TEKK Trainer Assembly: Step by Step Guide

A Step by Step Guide to Setting up a TEKK Trainer

A good, solid, durable and large enough rebounder is an excellent tool for use in a wide range of sports.  This step by step guide is aimed at those who have already bought the TEKK Trainer, to help in the setting and assembly process.

The TEKK Trainer Rebounder Net is is a versatile net that can be used for a number of purposes – so it’s important to know exactly how it fits together to minimize any wasted time and added stress!

The design of the TEKK Rebounder is straight forward and takes roughly 15 minutes to put together.  As you gain experience in setting this particular trainer up, you will undoubtedly be able to do it faster each time.

Some steps in this tutorial are made easier by the addition of a second person, though it is not necessary.  If you find the steps related to stretching the net across the frame to be too difficult, recruit a second person to help.

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Step One:

Open the box and remove all contents.  You should have the green sheet, assembly manual, and the trainer itself.

Step 1
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Step Two:

Remove the plastic and the bungees from the trainer.

Step 2
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Step Three:

Separate the rebounder tube.  Remove the spikes found in the tube.

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Step Four:

Take out the tool/bungee kit and the net and then remove all remaining plastic.

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Step Five:

Remove the two lock pins found at the base.

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Step Six:

Arrange the base so that the two big brackets face in the direction you will be kicking from.  Using two hands, grab and extend first the left hand side and bend it to a 90 degree angel.  Repeat the process on the other side.

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Step Seven:

Straighten out the cross bar using your foot.

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Step Eight:

Remove the additional lock pin on the left hand side, lift the arm, and separate the bracket from the arm.

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Step Nine:

Line the holes on the bracket up with the fifth hole on the base and secure using the lock pin you just removed.  Repeat on the opposite side.
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Step Ten:

Raise the goal and return the lock pins to the topmost corners.

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Step Eleven:

Remove the rebounder tube from the plastic and stretch it out.  Lay it on the ground so that the pin is facing up.

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Step Twelve:

Line the holes on the skid bracket up with the pin on the rebounder tube on each side.

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Step Thirteen:

Retrieve the net and stretch it out.  Locate the longer bungee and the bungee with the TEKK  logo.  These will be the bottom corners of the net.

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Step Fourteen:

Install the first loop over the top right corner.

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Step Fifteen:

Stretch the net across the top of the frame and secure the next bungee to the adjacent corner.

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Step Sixteen:

Secure the bungee with the Tekk logo to the bottom corner’s eye bolt.  Put your foot on the frame for assistance.

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Step Seventeen:

Secure the final corner using the double bungee side.

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Step Eighteen:

Retrieve the white bungee tool and begin to connect the bottom bungees to the net.  Slide the hook on the bungee tool through the hook on the bottom bungees and pull it up towards the net to connect the bungees to the net.  You may need to readjust the bungees if they have moved during shipping.

[/wpsm_titlebox] [wpsm_titlebox title=”Step 19″ style=”1″]

Step Nineteen:

Do the same to the bungees on the top of the net.


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Step Twenty:

Repeat the bungee connecting process on each side of the net.

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Step Twenty One:

Pull the net towards the frame in order to stretch the bungees and tighten the net.  Straighten any bungees that may be crooked.



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