Best Soccer Training Equipment & Aids: [Ultimate Guide]

Youth Soccer Training Equipment

[The Best Soccer Training Equipment & Aids: The Ultimate Guide in Soccer Coaching Equipment]

Looking for the ‘best’ soccer training equipment all comes down to what you and your team needs. While the equipment ‘list’ below isn’t a full comprehensive list,  I certainly don’t recommend you go out and buy absolutely everything.

If for example, you need better (or safer) soccer nets then I suggest you take a look at the range of training goals on the market. If your teams needs improvement in their physical development then you might be better snooping round the fitness and conditioning part of the guide.

If, like many other coaches, you probably need a mix from every category, then write down a list of 5-7 essentials ‘upgrades’ your team and training could do with. Then, with that in mind, start looking for variables that would benefit you most, i.e:

  1. Do you need a soccer goal that’s more portable for different venue or do you need something more suited for indoor use only?
  2. Are you actually looking to get more organized?
  3. Would spending money on a wholesale order be far more beneficial than purchasing individual pieces of equipment?

Once you’ve answered those questions you should have a pretty good idea of what soccer training equipment would be the best investment for you and your team.

Without further ado, here’s a list of the best soccer training equipment that can help you and your team move forward….enjoy!

– Coach

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Soccer Training Goals

Gone are the days of trying to beg, borrow and steal a soccer goal just so your players can have something realistic to work with.

Not only are we in an age now where you can have your soccer goal delivered quicker than your groceries but the choice we have is phenomenal.

From, mini soccer goals to fully fledged 8×24 portable goal and everything in between – you’re really spoilt for choice.

This presents its own problem though. Which one do you choose?

I get it.

Sometimes there’s just you and a field – it’s up to you and your imagination on how you’re going to get the best out of your players and your sessions with minimal equipment to work with.

In cases similar to this, it might make more sense to grab a portable soccer goal that you can assemble and dismantle quickly, and transport and store in easily with minimal space.

On the other however, you might have your own lock-up storage space. This could be a walk-in cupboard at your local indoor facility, an outdoor shipping container or your club house.

If this is the case, then you’re not only able to store bigger and heavier equipment, but you’ll also be able to store more of it – which is great if you’re working with multiple age groups and abilities.

Nothing’s stopping you though from keeping lots of light, portable goals in your secure lock up – it’s all depends on what’s practical and manageable for you.

Here’s a few questions to ask yourself if you’re not quite sure what type of goal will suit you and your players.

If you already know the type of soccer goal you’re looking for here’s where you can find out more;

Portable soccer goals as the name suggests, make these types of goals really easy to carry and transport. Not only that though, they tend to be super quick to set up (under 90 seconds to 2 minutes) and are surprisingly durable.

Same as above, but of course, bigger. Some of these can actually be used for games too.

If you deliver your training session indoors there’s a few other considerations you’ll need to take into account.

Generally, Pop Up Soccer Goals are the quickest to set up. Pop Up soccer goals are smaller than your regular portable soccer goal but are incredible easy to carry, transport and store.

Technically, NOT a soccer goal – but a Futsal goal. Futsal is definetly something you should incorporate into your training throughout the season. It’s seen a huge growth in the past few years and is responsible for moulding some of the greatest soccer players ever to have lived.

Soccer Training Equipment: Rebounders

Soccer rebounders have started making to be a regular addition to youth soccer clubs.

Soccer rebounders are fantastic if you;

The best thing about soccer rebounders in my opinion is their ability to mimic real-game situations by being able to replace the need for more than one player.

Some rebounders even offer the ability to have two sides; one for a predictable ball return, the other for an unpredictable ball return (See Crazy Catch Professional Below)

Like soccer goals, rebounders are starting to sprout up everywhere. This doesn’t mean theyre all going to work for yours and your players needs though.

You can check out the top 5 rebounders I went into detail on here if you’re interested in learning more about them. But to sum up, here’s 3 of the best the market has to offer.

  • Tekk Trainer Rebounder

The Tekk Trainer is by far the most popular amongst our readers here on PSC. It’s also one of the more expensive rebounders on the market.

If you’ve got the budget but you’ll end up getting a very durable piece of kit. With the ability to adjust th frame to 7 different angles and have a huge surface area – it’s no wonder really why professional players have personally opted for it.

You can check out my Tekk Trainer review here if you’re interested. Already got the Tekk Rebounder? Here’s an assembly guide that should help.

  • SKLZ Soccer Trainer

While the Crazy Catch Professional needs a little explaining to get the true benefits – the SKLZ Soccer Trainer does not.

Perfectly suited for soccer players to improve there fundamental skills. The SKLZ Soccer Trainer also comes with two sides but with a very different design and purpose. It’ll not only make your training sessions look really good but if used properly you’ll be able to keep the tempo of your sessions high, while simultaneously keeping your players interested and improving.

Goalie Soccer Training Equipment

Talking about goalkeepers, here’s a quick list of the equipment that’s specific to your goalkeepers development.

  • Rebounders

I’ve already mentioned this above. Not much else to say apart from the fact – if you want to help your goalkeepers development then a soccer rebounder would be a well worth investment.

Crazy Catch Professional Rebounder

Technically (or market-ically? Can I say that?!), the Crazy Catch product range were specifically built for Cricket Coaches – But, don’t let that deceive you.

Firstly, the Crazy Catch Professional Rebounder will be absolutely ideal for any goalkeeper training you’ve got planned. What I really like about the Crazy Catch product range is the ‘sane’ and ‘insane’ surface areas.

Throw the ball at one side and the ball will come back in a predictable way. Throw it at the other side of the frame and ball will start to cause issues for the players – mimicking real-game scenarios…..almost perfectly.

It’s not only great for your goalkeepers though. Your outfield players, while they admittedly might find it harder than a goalkeeper to use – will find it a huge help too.

  • Gloves

I know some coaches would disagree with me on this one but hear me out. By providing goalkeeper gloves for your players, you’re basically saying to your players that you welcome everyone to try and have a go in goal. And even if you’re players don’t pick up that vibe – I highly recommend you let them know.

Your players are young, their developing. Just because they’re a forward today doesn’t mean they won’t end up in goal. Let your players explore their opportunities – it will be the one best investments of time you can give your up and coming superstars.

  • Glove Bag

This obviously goes hand in hand with what I’ve just said – see what I just did? 🙂

  • Head Guards

This one’s more for the comfort of your player’s parents – and by default would most likely be something that was bought by a parent. But, if your players safety and your parents piece of mind is of paramount importance you can pick one up here.

I’ve gone into more detail on the different goalie equipment available here if you’re interested…

Soccer Training Aids & Tools

–          Subs Benches

Portable soccer benches are probably the most undervalued investments you can make for yourself, your players and their parents.

A portable soccer bench can;

  • Help keep your players organized
  • Balance playing time effectively
  • Consequently, keep your parents happy
  • Create a team focused philosophy
  • Limit any potential negative psychological effects of being a sub for some players

Since I first wrote about soccer benches and the huge benefits it can bring your team I’ve seen a massive influx of benches in hit market. To get a bench that suits your needs you’re going to want to look at a few key areas;

If you’re interested in grabbing you’re a team a soccer bench, head over to this blog post here where I’ve reviewed the best portable soccer benches on the market at the minute.

–          Soccer Coaching Software & Apps

When searching for ‘soccer training equipment’ it’s really easy to forget about software and apps. We’re in a age now where almost every industry you can think of has some sort of presence online.

Soccer coaching, and youth soccer coaching at that – is no different.

There are a phenomenal amount apps and software’s available for download – again, it all comes down to what suits your team best.

Here’s some resources to get you started;

o   TeamSnap: How to Run Your Team Effortlessly

o   Top 5 Soccer Coaching Software for Coaches

o   Best Soccer Coaching Apps

–          Soccer Coach Clipboards

Another soccer training aid that’s normally forgotten about is the good old clipboards.

One of the biggest problems in youth soccer coaching that I’ve come across is th ability to effectlively communicate to your young players what it is exactly you want them to do.

All children respond to language (tone, words, actions etc) differently. They perceive it differently – and therefore it’s up to us as coaches to be able to work round it.

A great way to do this is by using a soccer coaching clipboard. At the core, a clipboard can;

  • Help you communicate drills and actions in a visual format
  • Make you look a lot more professional
  • Avoid confusion and anxiety when it matters most

When it comes to clipboards, you’ve got simple ones, magnetic ones, ones with covers and if you’re the ultra-lightweight soccer coach you’ve even got digital ones in the form of apps.

I’d recommend you have both a physical clipboard and an app for two reasons.

Firstly physical soccer clipboard tend to be bigger in size and therefore can help when you’re addressing the whole the group. But I’d also recommend you grab an app too to jot down any ideas when you’re away from training.

You can see a list of great soccer clipboard here.

Soccer Fitness & Conditioning Equipment

Fitness – both mentally and physically is of massive in importance in soccer. Not just so you can win games, but so you can instil a good ‘life’ management in your players from an early age.

The word ‘fitness’ when brought up in-front of your players will probably bring some groans, but if you plan your drills and training effectively you could can hit two birds with one stone – fun fitness.

In short you want to be focusing on key areas that will have a direct influence on the game;

  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Power

Take a look at my ‘Soccer Coaching Checklist’ for ideas on what soccer fitness and conditioning equipment you can get for your team without breaking the bank.

Soccer Training Equipment: Your Wholesale Options

Whether you want a bulk load of equipment for your own teams needs or you’re looking to increase the revenue streams for your small soccer club – buying soccer training equipment in bulk defiantly has its benefits.

There are two main sites you’ll defiantly want to check out if this is the road you want to go down;

–          AliExpress

–          Alibaba

Both platforms are pretty much similar in the products they offer with maybe a few differences. Alibaba tends to be the more popular one at the time of writing this but you’ll also be able to pick up some great deals at AliExpress as well.

Step by Step:

Step #1: Head on over to each website – type in the equipment you need (eg. Soccer balls / Soccer bags / Water bottles Etc)

Step #2: Contact the suppliers for a ‘true’ price depending on the quantity you need

Step #3: Work out the final cost. Make sure you take into account any shipping costs and taxes depending on the country you’re shipping too.

Step #4: Process your payment and track your order

Step #5: Introduce your new soccer training equipment to your players at your next session

Here’s the links to each platform:

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