About PSC

I’ve walked many miles.

In-fact in the 10 years I have been coaching I have been walking to all my training sessions for half that time.

Okay, maybe not walking ALL the way there (although there were a couple of 3+ hour walks to some sessions) – I did get buses too. They helped a little.

But the point I’m trying to make is when your coaching involves;

  • Consistently coaching different age groups throughout the same day
  • Coaching various different sports in the same day
  • ….and doing that all at different venues….yes, you guessed it in the same day.

…whether you’re carrying equipment on a bus or walking with it – it all feels the same after years of doing it!

Why I Started PSC

Portable Sports Coach DOT COM was started with the idea of simplifying things – all whilst keeping our training sessions highly effective.

If you’re public transport coach: I’m on a mission to eliminate those annoying problems that come with not have your own transport!

If you drive a car, then you’ll find some fantastic equipment that will challenge your players in more ways than one whilst also looking to decrease your stress levels too!

PSC in a nutshell?

In a nutshell, PSC is for any coach who want’s to develop their sports coaching skills, while also developing their players in a way that not only decreases stress levels but makes it as easy as possible.

Make sense?
Simplicity is the way forward my friend! Take your coaching to the next level. Take your players further.

Be the difference.

– C