5 Online Resources for Teaching PE Abroad

Teach PE Abroad

So you’ve finished your Teaching Degree, but having a burning desire to travel before you settle down into your career path. Or perhaps you’ve got a couple of years’ experience, but still have that same desire to see the world and improve your current skills?    Then Why not do both?

There are a host of online services that can assist you find work overseas teaching P.E. and see the world in your spare time.   It’s called a working holiday and something that people have been doing for many years.   But if you’re not sure where to start then check out these resources

  1. TeachAnywhere.com

Running for 10 years now, it was established specifically assist Teachers find work overseas and help them with the cultural transition of building a life abroad.  Now 10 years on, their drive continue on the same path and continues to find opportunities for teachers through their ever growing network of schools and countries.

The website is simple in design and has a clear breakdown and menus for both Job Seekers and for Employer’s.  You can submit your resume as well as browse current job openings. They do run events in major cities, and you can find details of these on their homepage.

At the time of writing they have an open PE Position in Dubai, with a tax free salary package of £28,000 including Accommodation, Flights, Medical Insurance & Gratuity

  1. http://www.teachingabroaddirect.co.uk/teaching-jobs/Physical-Education/

This website is a bit more basic than the one above.  They operate out of London and the website shows a live ticker of job openings across 21 international locations.  You are able to sign up for job alerts based on your wanted criteria and be among the first to know when a suitable job comes up.

The website has menus for both Job Seekers and Employers looking to hire. They do have a brief, but informative Resources menu that will give you some valuable hints in helping you make your decision and get hired.

At the time of writing they have 4 positions listed for PE Teaches, 2 in Dubai and 2 in Qatar

  1. GoAbroad.com

Goabroad claim to be ‘the leading international education and experiential travel resource’

Looking over their website it would be hard to argue against this.  They offer you the options to either study, volunteer, intern or teach abroad.

Under each menu they list the program types available, as well as the top countries and top cities

Looking through their teaching jobs It looks more geared towards English teachers, but their vast network of schools may open up doors for you as a PE Teacher. They are well worth contacting

  1. TeachAway.com

Teachaway was set up, and still based in Toronto, Canada.  They do have offices however in Vancouver, London, Edinburgh, New York and Brisbane

Teachaway claims to have become one of the largest and most diverse teaching recruitment agencies. Unlike Goabroad, their positions seem much more geared towards true teaching across a range of syllabus.

Each year they place hundreds of teachers across the world mainly in the Middle East, and both East and South East Asia. They do however operate in all corners of the globe.

They have a network of clients ranging from primary to secondary schools, both private and public. International schools, private businesses, Adult Learning Centres, and interestingly enough, Summer Camps.

At the time of writing they had 213 open jobs listing and I was able to browse and locate a good amount of PE jobs in Egypt, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait among others.

  1. CCUSA.com

Unlike the other websites I’ve listed that offer more formal and longer term contracts. Camp Counselors USA offers qualified PE Teachers wanting to travel, have fun, get paid, and gain skills over the American Summer months of June/July/August.

Summer Camps come in many different forms but almost all have a sports and PE program.   Camp Directors often seek out staff from other English Speaking Countries to be Counsellors to offer variety to their campers as well as foster international relationships.

Generally you will be offered an 11 week contract at a summer camp, of which 10 weeks will involve teaching campers various sports and Physical Activities in both a fun and educational way.

Having personally worked as an All-Sports Counsellor at a camp in Pennsylvania I can personally recommend you think about spending a few months at camp.  It can either be your sole activity overseas or you can use it as a stepping stone to further travel or a contracted P.E. teaching contract at a formal school, many of which commence in the month of August as Camp finishes


The list above is by no means your only options, but they give you a good starting point.  The more you look at the more chance you have of landing that job dream PE job overseas.  All companies work with different schools and opportunities not Available with some websites may be available, so do yourself a favour, and check them ALL out.


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