gamemaker up and running in a matter of minutes – so no extra cost needed there.

It also comes with the net attached which is a massive time saver and allows you to keep everything together without it getting tangled too much.

The Goalrilla is very similar to the GOLME – not in design but in functionality – you’ll not only be able to use it for training but it’ll be fantastic for competitive matches and tournaments.

And you didn’t hear this from me – but, it’ll do wonders for your ego too! Imagine standing there looking at the beautiful monster that lies in front of you while coaches and players join you in admiration….

Blow this thing up and you’ll be amazed at how well it looks and you might even get a few pats on the back from fellow coaches and parents!

Okay I might be getting a little carried away. With the Goalrilla there’s always hope though!

Looking to impress everyone who’ll stand round long enough on match days?

Yeah – that’s me! Show me the Goalrilla Gamemaker.


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