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TEKK Trainer Rebounder: Net Review (Soccer, Lacrosse & Baseball)

TEKK Trainer: Rebounder Goal Review Taking Skill Development to a Whole New Level

If you’ve played soccer for any length of time there’s a good chance you’ll remember kicking a ball against a wall for hours.

I know it’s something I used to do – a lot.

And it worked.

My touch improved. My all-round control improved. Even my speed and reactions improved.

If I’m really honest, it played a huge part in developing key areas as a young player.

That was around 1995. We’re now in 2016 –times have changed!

TEKK Trainer Rebounder

The TEKK Trainer was built specifically for soccer, lacrosse, basketball and baseball – but, any sport that involves hitting, throwing, kicking and shooting (I think I’ve covered them all!) will be all good to practice with the TEKK Trainer.

The TEKK Trainer is, by far, the leader in the market when it comes to rebounder nets.

So while a wall is great, at some point in a player’s development, they’ll not only need to progress the challenge but also mimic a real-game scenario’s a lot more.


What Skill Development?

Why the TEKK Trainer?

There are quite a few basketball, lacrosse and soccer rebounders on the market. The TEKK Trainer however has this rebounder thing down to a tee.

The TEKK Trainer;

  • Easily folds up so you can store it away
  • Is heavy enough to stay put, light enough to move around
  • Is extremely durable
  • Has a super-taut net for quick return to mimic real-game situations
  • Easily adjusts to differnet angles
  • Is fantastic for soccer, lacrosse, baseball and tennis
  • Can be the perfect complement for solo-play
  • Develops core skills and techniques such as; control, reaction, awareness, focus, passing, shooting and heading

TEKK Adjustable Soccer Rebounder
169 Reviews
TEKK Adjustable Soccer Rebounder
The TEKK Trainer is a rebounder net that returns a ball, of various sizes, at various heights, with various speeds to develop various different technical areas of sport.

TEKK Trainer Rebounder: Quality & Size

Having seen and used numerous soccer goals, rebounders and accessories in my time as a coach, I am only too aware of the quality (or lack of) when it comes to equipment.

From experience I’ve found, the larger the piece of equipment is the cheaper and less durable the material seems to be. I can only guess this is cost saving thing.

TEKK have done an incredible job of getting the quality:size ratio spot on. The quality shines right through.

At 40 sq. feet the TEKK Trainer is one of the biggest soccer rebounders on the market. And with a super-taut net the frame needs to be solid – and solid it is!

The ‘aircraft grade aluminium’ gives the frame a solid build while keeping it as light as possible. And while it’s not the lightest of rebounding nets on the market is defiantly is, by far, the most durable.

The Tekk Trainer really is, heavy enough to stay on the ground, but light enough to move round with ease.


TEKK Trainer Rebounder: 7 Adjustable Angles

The versatility of the TEKK Trainer is second to none.

With the ability to have it at 7 different angles you’re pretty much covered for all game-like scenarios.

Your outfield players can use it to;

  • Practice; passing, shooting, heading and trapping so that they’re match ready
  • Improve technique with weaker foot to add more to their game
  • Improve their first touch (head, chest, thigh, and feet) so that they can be confident under pressure in real-game situations
  • Increase reaction time and agility
  • Develop all round shot accuracy

Your goalkeepers can use it to;

  • Improve throwing accuracy and technique
  • Improve diving reactions
  • Improve footwork and control
  • Improve body shape and hand positions

Overall, the TEKK Trainer is a quite a versatile piece of kit.


TEKK Trainer: Drills & Multi-Sport

The great thing about the size of the TEKK Trainer rebounder is its ability to double up as goal or a target in small sided games.

You could simply use it as a goal, or you could use it a little more creatively.TEKK Trainer Rebounder Net

By using the TEKK Trainer as a target, you could get a player to shoot at the target, and for the ‘goal’ to count another player on the same team has to successfully control the ball on the rebound.

You could progress this to using;

  • Headers
  • Volleys
  • Controlling with different parts of the body
  • Hitting smaller target areas (pinnies work well)

Another game that would work well would be adding goalkeepers to the mix. Instead of shooting against an opposition goalkeeper they would be aiming for the target where their own goalkeeper is, and for the goal to count their goalkeeper has to catch the ball on the rebound.

There are absolutely loads of ways to incorporate the TEKK Trainer into your sessions so all players benefit.

And, of course the TEKK Trainer doesn’t have to be used just for soccer either. Like I mentioned above it can be used for;

  • Basketball
  • Lacrosse
  • Tchouckball
  • Tennis
  • Baseball

Tip: Even if you players aren’t used to playing other sports, I would highly recommend you try to incorporate other sports into your sessions to reinforce different coaching points such as; movement, communication, awareness etc.

Check out the video of the TEKK Trainer being used here to see it in action


TEKK Trainer Rebounder: Cons

Fitting the rebounding net to the frame isn’t a one man or woman job! You’ll need at least two people.

TIP!: Some reviewers on Amazon have solved this problem by getting their own child or player to help them out. Maybe that’s something you could do as well?

TEKK Trainer Assembly Video

Also, the instructions aren’t the best so here’s a video to help you out (Bookmark this now so you can easily find it when your TEKK Trainer arrives.)


Specifications & What’s Included

  • Super Durability
    • 2 Inch Square Aircraft Grade Aluminium Tubing
    • 3mm Heavy Duty Steel Brackets
  • Portable
    • Folded: 60L x 10W x 4H
    • Set Up: 5H x 8W x 4D
    • Weight: 35lbs

Naturally, the TEKK Trainer also comes with;

  • 12 Heavy Duty Spikes: So you can keep it ‘locked’ in place on soft ground
  • Rubber Pads: To keep it ‘locked’ in place on harder ground
  • Hooked Bungee Cords: So you can keep the net nice and taut
  • Rebound Net: Of course, so you can start developing all-round skill and technique whilst having an enormous amount of fun!

Looking for a Used TEKK Trainer?

If you’re for a used TEKK Trainer, you have 2 options.

  • Have a look on any buy and sell / auction websites
  • Ask a friend

I will say I haven’t personally ever found any TEKK Trainers going cheap on any auction sites – but as the popularity of the TEKK Trainer goes up you may find one that someone no longer needs. Asking your friend might be a bit of a long shot as you’ll need to find a friend willing to give up this beautiful piece of kit!


TEKK Trainer Review

Conclusion: The TEKK Trainer 

The TEKK Trainer rebounder not only supports in improving your players first touch, all-round control, speed and awareness – but it takes things up a level…or two.

Or maybe three.

In-fact it’s whole different level.

With a huge surface area, and 7 adjustable angles the only plus this thing hasn’t got is the ability to make you coffee in the morning!

My personal opinion is that, it’s an unbelievably simple, yet highly effective progression to kicking a ball against a wall. And, with its ability to change angles you’re sorted almost all game-like scenarios.

And its versatility doesn’t just stop their either…

Not only can it be used to benefit nearly all aspects of soccer but it can be doubled up to be used for various other sports and positions as well.

With Lacrosse and Baseball being pretty popular amongst a lot of young budding sports stars you’ll have them covered too.

And finally, the durability factor…..

The TEKK Trainer isn’t exactly the cheapest rebounder on the market, and while you could probably find numerous others at a fraction of the cost, by the time next year comes round, after replacing the net, bungee cords and frame a couple of times you’ll have probably spent well over what the current cost of the TEKK Trainer is at the moment on Amazon.

If I was to sum it up in just a few words? The TEKK Trainer has been built to last for years.

So if you’re looking for an extremely simple, but highly effecting tool to support your players and children while saving time and money in the long run – the TEKK Trainer might just be what you’re looking for.


If the Tekk Trainer sounds like it’ll add more variety to your sessions, develop your players and improve training all round – then you can check out the latest price on Amazon here.

All the best!

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  1. I bought 2 for my child’s soccer team. They’re absolutly fantastic.

    They can double up as goals, goalkeeper (believe it or not), be used to improve first touch, shooting accuracy and loads of other skills needed to play soccer at a decent level.

    The coaches love it and and players love. Great purchase – two thumbs up from me!

    Michael from Minnesota

    • Spot on Michael – I’ve even started getting older players to try and create / develop games themselves. Gives them a sense of control and creativity over their own skill development.

      Try it and see how it goes – Chris

  2. My husband and I ended up buying the Tekk Trainer for the our two soccer mad children. It goes perfectly in the backyard and the kids find it great fun to use – especially with the variety of games it can be used for. Best of all, it’s get them away from the TV and out side playing and being active.

    Great purchase – would highly recommend

    • Hi Donna,

      Thanks for your comment – much appreciated! You’re so right, it can be used for the big sports such as Lacrosse and Soccer, but there are so many other fundamental movement skill games it can be used for two. For example; simple throwing and catching games would work perfectly – and remember it doesn’t always have to be competitive!

      Thanks for comment!

      Take Care,


  3. Hi,

    I’m thinking about getting this for our soccer league and I read somewhere that it fits in a car. However, that seems unlikely to me given it’s dimensions, even when folded. Do you transport this to games or practices and if so, what kind of vehicle do you use?

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Dismantled, the TEKK Trainer would be able to fit into the car and be transported with a little bit movement. The problem comes when you need to assemble and dismantle it every single time you need to use it. If this is the ‘road’ you want to go down then I highly recommend you grab yourself a carry bag to make thing’s easier. Again, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to setup and take down- especially if you get some of the players to help you.

      When it comes to slightly bigger pieces of equipment like the TEKK Trainer we tend to keep them at the venue if possible. Sometimes we have a secure lockup or an out-building depending on where we’re coaching.This is more for the ease of setting up than anything else.

      I’m not sure what space you have in your car but if it’s that much of a worry you do have other options. Here’s two that might help;

      Crazy Catch Rebound Nets: These are relativity new on the US market but have been a huge success in Europe. You’ve got a choice of different sizes depending on what you’re looking to use them for. Again, space might be an issue with the larger ‘Professional’ rebound net. As the name suggest though, they are more for throwing and catching.

      SKLZ Quickster Rebound Net: Although not as impressive in regards to size and stability the SKLZ Quickster is far more portable if that’s what you’re looking for!

      Both are different to the TEKK, and of course don’t come with the durability and angle-changing factors. But they are, far more easier to transport!

      If you’re interested here’s a bunch of other Soccer Rebounders that might suit you better…

      Hope this helps a little bit better Cheryl! And whatever you decide to go with we’d love to hear what it was and why! Be great to share with our readers!

      Take Care!

      – C

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