Soccer Rebounders: Buyers Pocket-Guide to Soccer Rebounders and Trainers

Buyers Pocket-Guide to Soccer Rebounders

I’ll openly admit it.

When I first saw the two young goalkeepers being put through their paces that night, that was the first time I really appreciated the sheer brilliance and benefit of using soccer rebounders for our players.

I think, the simplicity of the soccer rebounder itself and specificity of the rebounder drills were the two things that really pulled me in – and maybe the coach using our floodlights too. That was pretty clever thinking.

(If you’re wondering what story I’m on about see my previous post on the top 5 soccer rebounders)

The only other time you could have something that would mimic so close to a real-life game would be a game itself.

While I’m all for lots of game-time for our players, there does have to be certain element of unopposed skill development – especially for our younger players.

That’s where soccer rebounders come in;

15 Reasons to Use a Soccer Rebounder

Goal Keepers

  • Challenge your goalkeepers to work on their footwork and movement
  • Create a realistic ball flight that forces your goal keepers to think about their hands and body shape
  • Increase throwing strength, accuracy and catching skills simultaneously
  • Improve overall agility and quick thinking
  • More than one goalkeeper? Pair them up and use your soccer rebounder to improve both players at the same time

Outfield Players

  • Challenge your players first touch and trapping technique
  • Improve ball control with multiple body parts (Chest, Thigh, Feet)
  • Increase the use of weaker foot
  • Develop a solid Power:Accuracy ratio of your players shooting skills
  • Use as a wall to get goalkeepers involved in conditioned games


  • Add another angle to your sessions
  • Make your training session look a lot more professional
  • Introduce a whole new range of training sessions to your soccer session portfolio
  • Be ahead of other coaches and teams in your community
  • Create a fun, positive, learning environment for ALL your players.


Things to Consider When Buying a Soccer Rebounder

  • Material: Is it durable enough?

There are 2 things you need consider here; the frame of the soccer rebounder and the net attachment.

The Nets & Bungee Cords

Let me start with the latter – the nets.

The majority of soccer rebounder nets are attached to the frame using bungee cords. These bungee cords allow the soccer rebounder to create that bounce back motion you’re looking for.

Depending on the amount of use your soccer rebounder will get, it may well be worth considering buying a set of bungee cord replacements. They’re pretty cheap and easily replaceable.

The Frame

Who are you buying your soccer rebounder for?

If you’re looking to use it with younger players then going with a less durable frame may be fine as the impact will be far less than that of a player who is 12+.

If however, you’re looking to use it with older players, you’ll probably want to invest in a better made rebounder frame – like the TEKK Trainer Rebounder


  • Brand & Model: Who is it made by?

‘It’s What We Do!’

Some brands such as the TEKK Trainer specialise in soccer rebounders. This is a good indication that the frame and its net will be made from high quality materials.

On the other of the scale, if you just want to introduce a soccer rebounder to your players to see how they respond and you’re basically looking to just ‘tip your toes in the water’ then going with a less known brand might save you few quid.

How professional do you want to look?

It’s also worth considering if you have a set of portable goals, and other equipment made from the same brand and company then you might want to look to see if that same brand has a soccer rebounder to compliment your other equipment.

For instance, SKLZ, with their unique design have multiple products in multiple sub-markets (Soccer Trainers / Rebounders, Portable Goals, Speed Ladders etc) – having all your equipment looking the same, gives off a great impression to your players and their parents.


Can it be used at different angles?

I think as soccer rebounders get better and better, most will have the adjustable angle option. If you want to mimic several different ‘flight paths’ then you’ll want to buy a soccer rebounder that can easily change angles.

WHO and HOW are you going to use your Soccer Rebounder?

If you’re looking to use it with every player from goalkeeper right through, (including that soccer mad parent who still thinks he has chance to ‘make it’ at 47 years old) then you’ll want to look for a multipurpose rebounder as opposed to one that just primarily challenges your players first touch.

For example, the TEKK Trainer will challenge your goalkeepers handling skills as well as their (and every other players) foot skills better than say, the SKLZ soccer trainer.


  • Your Budget: How much do you have to spend?


If you’re looking to develop your players and overall coaching skills, budget shouldn’t be top of your priority list. However, that said let’s be realistic – most people have a budget to keep to.

Instead of focusing too much on the price, try focus a little more on the value you’ll get out of it. Is it something you’re going to use for years to come or is it something that you don’t mind replacing every season?


Buying Soccer Rebounders

  • Reviews

There are a few soccer rebounders on the market that are okay. But some are absolutely fantastic! Because the benefits of using soccer rebounders are huge I wanted to round up the 5 best soccer rebounders – a post you can read here.

Another tip is, head over to Amazon – the biggest online retail ‘shop’. There are hundreds of soccer rebounder reviews you can see from other customers. While you shouldn’t let these reviews completely override any decision you make it is a good place to see what soccer rebounder lines up with your personal preferences based on other people’s opinions.


How Professional Do You Want Your Soccer Rebounder To Be?’

Soccer rebounders can be an incredible piece of equipment to invest in. You’ll not only develop your outfield players but you’ll finally be able to keep your goalkeepers development up to standard too – something which does tend to lack in youth soccer.

It’s a great piece of equipment to use in you warm ups, in unopposed and opposed training and they can even be used in your end of training conditioned game.

While a lot of youth soccer training is lost on the players as they just see it as ‘another training session’ – introducing a soccer rebounder to your sessions can have a huge positive ripple effect through the whole team. They’ll start to see the benefits which in itself, is a great learning tool.

You’re development as a coach is vital. Your player’s development is important too. By introducing a soccer rebounder to your training, you’ll be able to develop both at the same time while keeping your sessions fresh, fun and a way ahead of any competing team in your league.

Ready to start your next session with a soccer rebounder? If so, this top 5 soccer rebounder review might help.

Good luck and stay focused!

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