5 Best Baseball Rebounders and Pitchbacks

Best Baseball Rebounders: Top 5 Reviews

Baseball and childhood are an inseparable part of the American ethos. Each day thousands of young kids watch ball games all starry eyed, dreaming about the day when the spotlight will be on them.

Yet, playing for minor league has become all the more difficult with time.

Technological advancements are creeping into every aspect of the game making it crucial to have the ‘edge’ when selection day arrives.

There is no place like the backyard to introduce a child to the basics of the game.

Yes. Countless little league players have bolstered their skills with their family in the comfort of their homes, at the playground or with neighbors in the street.

And yes – more and more coaches of the game are now starting to see the huge benefits this technology can bring to a young player’s all-round game.

Baseball is all about agility, balance, coordination and reflexes. And it can all be achieved with practice.

The Fundamentals

Catching and throwing are the two most important defensive baseball skills that a child must master, irrespective of whether they intend to play professionally or just for neighbourhood bragging rights.

You do not want to miss on that ‘high fly’ in front of your home crowd.

While all the coaching manuals speak about how to position the fingers and anticipate the ball, there is nothing like real life simulation and repeated drills to fine tune the skills.

Baseball Rebounders

Baseball rebounders or pitch-backs are an effective aid for baseball workouts. It has been around since the Yankees first beat the Dodgers. That means that your old man probably practiced his catching with the help of one of these.

It is helpful for players of all ages and can be used for individual as well as team training.

There are two different types of rebounders that you need to be aware of.

  • Adjustable: The adjustable rebounder allows you to work on ground balls and line drives depending on the angle you choose. The caveat is that you’d have to adjust the angle each time.
  • MultiSport/Skill: A multi-sport pitchback offers two different angles at the same time. You can throw at the bottom of the rebounder to simulate a pop-up that soars into the sky. While a regular throw would result in a ground-ball or a line drive.

If you are new to rebounders, then choosing the right one may turn out to be a daunting task given the overwhelming number of choices.

To allow you to make an informed decision, here’s our guide to the best baseball rebounders in the market currently.

Baseball Rebounder #1: Rukket Baseball and Softball Rebounder

RUKKET Pitchback Baseball / Softball Rebounder Pro
398 Reviews
RUKKET Pitchback Baseball / Softball Rebounder Pro
Rukket is one of the oldest manufacturers of coaching aids and the Rukket Baseball and Softball Rebounder Pro is one of their bestsellers. It’s not without good reason either...

The Rukket Pro is perfect for all age groups and abilities. With 4 angles to choose from you’ll not only be able to create more of a realistic game situation in training but you’ll also be able to vary the difficulty of your drills. This is a fantastic way to develop all your players no matter what ability range the fall into.

With a rugged construction, a larger-than-normal ball return surface and the best in-class pricing, this one is winner.


  • This is not your average store box model. It is constructed with 1 1.25in powder coated weather proof frame that is built to last forever. It is perfect for homes of all sizes and is designed for rugged outdoor use.
  • It has an amazing 25.2 square feet of ball return surface with precise bounce-back response.
  • With 4 different attack angles for both surface configurations, it allows almost 8 different rebound options.
  • It is a multi-sport pitchback that can be used for baseball, softball and even lacrosse drills.
  • Heavy duty carriage bolts allow a firm grip on the surface which prevents the frame from wobbling.
  • The rebounder is designed for easy assembly. You can have it set up in less than an hour thanks to the well labelled parts and the detailed guidelines.
  • Silicon pads allow you to install it indoors too.
  • The best in-class pricing.
  • Lifetime warranty

Here’s a quick video of the Rukket Pro in action…

Our Verdict

This is one of the best rebounders out there for players of all ages. Be it line drives, pop-ups or a true toss back, you can do it all with this one.

See the latest price on Amazon here…

Baseball Rebounder #2: SKLZ Youth Pitchback Rebounder Net

SKLZ Youth Pitchback Rebounder Net
4,906 Reviews
SKLZ Youth Pitchback Rebounder Net
If you want something more simplistic that is perfect for a younger kid to practice pitch and catch, then the SKLZ Youth Pitchback Rebounder Net should be an apt choice. It offers a variety of features that are unbeatable at a very reasonable price

The SKLZ Pitchback is great for throwing, pitching and fielding with the ability to return balls at different angles



  • The frame is durable. But it’s not the sturdiest. You shouldn’t have too many problems with it unless you are firing in balls at 60 mph which is not what it’s meant to be used for.
  • The angles can be adjusted to simulate ground balls, line drives, and pop flies.
  • Includes a ribbon which can be interwoven to create a rectangle strike zone target area for pitching.
  • Assembly is extremely easy and will not take more than a few minutes.
  • It has an all-weather 21 ply net.
  • The ground stakes allow a firm installation outdoors and prevents the pitchback from wobbling.
  • A fold-up design allows easy storage when it is not in use.
  • Extremely competitive price

Our Verdict

Fantastic Value for Money – (You can check out latest price here)

This is a great starter net for small kids. It won’t last as long as some of the higher priced competitors do. But at this great price, there’s nothing more you can ask for really.

Baseball Rebounder #3: Champion Sports Multi-Sport Net

Champion Sports Multi-Sport Net
661 Reviews
Champion Sports Multi-Sport Net
With it's very impressive customer review rating on Amazon, the Champion Multi-Sport Pitch Back net is perfect if you're looking to improve the fundamental skills and techniques needed to play ...

The Multi-sport pitchback screen from Champion sports is a heavy duty training aid that can assist with pitching (aim and accuracy) and catching (pop flies and grounders) and can also be used for a variety of other sporting drills.

With it’s very impressive customer review count on Amazon, the Champion Multi-Sport Pitch Back net is perfect if you’re looking to improve the fundamental skills and techniques needed to play Baseball.



  • With a heavy duty 1 1/4″ Powder coated steel frame and a strong nylon netting, it’s designed for rugged outdoor usage.
  • The easy-to-assemble parts fit perfectly
  • It features in-ground stakes which keep the pitchback sturdy on all types of terrain
  • Multiple angles can be adjusted to simulate different types of line drives and pop flies. The bounce-back response and accuracy is excellent.
  • The Y-frame construction folds up for easy storage
  • It includes a square target which can be used for improving aim

Our Verdict

Versatile choice!

As the name suggests, this is a multi-sport net that can be used for a variety of sporting activities.

It may be priced slightly higher than some of the other bargain deals that you may find online. But, it’s a lot durable than those. The beefy construction eliminates the need for stakes, while the multiple angles make this a versatile choice.

‘Yes – Show me more on the Champion Baseball Rebounder..’

Baseball Rebounder #4: Champro Infinity Pitchback Screen

Champro Infinity Pitchback Screen
272 Reviews
Champro Infinity Pitchback Screen
Sometimes, making frequent angular adjustments to the pitchback screen can be tedious, especially, if you have a team practicing their drills.

With the Champro Infinity Pitchback Screen, you don’t need to make an – It’ll give you infinite rebound angles without the need to make any adjustments. Nice.


  • The Champro Infinity Pitchback screen has a robust construction made of powder coated 1 1/4″ steel tube frame. It will feel heavy unlike the flimsy pitchback screens you get at Walmart – which doesn’t make it the most portable, but definitely makes up in durability.
  • Measuring 72″ H X 42″ W, this is perfect even for tall players.
  • Easy assembly
  • The Strike zone outline is provided for target practice
  • A weatherized 30 ply P.E net with a 1 ¾ in Mesh provides excellent bounce back response. So, if you are wearing the glove for the first time, be prepared for a fast and accurate return.
  • No adjustment needed to simulate pop flies and line drives. Alter the location of your throw to get different types of returns.

Here’s a quick video from Champro themselves…


Our Verdict

Get set go!

The Champro Infinity Pitchback Screen is something that you can setup and forget about. It will give you hours of hassle free baseball drills without you having to move your feet.

It’s sturdy, easy to assemble and perfect for softball and other sports such as lacrosse and basketball if you’re more of an all-round sports coach!

‘That sounds more like me – show me more..’

Baseball Rebounder #5: Crown Sporting Goods Multi-Sport Rebounder 

Crown Sporting Goods Multi-Sport Rebounder
77 Reviews
Crown Sporting Goods Multi-Sport Rebounder
Sometimes, you are not sure whether the ‘ball’ phase that your child or group of players are currently going through will last. In such situations, it makes sense to invest less for coaching aids until you are really sure about it.

The Crown Sporting Goods Multi-Sport Rebounder Pitch Back Screen with Adjustable Target is a bare minimum multi-sport rebounder net without any bells and whistles that is also priced very reasonable.

But it’s by no means a cheap and flimsy rebounder that you’d buy at discount store. It’s durable, weather-resistant and can be used for both recreational as well as professional drills.


  • The sturdy steel frame construction clubbed with the nylon netting makes it an all-weather piece of equipment. You do not have to dismantle it and take it indoors if it gets all cold and rainy.
  • Assembly is fairly easy. Detailed instructions are provided with well labelled parts.
  • Includes an adjustable Nylon target ribbon that makes accuracy practice easy for pitchers.
  • Can be used for pitching, passing, simulating pop-ups and grounders.
  • Measures 65″ x 49″ which gives you ample net space for practice
  • Works wonderfully well with baseball / softball & other sports (lacrosse, football and soccer)
  • Includes in-ground stakes to keep it firm
  • Can be used indoors too.

Our Verdict

The no-brainer!

With a great price tag, you can’t go very far wrong with this one. It’s sturdy, can be used for multiple sports and is all-weather resistant.


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