13 Sports Quotes for Coaches: Improve Yourself AND Your Players

Sports Quotes for Coaches

13 Inspirational Sports Quotes for Coaches from Wimbledon 2016


Can the words from some of the participants in Tennis‘ Wimbledon 2016 help to improve your abilities to motivate and support the players you coach?

What we have compiled is a collection of some of the most inspirational quotes from the players who made Wimbledon 2016 a tournament for the ages.

Some of these quotes touch upon the highlights of accomplishment while others reflect on realizations that are only made clear following defeat.  In all, the sayings compiled here have the ability to help both you and the players you coach to reflect on what is most important in competition and what virtues make a player both stronger and more versatile.

Quote #1: 

Novak Djokovic, Serbia “Well, I believe in positive things in life. I managed to win four Grand Slams in a row two different seasons, though. I want to try to focus on that rather than on failure.”

Don’t dwell on the immediate setbacks of today.  Recognize that future success is dependent upon being able to build upon today’s lessons while also remembering what has worked for you in the past.

Novak Djokovic

Quote #2:

Andy Murray, Scotland   “I just try my best at this event to make all the people that watch happy. Hopefully I can win a couple more, and that’s it.”

Your success doesn’t just belong to you.  Recognize that you may be far more important to those around you than you realize.  Enjoy what you do and do your best each time you step onto the court.

Andy Murray

Quote #3:

Venus Williams, United States “It’s hard to say just one lesson. It’s easy to be afraid. You have to let fear go. Another lesson is you just have to believe in yourself – you just have to. There’s no way around it. You’ve got to believe in yourself. No matter how things are stacked against you, you just have to every time.”

If you are able to overlook the fear that comes with trying something new or from pushing yourself beyond what you think you can do, you will undoubtedly find success.  Believing in yourself is the very first step towards success.

Venus Williams

Quote #4:

Gordon Reid, Scotland “If this can help in some way, inspire more people, get more people playing, if it helps some other kids the same way it helped me, then that’s just as special to me as winning the title.”

Winning a title may be the end goal of many peoples’ sports career, but it is just as important to recognize what your attempt means for others.  People who face challenges in life draw strength from people they can relate to.  It can never be predicted who will be inspired by your performance, so give your all each time you play.

Gordon Reid

Quote #5:

Nicolas Mahut, France “I said since I played tennis that Wimbledon is the greatest tournament. You know, when you win the match point in the final, you just realize that you’re going to have your name written on the trophy and everywhere. Being the champions here in Wimbledon, it’s a dream come true for me.”

Believe in your accomplishments for what they are and always chase your dreams.  You never know when you will have the same opportunity to stand in this place again, so cherish this moment for what it is.

Nicolas Mahut

Quote #6:

Stan Warwinka, Switzerland “This is my comeback after three years. I’m expecting be better in the future, but for this year my biggest challenge could be finish healthy and ready to make a good preparation for the next year.”

Even if your dreams get postponed, don’t let them go.  While you may not be as fast as yesterday or as strong as you were a few years ago, remember that today is just training for tomorrow. There’s always a chance to rebound back.

Stan Warwinka

Quote # 7:

Aljaz Bedene, United Kingdom “I mean, dreams do start here. It happened for me. It’s a good week for him. He’s facing Federer next, but anything can happen.”

You can not argue that skill and strength are an advantage for any player.  What is most important is to realize the value in having confidence in yourself and an optimistic view of your current place in life.

Aljaz Bedene

Quote #8:

Dustin Brown, Germany “It was a good start for me. I felt like it was a solid start to go in the right direction… I would be lying if I said I feel fresh, but I don’t feel fatigue. I don’t think I feel fresh, but I feel real hungry, super motivated, extremely ready to do the best.”

Having a hunger to succeed is a tremendous asset in life.  The drive to overcome challenges, whether on the court or in training, is what can be the deciding factor between a champion and second place.

Dustin Brown

Quote #9:

Richard Gasquet, France “At the end of the day, there is no easy matches out there.”

Be careful not to become overconfident and unaware of an opponent’s strengths.  Even an easy opponent may surprise you with a trick you’ve never seen.

Richard Gasquet

Quote #10:

Serena Williams, United States “But I have to say what I think really is my game is my mental toughness because just not only to be able to play, to win, but to be able to come back when I’m down. Both on the court and after tough losses, just to continue to come back and continue to fight, it’s something that takes a lot of tenacity.”

Even when you lose after trying your hardest, you simply can not write off possible future success.  While you can train your body to be faster and your reflexes to be sharper, in the end it is your mental toughness that will make the difference between improvement and staying the same.

Serena Williams

Quote #11:

Angelique Kerber, Germany “When I arrived here, I was telling myself, just like in Australia, Just be relaxed, playing round by round, not making things actually too much complicated, not putting pressure on myself. So that was actually what I changed, what I learn also from Paris. Just being also focusing on the tennis thing, on my practice, being more relaxed.”

Take your time with what you do.  Try hard and put your best effort forward each time you play, but also remember that you started playing this sport for fun and should still be the same.  Be relaxed in your approach and focus on what you love about the game.

Angelique Kerber

Quote #12:

Roger Federer, Switzerland “I worked so hard to be here. My hope was to be here fully fit. No one knows, not even myself. But we’ll see.”

The hard work you put towards your goals is what makes you a better player.  While you may not feel you have fully reached your own potential, recognize that the drive you have and the hard work you have put in is what will make you tomorrow’s champion.

Roger Federer

Quote #13:

Milos Raonic, Canada “I’m trying to get better and better each day. I guess that’s the objective for tomorrow, as well.”

Make goals for yourself each day.  These are what will lead you from today’s practice session to tomorrow’s championship game.

Milos Raonic

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