Quarterback (QB) Football Throwing Nets: Developing Precision Accuracy

QB Football Throwing Nets
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Best Quarterback Football Throwing Nets

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To most football athletes and fans alike, it is readily apparent that a quarterback needs more than a powerful arm – he needs an accurate one. Power without accuracy can lead to disaster.

That is why, whether you are coaching a quarterback or are one, you need a football throwing net (aka QB target net)

So, here we have put together a review of the best quarterback football throwing nets for you to consider when selecting a net for the quarterback in your life.

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SKLZ 4-in-1 Football Training Net
279 Reviews
SKLZ 4-in-1 Football Training Net
The SKLZ Quickster 4-in-1 Football Training Net is a multi-skill training net crafted by one of the best sport equipment manufacturers out there.

In Short:


  • 6 lbs, 7 ft x 4 ft
  • Includes carrying case for portability
  • Pre-connected poles for easy set-up
  • 4-in-1 net for kicking, punting, snapping and throwing practice
  • Adjustable target for tossing and throwing
  • All-weather ball catch-net to keep balls clean and contained

SKLZ Quickster 4-in-1 Review

This 4-in-1 football training net is ideal for a variety of training needs.

The high visibility target makes it is perfect for both snapping and throwing practice. The target is adjustable for more aiming options. For the quarterback needing to practice hitting various heights, this target will work well.

Remove the target and the net works both for kicking and punting practice.

It is constructed from heavy duty netting, steel corner joints, and a composite steel and fiberglass frame for strength and stability. Additionally, its framed feet extend back and it comes with four steel ground pegs. Regardless of how many or how hard the throws and kicks it receives, this net will not easily fall over.

Possible Drawbacks:

While the SKLZ Quickster 4-in-1 training net comes with an adjustable target, it does limit a quarterback’s practice to one target area at a time. If he needs to practice multiple target points, he will have to return to the net to adjust the target each time he needs it in a different location. But since repetition perfects a skill, this should not be a significant drawback.

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Bownet Q5 Training Net
15 Reviews
Bownet Q5 Training Net
The Bownet QB5 is truly a quarterback’s training net. Though it does not offer other types of practice, as the 4-in-1 Quickster does, it does provide five separate targets at once.

….this makes it more beneficial to the QB really wanting to perfect his aim.
In Short: 

  • Features:
    • 15 lbs, 8 ft x 8 ft
    • Includes carrying case for easy transport
    • 90 second set up time with no tools required
    • 5 ball pockets / targets for multiple targets in one practice net
    • Proprietary Energy Absorption System (E.A.S.) technology enabling it to withstand all size footballs and speeds without falling over


Bownet QB5 Review

The Bownet QB5 Football Throwing Screen Net is a top-quality net. Perfect for short passing drills, it helps a QB hone in on accuracy with 5 separate targets to throw to.

Solidly constructed with a steel frame, the Bownet’ E.A.S. technology ensures both this QB target net’s stability and longevity. It will not fall over during use and it will last a long time, even with frequent travel and daily use.

Best of all, for being so sturdy, it is very quick to put up. Bownet boasts a 90 second set up time.

Possible Drawbacks:

The biggest drawback to this QB net is its price. It is in fact the most expensive net in this review. However, as numerous customers of this product have reported – you kind of get what you pay for.

Though expensive, it provides precision practice for quarterbacks of varying levels and has a track record of lasting a long time even with heavy use.

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SKLZ Quickster QB Football Trainer
194 Reviews
SKLZ Quickster QB Football Trainer
This SKLZ Quickster QB Football Trainer net is a great precision passing trainer for QBs in training. With its three passing targets, it will be sure to help any QB improve.

In Short:

  • Features:
    • 6 lbs, 7 ft x 7 ft
    • Comes with carry bag for easy transport and storage
    • 3 precision passing targets located in prime receiving heights
    • 3-ply polyester netting, SKLZ Tension-Tite frame, and four ground stakes to improve durability and stability
    • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
    • Quick set-up and tear down

SKLZ Quickster QB Football Trainer Review

The SKLZ Quickster QB Football Trainer with 3 target nets is great for training precision aim. Each target net is placed strategically to help training QBs hit prime receiving areas.

With relatively easy set-up and tear down, this net is perfect for footballers of every age. The additional ground stakes plus sturdy frame allows for lots of throws without being easily knocked over.

Possible Drawbacks:

While perfect for practicing aim with its three separate targets, this SKLZ net may topple over easily on very hard throws. Be sure to use this SKLZ Quickster’s ground stakes, especially for older, stronger throwers, and all should be well.


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BSN Sports Passing Drill Net
The BSN Sports Passing Drill Net is a true QB’s training tool. Made to attach to the football goal crossbar, its numerous targets, including two adjustable targets, make it perfect for the serious athlete.

In Short:

  • Features:
    • 6 pounds, 21 x 8 x 8 inches
    • 5 color targets: 3 fixed + 2 detachable / relocatable
    • Sewn-in hook and loop straps to attach to field goal crossbar
    • Vinyl bordered braided, knotless HTPP black netting for durability
    • Grommets along bottom allow for staking into ground

BSN Sports Passing Drill Net Review

This net is an ideal tool for coaches to have on hand for serious training. It does require the field goal post for set up, but its five targets are perfect for true aiming practice.

The two adjustable targets provide a constant challenge to the QB to hone his aim. All targets are brightly colored. Due to the size of the net and targets, it is the best thus far reviewed for practicing long distance throws. However, it can still be used for short-pass practice as well.

Though not practical for practice at home, it is light-weight enough for easy transport. An individual with access to a public park with a football field or their team’s field can use it for personal practice. Overall, however, it is likely best for a coach or team.

Possible Drawbacks:

The main draw-back to this net is that it is not for at-home use. For the serious QB training, though, it provides greater aiming practice for both short and long passes as well as better opportunity to practice set up and follow through for each pass.


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