Save Your Sanity Coaching Soccer With This Ultimate Timesaver

When was the last time you sat down and thought about how your soccer equipment affects your players?

Their parents?

And even in the long run, your sanity?!

Coaching soccer can be quite stressful at times. You put all your time and effort into helping players develop throughout the week for them only to go missing half way through a game just when you want to make a substitution.

How about the amount of times a player have had to sit on the mud while watching their teammates playing? That’s not really the way you want to be looking after your players – is it?

There is one way in which you can solve these two problems and more though. Investing in a portable soccer bench.

A portable soccer bench is more than just a bench. Is solves so many problems you’ll encounter as a soccer coach.

Oh, and you know when you invest in something and it ends up solving problems you never thought you had? Yeah, a portable soccer bench is one of those items.

Here are some multipurpose reasons to why a portable soccer bench is an unbelievably worthwhile investment.

A Portable Bench Helps YOU Stay organised

Ever wondered where your player is when making a substitution? Well you won’t have to anymore. They’ll all be sat beside you nicely waiting to make you proud.

A portable soccer bench stops players from disappearing.

Another one that I can related to hugely is the amount of times I have had to repeat;

‘Can you move back from the line please?’

If I’ve said this once I’ve said it a thousand times.

Or what about….‘Can you move away from the goal please?!’ – Yep I’ve said that one a few times as well. 

Your players are going to get excited, and if they’re not taking part in the game they’re naturally going drift on to the pitch especially if the ball is further down the same side as they are.

A portable bench solves both these problems. A portable bench helps you stay organised.

Balance Playing Time

This is probably one of your hardest moments as a soccer coach.

You have an important game. You want to win it as much as the players do, but you have a responsibility to play all your players – not just the better ones.

By having a portable soccer bench you can easily and quickly make subs so that every gets an equal amount of playing time without sacrificing too much of the quality of the team.

Improves Your Teams Overall Game

One way to improve your team overall is to get them to analyse the game in their own perspective. This allows them to see the game from their eyes as opposed to yours.

Doing this can help each player improve exponentially as they will start to understand the game a lot quicker.

By having a portable bench players will be naturally drawn to watch their teammate keeping them solidly focused on the game.

Look After Your Players Welfare

Your players are the team. Without them there is no team.

As a soccer coach you are responsible for the psychological welfare of your team as a whole and as individual players.

Children will pick up on the fact you don’t think very much of little ‘Alex’s’ ability. This negative attitude you think is harmless could have an effect on Alex.

By investing in a portable soccer bench you’ll not make being a substitution a little more appealing but you’ll also create more of a team philosophy way of thinking right through the whole squad.


Great for post-match team talk

You do post-match team talk’s right?

They not only give you a chance to talk to your players about the game but they also allow your players to give their own feedback as well.

It can be hard to settle all the players down in the same place, especially if you’ve just won the game.

By having somewhere to sit, you’ll keep them dry (as long as it not raining!), relatively comfortable and, (a big one for me!) you’ll stop them from pulling grass out of the ground and throwing it at each other!



As you can see…a bench isn’t just a bench.

It’s so much more than that. With a multitude amount of reasons to invest in a portable soccer bench you only really have to answer one question.

Which is the best portable soccer bench for you, based on your circumstances? Are you looking for;

Portability?         Quality?               Best Price?

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