5 Attacking Drills to Scare The Oppositions Defenders

Soccer attacking drills

Looking for some great soccer attacking drills? Look no further – below we have listed 5 great soccer attacking drills that can help instill fear and confusion into your oppositions defenders.

Theres a nice selction of attacking warm up drills, small sided games and training practices you can adapt to suit the age and abilities ranges of your players.


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Soccer Coaching Attacking Drill: Warm Up

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In this warm up, players must move as if they were preparing to attack the goal.  The setup for this drill is very basic.  The field of play is designed using 4 cones in a 20×20 area.  The cones are organized in a rough diamond shaped pattern in the center of the field.  Two small practice nets are set up on either end of the starting side.  Two lines of players start the drill on the inside of either net.

The initial step of this drill is for players to move from the common starting cone directly in front of them.  Their movements can vary based upon the coach’s directions.  Players must then diverge from the initial cone and move in a straight line to the inside of the middle cone on either side of the diamond pattern before once again coming together at the final cone across the field.  Once there, each player must race back to their starting line, this time moving on the outside of the diamond of cones.

The drill then progresses where all players must complete the same pattern of movements, though with a ball this time.  The way they move the ball is dictated by the coach’s directions.  Once players begin to return with the ball, they must move beyond a defender before taking a shot on goal.

Top Three Tips

Utilize the Whole Foot: Familiarizes players to the versatile ways they can move the ball with their foot

Player Readiness: A variety of drills keeps players alert for various game time circumstances

Improved Agility: Players practice a variety of foot and ball movements



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Attacking Soccer Activity: 4 Goal Chaos Small Sided Game

This drill is a perfect fast paced game for small sided practice.  The field of play is structured to have four small goals positioned in a square.  Teams are limited to three players each.  The role of the coach in this exercise is to pass balls in one at a time to alternating teams.  Only one ball is in play at any point in time.

The objective of this game is quick ball movement and solid communication.  There is no one player designated as a goalie, though all players act as both defense and offense.  The team who receives the ball from the coach at the start must pass the ball to one of the teammates.  The receiving player must then work to retain possession while also looking to move the ball to their third teammate.  Once this player touches the ball, they can work to take a shot on goal.

Top Three Tips

Continuous Movement: By moving throughout the field, players create space to receive the ball

Defensive Awareness: Keeping an eye on defender positioning lets receiving players find opportunities

Strong Communication: Getting the attention of teammates through a variety of means keeps them alert

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Attacking Exercises to Improve Soccer Technique

This exercise is perfect for working on 2 vs. 1 situations.  It can be done on a standard field with a goal positioned at one end and rows of cones dictating the dimensions of play.  The cones merely dictate the edges of the field but do not necessary limit play should players or the ball move slightly beyond them.  Five players are needed in order to successfully run the drill, though their positions are roles can adjust as needed.

The game begins with one player passing the ball in to a receiving player (Player One).  Player One must then turn and pass the ball to a second player (Player Two).  Player Two will have a defensive opponent applying pressure.  The goal of Player Two is to successfully receive the ball and quickly pass it to a third teammate (Player Three).

Once Player Three has gained possession, they must then return up the field towards the goal. The defender who had originally applied pressure to Player Two must now work in a 2 vs. 1 situation until the ball moves beyond the half way point of the field.  Once it is past this point, the original receiving player, Player One, must act as a defender in an attempt to stop the movement of the ball towards the goal.  Players Two and Three need to pass the ball between them in order to find an opportunity to take a shot and finish the game.

Top Three Tips

Strong First Touch: Initial control and movement gives defending players less time to adjust

Field Awareness:  Being aware of where defenders are positioned prevents unnecessary off-sides calls

Communicate Attack: Broadcasting movements lets teammates anticipate shot opportunities

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Soccer Coaching Attacking Drill: Small-Sided Game

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This small sided game is an excellent tool for teaching to adapt and capitalize on overload situations.  The field of play is reduced for this small sided exercise and has two goals in play.  A line or other marking down the center separates the field into two equal halves.

Teams are broken into two teams of four with one player from each team designated at goalie.  One additional player is also positioned on the field, though they only act as support for the attacking team.  One half of the field has a one vs. one matchup with the opposite half having a two vs. two.  Players may not move across the midline unless they are the one additional player supporting the attacking team.

The purpose of this drill is to increase the tempo of play and to encourage players to capitalize on overload situations.  An overload situation is one in which the attacking team has either a 2 vs. 1 or 3 vs. 2 advantage.  The play continues until an attacking team scores a goal.


Top Three Tips

Increase Tempo: A faster tempo gets players used to game time action

Quick Decisions: Players react quickly to ball movements and capitalize on opportunities

Counter Attacks: Fast breaks put players in ready scoring position



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