Sports First Aid Kits: Review of Top 5 Sports Emergency Aid Kits

Sports First Aid Kits
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Do you coach any sports where minor injuries are a common place?

Are you looking for a sport first aid kit to give you peace of mind?

Are you ready for the unexpected?






No time to think twice.

One of your players’ has just picked up an injury.

Reaching for the first aid you bought for all your sport’s needs, you know exactly where everything is, and the bag is easily accessible.

You head straight towards the second compartment on the left hand side of the bag and find the bandages you need to do the job.

No added stress for the player.

No panicking.

No major problems.

Everything has been handled just as it should be.


Why You ABSOLUTLY NEED a Sports 1st Aid Kit

A properly stocked sports first aid kit will;

  • Allow Rapid Access: To minimize time wasted
  • Be Specific: So you have sports related items ready to do the job
  • Give You a Sense of Security: Be safe in know you’re ready when you need it most
  • Provide a Central Location: To help you stay organised
  • Allow You to Become Invaluable: To not only the child who’s had the accident or injury, but to the emergency services too
  • Prevent an acute injury becoming more chronic
  • And in the worst case scenario – it can also prevent death.

I don’t mean to go over the top but having worked as a coach for nearly 11 years now, I have heard ALL sorts of horror stories.


Practice What You Preach!

It’s mandatory that ALL the coaches I have on my coaching team have at least a basic 1st Aid kit on their person when working with any of the children and young people we work with.

That goes for coaches who travel on public transport, cars, vans, trucks and even if they’re not leading the session. Everyone has a sports first aid kit.

I don’t care if you’re flying in on private jet and skydiving down for a one-off appearance to coach our players – you’re bringing a first aid kit with you.

Okay, well maybe that last one was a little bit over the top – but all the others are as true as there are 60 minutes in an hour.


Sports Emergency Preparedness: Are You Prepared? It YOUR Responsibility

If you’re working with children, they’re placing their trust in you. They don’t (and shouldn’t have too) worry about all the nitty-gritty details of how to manage an injury that may or may not happen.

They just want to play.

And so they should.

It’s our job, our responsibility as coaches, parents and people in authoritative positions to be prepared.

Not only that, but for your own peace of mind too. Coaching sports can be stressful at times, and having a sports first aid kit ready to be used is an easy fix to reduce any anxiety you might have.

First aid kits come in all shapes and sizes, ranging anywhere from 10 items inside to over 1000 items.

‘Which one do you choose?’

Well that all depends on your own personal circumstances.

If you’re a coach that travels on public transport for example then you wouldn’t want a 1st Aid bag bigger than the bag you’re normally carrying. That wouldn’t make sense.

You’ll need something small enough to fit in the bag you already carry, but still has all the essentials in case you need to use it.

If you travel by car, you have a lot more room. While you’ll want a bag that covers all possible angles, it’ll still need to be well organised and allow rapid access.


What’s The Next Step Then?

So, I’ve gone on the search.

And I’ve picked out 5 sports first aid kits to help you.

Side note:

The ‘Top 5’ is based upon different needs. I’ve tried to take the following into consideration;

  • Price
  • Travelling Needs
  • Your Sport
  • Injury Risk
  • Other Personal Circumstances (Such as using it for other means)

If you think I’ve missed anything out then please email me and let me know!

As you’ll also see, 3 of the top 5 are by from the same company. This isn’t anything that was planned. As I researched the market I found that Lifeline not only had great quality stuff, but they’ve also got a wide range of products that cater almost every person.

But, that said, there were also some other products that really caught my eye – and I have added them too.

So here they are;

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Sports First Aid Kit #1: All Sports Team First Aid Kit (My First Aid Company)

In Short;

  • Big outside pockets
  • Easy to Carry
  • Rapid Access Pockets
  • Near Perfect Reviews on Amazon
  • Lots of room for additional items if needed
  • Can be stored easily in the back of your car
  • Great for team sports and large group events such as tournaments

This sports first aid kit by My First Aid Company is a great little bag.

Not only do the straps make it highly portable but it can fit nicely into the back of your car. With lots of pockets, you’ll be able to organise your bag exactly how you want it, and keep those more used or major injury items close to hand.

While you’ll probably have everything you need, there is extra space to be used if you feel like you need any additional items.

While the All Sports Team First Aid Kit is absolutely ideal for teams and having at tournaments for example, it probably isn’t the best choice if you travel on public transport!

Easily kept in the back of your car, with extra room for additional items, and incredibly easy access all you need to do now is check if it has all the pieces you need.

Best Suited for?: Teams & Large Groups Events such as Tournaments


Sports First Aid Kit #2: Lifeline 134 Piece First Aid Kit

Here’s everything in short;

  • Vacuum insulation to keep liquids hot or cold
  • Weighs in at a measly 2.7lbs
  • Extra room for any additional items
  • Well organised for easy access
  • Fits nicely into the back of your car
  • Carry straps for easy portability
  • Lifeline sports specific range

As I mentioned above Lifeline are really doing well at getting it right. With a massive range of products (which you can view here), there’s really no excuse for not having even the basic of first aid kits!

This 134 piece set, only weighs in at 2.7lbs, making it extremely portable. The Lifeline also comes with additional space to add any other items that you might need.

Part of the sports specific range they have, this Lifeline 134 piece comes with a vacuum insulation to keep any liquid you might need to keep hot or cold.

A handy little bag, with a clever little design on the insulation. You can check out the item inventory here.

Best Suited for?: Training


Sports First Aid Kit #3: Lifeline 208 Piece First Aid Kit

Very similar to the Lifeline 134 piece in its design.  As the name suggests however, there’s more items inside.

The 208 Piece Kit is more of a heavy duty bag which caters both for training AND large group events such as matches and tournaments.

Here are the two first aid bags compared;

Product / Items # Lifeline 134 Piece Lifeline 208 Piece
Weight 2.7lbs 4.8lbs
  Lightweight Heavy Duty
Carry Straps? YES YES
Best Suited For? Training Matches / Tournaments / Other Events


One side note however, as you’ll see from this page here on Amazon, the title says it’s a 207 piece bag as opposed to the 208 piece. If you have a look at the pictures and the item inventory it lists and says 208 items.

I just thought I’d try and avoid any confusion! Again, you can check out the item inventory list here for the lifeline 208.

Best Suited for?: Training & Sporting Events


Sports First Aid Kit # 4: Medique First Aid Kit

In short;

  • Versatile – Great if there’s a chance you might be using it for other needs
  • 3 Available sizes (61, 120, 136 piece)
  • Hard shell case that protects items inside
  • Small enough to fit in your car…or your bag
  • Interior tray to keep items organised
  • Probably the most child-proof first aid kit out of our top 5

With its huge amount of sales and reviews over on Amazon I couldn’t leave it out!

The Medique First Aid Kit is the most versatile of our 1st aid kits in the fact it’s not specifically made for sport (although items will suffice for minor sports injuries) – great if you’re looking for something that covers other needs such as work or minor injuries you and your family may come across!

With an option of three different sizes (61 piece, 120 piece, 136 piece) you shouldn’t have any problem finding one that specifically fits your circumstance.

With a hard shell case you’ll also be minimizing any damage from other bags, equipment and constant handling.

Not the prettiest of 1st aid kits, but if you’re looking for something that will last long time, and has all the items for basic first aid – then the Medique might just be what you need.

Best Suited for?: Training & Other Non-Sporting Needs

Sports First Aid Kit #5: Lifeline Teams Sports Trainer

In short;

  • Weighs in at 2.2lbs – the lightest of our sports specific first aid kits
  • Great value for money
  • Hard shell case to protect items
  • Fantastic for coaches & trainers who have minimal space to carry equipment – public transports coaches – this one’s for you!
  • 85 Items inside

Another sports first aid kit from Lifeline.

This time a lot smaller, and lot easier to carry. The Lifeline 85 piece is not only great value for money but also comes with a hard case.

The hard shell case will protect all your items (especially if you’re carrying it in a bag with other stuff) and will protect that ice pack from getting ‘activated’ by accident!

Obviously, due to the size this Lifeline kit doesn’t come with all the items that our previous kits come with but if you’re working with smaller groups or even individuals (1 on 1 Training for example) this bag might just what you need.

Here’s a list of the 85 items in the bag.

Best Suited for?: Trainers & Small Groups



The content written in this top 5 sports first aid kits review is for reference purposes only.

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