10 Cheap Soccer Goals Under $100: Best Soccer Goals $100 Can Buy

Soccer Goals under $100

How does ‘catching’ a soccer goal deal under $100 sound?

If you let it, choosing a soccer goal can become a right pain in the behind. I mean, you’ve got portable soccer goals, soccer goals with wheels, pop up soccer goals, indoor soccer goals, futsal goals, cheap soccer goals, expensive soccer goals….I could keep going.

It all leads to the same point. There’s a lot choice out there.

Below I’ve compiled a list of the best soccer goals priced under $100 currently on the market.

While your first thoughts may be questioning whether or not you can pick a decent soccer goal for under $100, it’s well worth noting and bearing in mind that some of these goals are incredibly durable, easy to put together and in most cases simple to pack away and transport to where ever you need to use it next.

In fact, you’ll soon see, some of the soccer goals below have actually made our ‘Top Portable Soccer Goals’ list for this year.

Anyway, with all that said – here’s the top 10 best soccer goals under $100.

#1: GOLME Pro Pop up Soccer Goals

These little beauties are the smaller, more compact ‘cousins’ to the GOLME PRO full size soccer goal.

Pop up soccer goals with designs like the GOLME Pro Pop Up are great for younger players and small sided games that focus less on scoring and more on ‘playing the game’.

Every coach should have a few of these in their equipment ‘arsenal’.

Not only can they be assembled in less than a couple of seconds but they can also be packed away and stored quicker than Usain can run 100m.

These goals made our top 3 ‘pop up goals’ for this year – you can check them out here. 



#2: Powernet 6 x 4 Ft

Powernet are the cheaper and (slightly) less durable (see here for more information) alternative brand to Bownet.

Here we’ve got their 6 X 4 soccer goal which is perfect for most age groups. It’s also worth noting that most Powernet Soccer Goals can be doubled up and used indoors providing you’ve got some sandbags to stop them from moving around all the time.

You can find the 6×4 Powernet Soccer goal here on Amazon which comes in under $100.


Franklin Sports Blackhawk Portable Soccer Goal

The Franklin Blackhawk soccer goal is very similar to the GOLME PRO pop up – it folds and pops up in pretty much the same fashion as most other pop up soccer goals.

It does however come with a slightly more unique square shape design.


Yaheetech Profesional Soccer Goal

I’ve been working in youth soccer now for over 10 years – in that time I’ve seen and used huge amounts of equipment – Yaheetech isn’t one of those.

I’ll admit – I’ve never used it but judging by amount of reviews and its current review rating, there are quite a few people who seem to enjoy it.

And, if $100 is your budget then you have a little spare cash to grab something else while you’re over there…


SKLZ 8 x5 Soccer Goal & Soccer Rebounder Combo

With the SKLZ Combo – not only do you get a goal but you’ll also get a rebounder too – great if you’re looking to keep the amount of equipment to a minimum. You’ll be able to deliver an effective session and transfer to small sided games all using the same equipment. This one’s well worth a look.

Side Note: This is currently off the market at the moment. SKLZ are prone to updating their inventory so keep an eye on their listings.


Bownet 3 x 5

A true ‘mini’ soccer goal. And while you may think $100 is a lot of money for not a lot of goal – it’s worth bearing in mind that Bownet tend to be very durable soccer goals.

The Bownet 3 x 5 is a great goal especially for small side games where you want to focus on a specific skill for example that you’ve tried laying out previously in your training session.

And, just because it’s small does NOT mean older players can’t use it. I’d argue, your training session will be better using smaller goals.


Lifetime Adjustable Soccer Goal

Another one I reviewed over here if you’re interested. The Lifetime Adjustable soccer goal comes with a similar benefits as the SKLZ Combo.

If you’re coaching multiple age groups, in multiple venues this one’s well worth looking into.



FORZA Soccer Goals

Pretty new on the US marketplace, but Net World Sports have been selling soccer goals in Europe for some time now.

Very similar to ‘Samba’ goals, the FORZA soccer goal is a pretty robust and practical soccer goal.

Worth noting while you can defiantly pick it up and move it, these types of soccer goals aren’t the most portable.

That said you’ll see them used for in games for younger players – especially at tournaments.



RUKKET Grasshopper Soccer Goal

Almost identical in design to the GOLME Pro Pop Up and Franklin Blackhawk pop up soccer goals. The Rukket Grasshopper comes in with a very impressive customer review rating.

Perfect for younger players. Keep a note though; if you use them indoors you’ll need some sort of weight to keep them in place. Constantly readjusting the goal back to its starting position is slight pain to say the least!



Mylec Delux Soccer Goal

If you coach multiple sports that need a goal – the Mylec Delux really wouldn’t look out of place.

Hockey? Lacrosse? Handball? Soccer? Yeah – you’d pretty much be covered for all of them without looking like a cheap scape!

Fantastic for the all-round sports coach – but you’d probably be better off going with one of the others above if soccer is your primary discipline.



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