Top 5 Soccer Coaching Tactics Board’s and Apps to Stay Organized

Soccer Coaching Clipboards & Apps

Finding different ways to communicate to your players is hugely important…

Skills, tactics, and positions are just some of areas of knowledge you’ll need to impart on your young budding superstars. But, as any soccer coach will know being able to share your knowledge with young energetic players can be hard…

Simply put; sometimes they listen, sometimes they don’t!

So how can you support your players while minimizing the risk of confusion and keeping your training sessions engaging?

It comes in a little, under-estimated and under-used training tool.

Soccer Coaching Clipboards

Soccer coaching clipboards can;

  • Save you time
  • Provide you with a visual aid
  • Help your players understand complex drills and tactics better
  • Be carried anywhere
  • Be reusable
  • Be a very inexpensive purchase

Below I’ve listed a number of physical clipboards you can carry and keep in your training bag along with a few digital apps so keeps things ultra-portable.


Kwik Goal Soccer Clipboard

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Kwik Goal Soccer Clipboard
136 Reviews
Kwik Goal Soccer Clipboard
The Kwik Goal Soccer Clipboard is a great on the go clipboard perfect for detailing plays on the fly. It is a dry erase board with a detailed map of the entire soccer field on it.
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The board comes equipped with a dry erase marker, a Velcro section to make keeping track of your marker a synch, and a strong clip to help keep papers where they need to be.

The Kwik Goal Soccer Clipboard is also designed to be larger than any average clipboard giving you more room to work with when detailing plays.  This clipboard allows any coach the ability to draw up detailed plays that identify where a player needs to be and what they need to do next.



Crown Sporting Goods Dry Erase Soccer Coaching Clipboard

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Crown Sporting Goods Dry Erase Soccer Coaching Clipboard
252 Reviews
Crown Sporting Goods Dry Erase Soccer Coaching Clipboard
Crown Sporting Goods Soccer Coaching Clipboard is an excellent choice for any coach looking for dependability in their clipboard. This model is made from an extremely durable material and is able to withstand the day to day abuses that often plague a coach’s clipboard.
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It is a dry erase board and is easily cleaned off without any lasting marks.  The board comes with a full diagram of a soccer field emblazed on its front and is perfect for any coach looking to help their players visualize how a play should run or where to line up next.

One of the greatest features of this board is that the diagram is scratch resistant and won’t peel off like other models.  This design also provides a dependable clip at the top to keep any additional papers organized as you stay on the move.



AGORA Dual Sided Magnetic Dry Erase Board

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AGORA Dual Sided Magnetic Dry Erase Board
110 Reviews
AGORA Dual Sided Magnetic Dry Erase Board
The Agora Dual Sided Magnetic Dry Erase Board is a great tool for any coach looking to get more from less. For starters, this board is dual sided.
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On one side, you have a detailed map of an entire soccer field.  The reverse side provides you with an up close view of only half the field.  Apart from its handy dry erase feature, this board is magnetic.  This gives you the option to not only design detailed plays, but to show individual players where they should move in conjunction with the ball.

No matter if you are using the full field or just half, this board allows any coach the chance to better explain to players of all ages exactly what they need to do without a mess of confusing arrows or conflicting marks.  Best of all, Agora provides you with both the magnets and the markers you need to show your players everything you intend.


AGPtEK Football /Soccer Coach Magnetic Board

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AGPtEK Soccer Magnetic Board
296 Reviews
AGPtEK Soccer Magnetic Board
The AGPtEK Football/Soccer Coach Clipboard is another excellent option for any coach looking for a way to improve their coaching capabilities.
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This is one of the easiest and most stylish boards to travel with thanks to its foldable design.  When folded, the board has the appearance and dimensions of a leather folder.

Once unfolded, the board measures nearly 16” in length and details the a full soccer field in its entirety.  The board itself is both magnetic and dry erase capable giving you the option adjust how you design plays and work with your team.

Both the magnetic pieces and the dry erase markers are included with the purchase of this board and can both be easily secured within the board when not in use.


Kwik Goal Soccer Magnetic Board ( MB-2 )

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Kwik Goal Soccer Magnetic Board
261 Reviews
Kwik Goal Soccer Magnetic Board
If a dependable, easy to manage clipboard is on your list of must have for coaching soccer then you should consider the Kwik Goal Soccer Magnetic Board (MB-2).
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Not only is this clipboard constructed with a tough vinyl exterior capable of standing up to the extremes of coaching on the go, it folds up making it easier than ever for any coach to stay on the move and be organized at the same time.

When unfolded, the board has a full magnetic soccer field diagram on one side and a clipboard on the other.  This gives you the chance to draw up plans on the included Kwik Practice Sheets and then show players how individual plays should run using the provided magnets.


Soccer Coaching Apps

Imagine driving down the road one day and a session, drill or training idea pops into your head. What do you do?

Go home grab your magnetic clipboard and start drawning your ideas? Or reach in your pocket, load up an App and make the notes on there?

Choosing the latter tends to be quicker – and for that reason here are some great apps you can use along-side your physical clipboard.


Coachbase Limited Soccer Coach’s Clipboard

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With all the advances in technology, it is no surprise that the art coaching soccer has been taken to the next level.  Coachbase Limited has designed the Soccer Coach’s clipboard with versatility and functionality in mind.  This app can be synched across any Apple computer or mobile device giving you the ability to work on plays from wherever you may be.

Each play can be animated and customized so that every player can see the intended course of action and can follow their direct instructions.  The options don’t stop there though.

This app allows any coach to use professional drawing tools in order to provide a much clearer understanding of how a play is designed to run and to cut down on any confusion.   Feel free to share drills effortlessly via a Web link, as a PDF file, or image.

Sounds like something that suits you? You can check it out on the Apple Store here



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Looking for an easy to use coaching app to make your job as a soccer coach easier?  Soccer Sketch has some great features that may make the duties of coaching a lot simpler and leave you with more time to spend actually coaching.

This app gives any coach the ability to choose from 120 individual images to help highlight all aspects of a play from beginning to end.  Once you have a drill outlined and illustrated, it can then be saved as a JPEG file capable of being shared or can just as easily be printed off.

All drills you create using the Soccer Sketch app are saved as a ssd file, specially designed for Soccer Sketch, and can be accessed at any point later on to be adjusted and reworked as needed.

You can check out SoccerSketch here


MMP Soccer

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Mobile Match Prep (MMP) is a fantastic virtual soccer clipboard ready for any soccer coach who wants to develop plays and engage players in ways like never before.

Before you even begin planning your next practice session, the MMP app comes fully loaded with a wealth of information covering topics such as the 25 Elements of Successful Soccer Play as well as a wide variety of regularly updated drills aimed at individual areas of the game.

Depending on the needs of your team, the MMP app can also highlight the strengths and weaknesses for a number of potential formations that come preloaded on the app.  This gives you the versatility to recognize an opponent/s probable weakness and the knowledge of how to best capitalize on it to help lead your team to victory.

You can see more on MMP Soccer 


Football Dood (Soccer)

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Soccer Dood is a great coaching clipboard app.  It allows coaches the ability to use a variety of images to illustrate movements of individual players while maintaining a clear picture of the field.  This keeps players from losing track of where they need to be or getting confused about what their role in the drill is.  Players are easy to move about the field making the job of designing very specific drill a breeze.

You can also add text and animations to each play helping to further clarify what should happen at exactly the time it needs to.  All your plays can be easily saved and shared with other coaches and players freeing you up from the responsibilities that come with having to remember a catalogue of drills and plays.
Here’s the link for Football Dood


Assistant Coach Soccer

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Assistant Coach Soccer may be the most comprehensive soccer clipboard app available today.  This app allows you to keep track of not only individual plays, but the players as well.  With this app, you can manage and update your team’s scheduled practices and games, easily keep track individual player and team stats, and develop a wide range of skill specific drills and plays.

The Assistant Coach Soccer app gives every user the ability to communicate with players and other coaches and share your next practice plan making it clear what to expect and how you intend it to go.  You can also build your very own exercise archive complete with your favourite plays.

You even have the ability to attach videos of players performing the skills so players can get an even better understanding of what they should be doing and when.

You can check it out here on the Google Play Store


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