Soccer Goal Targets: Improving Cognitive Shooting Awareness

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Increase Shooting And Passing Conversion Rates By Improving Power To Accuracy Ratio With a Properly Designed, Easy-To-Setup, Portable Soccer Goal Target

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I’ll be completely honest….

As a child, growing up idolizing David Beckham in my nice new shiny Predators, the only ‘target’ I used was the jacket or sweater I had on my back.

Either myself or a friend (usually a friend as I was always the shortest..) would tie our jacket or sweater round the net or crossbar and away we went.

It worked…for the most part, and the amount improvement we would see in our shooting was immense – the best thing? We were improving whilst having fun.

Fast forward a couple of years…..a decade…and a bit…. I started my journey into coaching. Again, as a lot of my work was casual based (meaning I didn’t have any set hours) I still couldn’t afford one of those nice soccer goal targets – so we used bibs and pinnies.

Looking back on it – it made sense. I used different colors to represent different points, I wasn’t ruining any clothes and the kids I was coaching were improving whilst again having fun.

The problem? Well firstly it doesn’t look all that professional. Second, you’re pretty limited in what you can achieve with a bunch of pinnies and lastly – in comparison to a real target, taking down all those pinnies hanging on your net takes an awful lot of time.

Fast forward to the day I used a real soccer goal target and the whole idea of target practice changed dramatically…

Soccer Goal Targets: Why?

Soccer goal targets are brilliant pieces of equipment that can bring all sorts of benefits. Here’s a few to note;

  • Great for individuals and team training
  • Many come with different targets sizes and positions so you can develop a variety of shots and techniques
  • They’re incredible simple to setup and take down
  • They help in developing both shooting and passing
  • Can help players develop a better power to accuracy ratio – which is an often ignored part of shooting
  • Many come with additional features that help increase the challenge and make it more fun
  • Improve visualization and cognitive awareness through repetition
  • Provide both audible and visual instant
  • Come in multiple sizes which is great for different age groups and abilities
  • Extremely portable and lightweight which can make transporting them a breeze

Top 3 Best Soccer Goal Targets

With that all said it should be pretty easy to see why a soccer goal target can be a great investment. Below I have listed a few of top goal targets currently on the market and reviewed their best features.

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Quickplay Soccer Goal Target

Quickplay Soccer Goal Target
378 Reviews
Quickplay Soccer Goal Target
This net comes with 7 target zones and a set of color-coded velcro marker to not only help improve overall accuracy but decision making under pressure too...

In Short:

  • 7 Target Zones
  • Color-Coded Velcro Markers
  • Bungee Cord Attachments
  • Available in Sizes; 12×6 / 16×7 / 24×8 / 3x2m

First up we’ve got the Quickplay Soccer Goal Target. Out of all the targets I’ll go through this is probably the target net with the most amount of features.

7 targets in total….

In total in comes with 7 targets – 3 target holes located in the center of the net and 4 in each corner. This gives a good variety of targets to practice with.

Each target ‘hole’ comes complete with a pocket net that catches any successful shot – this makes retrieving the balls far easier than picking up from the back of the goal.

Velcro color-coded markers….

In addition to the 7 target zones you’re also given color-coded Velcro markers to attach around each target zone. Each marker can be used a visual cue to allow for progression of drills. This opens up a whole array of different types of drills that improves more than just shot accuracy but also cognitive awareness too.

Example Shooting Drill:

  • Step 1: Coach attaches Velcro markers to each target (eg: red above the top right target / blue above the top left target etc.)
  • Step 2: As the ball is played into the player the coach shouts a color (in this case – red)
  • Step 3: Now under pressure, the player must choose the right shot and technique to hit the zone with the red marker above it – in this case the top right hand target.
  • Step 4: Continue with other colors
  • Step 5: Change the colored marker positions to represent new targets

Setup & Dismantling

The net uses a set of bungee cords to hold the net tight to the goal frame. Bungee cords are simple to use and can be easily replaced if they break.

Quick Summary….

The color-coded feature alone is well worth the small investment of this net. You’ve also got a good choice of sizes available too.

Overall, the value for money this target net provides is second to none.

Another great option for practice is a portable goal or rebounder.

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SCOREMORE Soccer Training Targets

SCOREMORE Soccer Training Targets
175 Reviews
SCOREMORE Soccer Training Targets
These flexible targets can be attached to anywhere around the goal you need them to be. Once hit, they'll provide you will instant audible and visual feedback helping you improve you're overall finishing game

In Short:

  • Flexible Targets
  • Instant Audible Feedback
  • Take up less space – leaving room for a goalkeeper

Next on the list we’ve got a different designed target. Instead of the usual nets you’ll come across the SCOREMORE Training Targets take up far less room in the goal that you’re average net and can be used anywhere along the crossbar and posts.

Flexible targets

This gives you a slightly better option if you want to work both the goalkeeper and the outfield player at the same time. Simply attach each target to the area on the goal you want and start shooting.

Each target is designed to give-way and flex back into position once hit.

Instant Feedback

An incredibly important part of learning is feedback – and more importantly instant feedback. The quicker the feedback the quicker you can learn, adjust and ultimately improve.

Visual feedback is pretty easy to..…well, see. You hit the post, you hit the back of the net or you hit the target zone.

The SCOREMORE Target not only gives this same sort of visual feedback but the flexible-snap feature of the targets also gives you instant audible feedback too.

This allows you to both hear and see your improvement.

Setup & Dismantling

The SCOREMORE Targets use Velcro straps that attach to the crossbar or posts

Quick Summary…

You’ve got a few options with this one; 1 target, 2 targets and 4 targets with a bonus bag at reasonable prices.

In comparison to its competitors it offers something a bit more unique without the need for untangling and setting up nets.

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FORZA Pro Target Sheets

FORZA Pro Target Sheets
171 Reviews
FORZA Pro Target Sheets
Great if you already own a set of FORZA's. With 9 sizes available you'll have every age group and ability taken care off at a great price

In Short;

  • 9 Sizes Available
  • Great if you already own a FORZA soccer goal
  • Decent price point

Then we’ve a set of target nets from FORZA. These are especially useful if you’ve already got yourself a FORZA goal or two that you use. That said however, with 9 sizes ranging from 5×4 right up to 24×8 these nets will have you covered for most other full size and portable soccer goals on the market.

9 Different Sizes and Designs

The FORZA target net comes in 9 different sizes with various target zones at different heights located around the face of the net.

Unlike the Quickplay however, these nets don’t come with a ‘pocket’ option to catch the balls – so you will have to retrieve the balls from inside the goal once you’re done – which may mean undoing some of the bungee cords to get at the balls.

Setup and Dismantling

Same sort of setup and packing away as required by the Quickplay – using bungee cords

Quick Summary….

Overall not as unique as the SCOREMORE and not as versatile as the Quickplay – But with 9 sizes available you’ll have most age groups and abilities covered at very good price.

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Other Soccer Targets on The Market

SKLZ Goalshot
204 Reviews
SKLZ Goalshot
Overall I have a lot of good things to say about SKLZ products. In regards to this net however I think the Quickplay net offers a better value for money deal. With that said however, I know a few coaches who have purchased this net from SKLZ and absolutely love it. It’s got a 4 corner target zone design and there’s no denying that it certainly looks the part.
Golden Goal Target
129 Reviews
Golden Goal Target
Again, while this target offers something similar to the SCOREMORE targets – I felt the SCOREMORE targets offered more overall value. These are great targets though if you’re looking for something really cheap and they can double-up when used across other sports as well

Wrapping it all up….

When purchasing a target net you’ve got 3 really strong options on the table each one offering its own unique benefits.

Quick note however…

If you plan to use these targets with younger age groups I recommend that you purchase softer balls. These will be easier to use and get off the ground in comparison to heavier leather balls.

Another thing to keep in mind where possible is to buy the right sized net for the right age group and abilities. There’s nothing worse than buying a 24×8 target net for a 6 year old that can’t even get the ball off the floor.

Overall, the SCOREMORE targets offer something a little more unique and the instant audible feedback could do help with your shooting more than you realize.

If you already own a FORZA soccer goal or you’re looking to use the target net with younger age groups then I suggest checking out the FORZA Goal Sheets.

Personally, I’d recommend the Quickplay target over the others as I feel the versatility of the net really shines through. The color-coded Velcro straps are small stroke of genius that opens up a whole host of drill ideas for you to practice with.

Which net or target will you choose?

All the best

  • Coach

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