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PowerNet Vs BowNet: Battle of the Bow-Style

PowerNet Vs BowNet

A LOT can be said for the versatility and functionality of a portable sports equipment.

Many sports require goals, rebounders or other equipment to ‘shape’ skill development and support players in becoming better players. And, it can be a challenge when the only options available are permanent fixtures that need to be shared among players, parents and coaches.

It can be real pain. 

This is where portable sports equipment really shows it’s merit.

While there are many brands on the market which advertise these products, two of the most common on the market today are PowerNet and Bownet.

Below what you will find is a comparison of the two brands which focuses on some of the key aspects many coaches need to know before digging deep into their pockets to invest.

Much of this information comes from user reviews and available product lists which are generated by Amazon along with information from each company’s specific websites.  Keep in mind that there are many similarities between these brands so pay close attention to the differences that are highlighted as these show each brands strengths over the other.

So without further ado….

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How about Bownet?

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Product Quality and Durability

Picture the scene. You go to your local store, grab the latest piece of equipment the guy behind the desk recommends. After squeezing it in

PowerNet Baseball and Softball Practice Net

The Powernet Baseball and Softball Practice Net (Bestseller)the car you take it home and start to assemble it.


‘….there goes your post support!’

Not exactly what you had in mind!

Whatever you’re looking for, whether it be a portable soccer goal or baseball rebounder / pitchback quality and durability trump most other variables.

Waiting on parts or a complete replacement takes valuable practice time and may even cause you to start stressing out.

And we don’t want want that do we?!

The quality of the product you buy is reflective of the brand itself.

  • PowerNet: The PowerNet was generally reviewed as being inferior to the Bownet across the board.  While there are plenty of reviews which state that Powernet equipment is just as good as Bownet, it was striking to see how many reviewers said just the opposite.  It is true that there were far more positive reviews for all products than there were negative, but the amount of negative reviews was much larger than Bownet.


  • Bownet: While some users did complain about defective parts or products breaking after a short time, these instances were far less than the competition.  What many users noted is that Bownet products are extremely durable and stay anchored easier than their PowerNet competitors.

Winner: Bownet

Customer Service

Accidents happen and things do break.  You may bend a pole wrong or have a nasty collision with the frame.

These things happen. 

There is also a chance that those who build and package these products make a mistake and you receive a product that is incomplete or incorrect.

The customer service policies for each of these manufacturing companies gives a One year warranty on all parts relating to most if not all of their products.

Please note: Amazon and other retailers who sell these products may offer varying warranties.

  • PowerNet: One year warranty
  • Bownet: One year warranty


Winner: Draw


Design and Size

While design and size might seem a small variable for most – it can have a huge effect on your players development.

Take this example; Imagine buying a full size portable soccer goal for your under 8’s? How’s that going to help them?

If anything, it’s going to massively hinder their development. Why? Well, what can an 7 or 8 year old learn by standing in a full size soccer net while everyone else smashes goal after goal past them?

Depending on your specific goals (no pun included!) as a coach – size does matter.

  • Want to focus on more outfield play? Grab a smaller net.
  • Want to improve you goalkeepers technical ability? Grab a bigger net.
  • Want to focus on something more advanced? Grab a rebounder and watch their first touch improve immensely

If you spend money on equipment that doesn’t work for you then you’ve just wasted your money.

‘The design of the equipment you buy needs to reflect the realistic purpose it is supposed to serve.’ – Tweet Me!

One of the key factors in the design of portable equipment like the ones offered by PowerNet and Bownet is the variety of sizes available to customers.  In many cases it comes down to individual products being slightly larger or smaller than the competitor.

Both brands also offer a quick set up feature for their nets that are very similar in design.

Based on the nets available on Amazon, Bownet have slightly more equipment sizes overall on offer at the moment. That said, the difference is very minimal, and unless you were looking to buy their whole stock up it probably wouldn’t make too much of a difference.

Also be aware, that both brands size their products up differently. For example; if you take a look at their soccer goals;

  • Powernet take the Height x Width approach
  • Bownet are taking the Width x Height approach.

So while the goals might look a different size on first inspection, they are in fact, the same size!

Winner: Draw



The ability to move a net from one area to another is a huge advantage of portable sports equipment.  It’s what makes them so attractive to coaches and players.

When examining these two brands, what I was able to discover is that both offer products that are highly portablethis really is one of their biggest selling points.

If you have the ability to carry items in excess of 15-20 lbs, you should be able to physically carry most of their products.

It is also worth noting that all items offered by both companies would be a challenge for anyone to move without a functionally appropriate vehicle.  I would not recommend anyone attempt to move from place to place while riding public transport or a bicycle as they tend to be quite long and would be difficult to manoeuvre in crowded areas!

Naturally, most products for both companies come with carry bags to help with transporting and storage, and ground stakes to keep everything in place when in use.


Disclaimer:  Before you assume that every single product sold does indeed come with the above extras (eg. a carry case), make sure you check out the product listings very carefully.

Sometimes products are sold by other sellers (which is why price tends to vary) and that ‘brand new’ soccer goal you’ve just bought turns out not to be brand new and for an extra pain in the proverbial doesn’t come with the nice bag you thought it did either!

If you’re looking for a second hand product at a slightly cheaper price then this is a great route to take but if you’re looking for something new, then make sure Powernet or Bownet is clearly stated near the top of the page.


Winner: Draw

Let me have look!
Looking for PowerNet Equipment?

Here's an updated list of their inventory

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How about Bownet?

Here's their inventory list on Amazon



One of the greatest controlling factors any coach needs to pay attention to before making a purchase is the price.

Depending on your needs, each brand offers a wide variety of options that can make purchasing from them the perfect option.

You can pay $30 and get a quality smaller net or you can pay $500 and get something that is much larger and just as effective.  With both Powernet and Bownet – there is a strong difference in price.

  • PowerNet: PowerNet’s products are generally around $50 cheaper than Bownet.  This is true on just about all of the soccer nets PowerNet sells for example.  This is, in my opinion, one of the most important factors which make PowerNet attractive for coaches on a budget. (See all Powernet products here..)


  • Bownet: Products from Bownet are more expensive across the board for nearly every product they manufacture and sell.


Winner: Powernet


Range of products

How great is it to be able to get all the portable sports equipment you need from one supplier?  You stay brand loyal and become an expert on what you love about that brand.

Not only that, but you’ll stock of equipment will make you look highly professional to other teams and parents. It can have a huge psychological effect if done properly.

The catch?

If you’re looking to stock up on a load of Powernet products, you’re going to have less of a selection to choose from.

(Side note: Powernet have started to increase their product range)

Bownet have, by far, more products on offer throughout all the sports they manufacture equipment for.

Here’s a quick calculation (okay there wasn’t that much math involved!) I did based on products available on Amazon.

  • PowerNet
    • Baseball/Softball: 10 options
    • Soccer: 10 options
    • Volleyball: 1 option
    • Golf: 1 option

Updated Powernet Inventory: See List on Amazon Here

  • Bownet
    • Baseball/Softball: 36 options
    • Soccer: 21 options
    • Volleyball: 2 options
    • Golf: 1 option
    • Basketball: 1 option
    • Lacrosse: 8 options
    • Tennis: 2 options
    • Football: 6 options
    • Hockey: 2 options

Updated Bownet Inventory: See List on Amazon Here

Winner: Bownet


Overall Value for Money

In the end you’re going to need to make a decision on what is most important to you when you decide which brand to buy from.

Do you value durability and performance more or is the cost of the item your biggest concern? 

Each brand has some key features which makes them stand apart as I highlighted above.  So which is the better deal for you?


PowerNet in a Nutshell…

PowernetWith PowerNet you are going to get a product that is less expensive and just might work for what you need – especially if you’re on a budget.  I would recommend products from PowerNet if what you are looking for is an item that will see light to moderate use or for players who are either young or need to target a very specific skill.

That said, many people have reported that some Powernet products do hold up and can be used on a continuous basis.

If you’re looking for a cheaper deal – then Powernet are no doubt one of the better options the market is offering.


Bownet in a Nutshell…

Bownet’s products are more expensive hands down.  The upside to Bownet is that they offer a much wider range of products with thBownet e versatility to be both portable and durable.

Many people found Bownet to be the superior brand when looking at their equipment in terms of durability.  So, if what you are after is a stronger product or an item from a brand which services a wide variety of equipment covering various different sports, Bownet may be your best option.



Let me have look!
Looking for PowerNet Equipment?

Here's an updated list of their inventory

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How about Bownet?

Here's their inventory list on Amazon


Which one will suit you and your team? PowerNet or Bownet? 

Let me know your thoughts below!

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