SKLZ Soccer: The Best SKLZ Soccer Goals: Reviews & Expert Tips

SKLZ Soccer Goal Reviews

SKLZ Soccer Goals Reviews

There’s no denying it – SKLZ are one of the preeminent suppliers of soccer goals on the market at the moment.

What SKLZ offer to you as a coach is not only the versatility in their soccer goals but the affordability too. Now, SKLZ’s goals do come in multiple sizes, styles, and ultimately in a range of different prices – but, what this allows them to do is create a product that targets you perfectly, no matter what ability or age your coaching at.

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I’ve been using SKLZ equipment now for the past few years, and while their unique design and very reasonably prices do help (especially when on a budget) – it comes with its drawbacks.

That said however, let’s start with the positive first;

Whats So Good About SKLZ Anyway?

SKLZ are quickly building a strong reputation among players, coaches and parents.

With their slick marketing videos and professional player endorsements – you know, they’re doing pretty well!

But why? Well here’s some reasons to get your teeth sunk into….

Customer Service:

While this has nothing to do directly with soccer, myself and the girlfriend are having a bit of nightmare with our energy company at the moment.

Their customer service is nothing shy of appalling.

And it reminds me back when we had a faulty Quickster (more on the Quickster below) goal arrive at the club I was coaching at a few years back.

A ‘quick’ phone call and a nice chat to the lovely woman on the other end of the phone and we had another Quickster on its way.

If only it were so easy for our energy company to understand…..


Not so long ago in a near distant past, having more than about 5 soccer goals to choose from was considered a luxury.

Now? A quick search online will unearth thousands of them.

While you can pay a ridiculous sum of money for a soccer goal these days, and equally pay pennies for another – SKLZ soccer goals find themselves right in the middle price range.

Giving you good value for your money.

Product Range

With a huge range of products from soccer goals right through to their baseball rebounders, SKLZ seem to be right at the cutting-edge of things.

Why does this matter? Well, buying something from SKLZ you’re not only getting something from a reputable Brand but a Brand that aims to around for a long time yet.

Expect their products to get better.

Don’t hold my word to this but, if SKLZ ‘don’t have one…’ it probably fits into one of the 3 following categories;

  • It doesn’t exist
  • It’ll cost more than an arm and a leg (you may up losing your mind over it too…)
  • Or, they just ain’t that interested…


While each individual SKLZ soccer goal will have its own individual benefits, SKLZ’s customer service, price and product range make them one of biggest and best ‘players in the game’.

That said they’re not perfect and handling these soccer goals over the last few years has given me plenty to ‘report’ back on.


Where to start?

It was Easter 201…..


SKLZ Quickster Soccer Goal: (The Beginners – Intermediate Goal)

  • 18lbs: Lightweight goal easy to carry to and from ‘storage unit’ or transport
  • Sets up in under 2 minutes – so no more 45 minute set up times
  • Can be used on multiple surfaces: Both indoor and outdoor
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Naturally, an easy to carry bag is included as well


2012…I think. I had to set these things up, dismantling them, transport them from 2 different facilities twice a day and do it 6 times over for three pitches we had.


Don’t worry by the end of the 2 weeks I too was ready to eat the bag they came in! But one things for sure, if anyone knew how to set these things up in record time it was me.

Like all good relationships though we did have are disagreements however!

SKLZ Quickster Soccer Goal Review

  • Setup / Dismantling

The SKLZ Quickster Soccer goal is the perfect goal for any coach who is interested in a having a net accessible on a moment’s notice.  Once you get the hang of it literally takes less than 2 minutes to set up which is perfect is you’re a coach you constantly who’s constantly on the go.

Most of the goal is attached via internal bungee cord so you can’t lose the bits! The only bit that don’t come attached to the main frame are the posts and the net itself.

  • Price

Compared to other goals in the same category, the SKLZ is priced really well. Price’s do tend to fluctuate throughout the year however so, if you haven’t already got one of these head over here to Amazon to see what it’s going for at the moment.

  • Portability

With a nice easy to carry bag, transporting these goals is pretty easy. I will say however, you wouldn’t want to carry more than two for any sustained period of time. They tend to be on the longer side of things and will end up becoming a little uncomfortable. Perfect if you’re pulling them in and out of a vehicle.

On public transport? You’ll need some patience. And so will the people you’ll inevitably end up hitting throughout the day!

  • Durability

They are durable goals if used with the right players. Any player under the age of 12 will be perfect. There aren’t meant to be left outside however, you’ll need to pack them up into their bags once you’re finished if you want them to last.

  • Best Suited For?
    • Coaches with minimal setup time
    • Coaches with transport
    • Players under 12
    • Indoors – won’t mark floor
  • Con’s

What was my big disagreement with this goal?

The posts. The post are made in such a way where they need to be pulled out and extended. If you end up using this goal with older more powerful players – expect that post to slide down again, and again…..and again. If you’ve the patience I congratulate you!

I did notice however, with younger players I didn’t have this problem anywhere near as much.

  • What’s included?
    • Stakes for outdoor use to net stays in place – even in the wind!
    • Ease to use Carry Bag

Anything else?

The goal is constructed using Tension Tite frame technology where each tube securely clicks together.  The goal is equipped with 2 ply netting and the entire face of the goal is covered in heavy duty tarpaulin for added durability.



SKLZ Pro Mini Soccer Goal (The Smallest Goal)

  • Works well both indoors and outdoors
  • 5” foam soccer ball included – Great for younger players
  • Dimensions 22 x 15 ¾ x 16 – Smallest SKLZ goal
  • Has the look and feel of an authentic pro style net – Positively encourages younger players
  • Very durable once set up – To withstand the future Ronaldo’s!

Don’t let the size of the SKLZ PRO Mini deceive you.

You see there are really an infinite ways you can incorporate this goal into your training – no matter what age you coach.

While initially made for a much younger age group, you’ll see in a minute with a few adaptions, you’ll be able to use it with older players too.

Set Up / Dismantling

For a set of smaller goals you might have a little bit of trouble initially putting the net together. Small goal, small parts, little bit fiddly but once it’s up you’ll feel as if you’re king of the world with your little mini professional looking goal!

Dismantling? Well not so much. Once you have it up you’ll probably want to keep it up. Don’t think it was made to be constantly taken apart. So, if it’s a goal you think would suit your players then I recommend you have somewhere to store it.

  • Portability

Hanging on from our last bit – it’s not the most portable of goals. Again, if you’ve got one place to store it where you’ve got no problem in pulling it out when you need it – then that’s fine.

Looking to haul in and your of your car? Wouldn’t recommend it!

  • Durability

Surprisingly, it’s pretty durable goal. Again, don’t let the size throw you off! Worth noting though, if you are going to use it for older players (more on that below) that durability factor might decrease a little…!

  • Price

If you simply measure price against size….you’ll probably be disappointed. Against durability however, you’re looking at a great price.

  • Con’s

I’d say the biggest con would be the durability factor amongst older players.

While, I highly recommend changing training to focus on other areas of the game apart from shooting and scoring (which this goal would be FANTASTIC for) it could accelerate the wear and tear a little.

That said, if you do want to use it outside for young AND older players make sure you pick up a set of stakes to hold it down.

Another slightly annoying thing is the fact that you get one goal – you’ll have to pay double for a second.

Best Suited For:

  • Toddlers to younger players
  • Coaches looking to alternatively challenge their players (younger AND older)

What’s Included?

  • Foam ball

Anything Else?



SKLZ Pro Soccer Training Goal Review (The Most Durable Goal)

  • 4 sizes available – to cater for all age groups
  • Ideal for use on either turf or grass
  • Easy to set up in 2-4 minutes
  • Extremely light considering the size
  • Resembles an authentic goal in colour and design
  • Stakes and rolling bag included
  • Able to withstand heavy usage – great for older players

Remember my gripe with the Quickster? Well, SKLZ seemed to have addressed that with the Pro Training Goal.

With flexible double-posts on each side that attach to the front and the back of the net you’re now given some extra sturdiness for those harder shots. Not only will goal not break, but it’ll ‘soak’ those harder shots a lot better.

An improved net and an extra size added in for good measure, takes this SKLZ goal way past the original.

  • Setup / Dismantling

You’re looking at pretty much the same setup and dismantling time as the Quickster – although with a few added things it might take a while to get used to it.

  • Portability

Naturally, the PRO also comes with a carry case that’ll make thing’s a lot easier.

Because of the extra features to make this goal so durable and good at withstanding shots there is an extra added weight. Keeping in trend, the bag is slightly bigger as well.

That said though, if you’re transporting it using your car or even using an onsite storage unit you’ll be absolutely fine.

  • Durability

Kind of already touched on this one but here it is again – this goal is durable.

Don’t believe me? (show me some reviews on Amazon!)

Have a look for yourself.

The added support from an extra post / rod and the way in which both rods attach to the front and back of the net allows even the hardest of shots to keep pounding away at this goal.

  • Price

It is the most expensive SKLZ goal. Worth noting though, it’s still considerably cheaper than the other bigger players in the market.

Naturally, price will decrease depending on what size you need.

  • Cons

The extra added weight and size of the carry bag does end being a little bit annoying. But hey, we can’t have it both ways can we?!

Best Suited For:

  • Coaches who coach older players
  • Training

What’s Included?

  • Carry Case to make transporting as easy as possible
  • 4 x Ground stakes to keep it in place

While the original Quickster was a decent goal the time spent fiddling with the net between goals was a pain in the backside.

The PRO Training goal has been specifically built to eliminate that problem so you can spend less time fixing the goal and more time on your players development.

Anything else?

Did I say it was durable?

Wrapping it all Up

Out of all the goals I’ve used these goals have not only been around a long time but they’ve made it into almost every coaching environment I’ve worked in. They are, all said and done extremely portable, easy to set up and dismantle and have a good ‘lifetime’.

The three goals I went into above don’t have to be used for their ‘intended’ purpose either – with a little bit of creativity and innovation each goal have its cross-over and unique ways of using it. All in all great goals from a solid brand.

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