Soccer Rebounder Reviews: Improving Fundamental Skill Development

  • Soccer Rebounder Reviews: Improving Fundamental Skill Development
  • Soccer Rebounder Reviews: Improving Fundamental Skill Development
  • Soccer Rebounder Reviews: Improving Fundamental Skill Development
  • Soccer Rebounder Reviews: Improving Fundamental Skill Development
  • Soccer Rebounder Reviews: Improving Fundamental Skill Development


Soccer Rebounder Reviews

So there I am. It’s a cold, dark and frosty night on the 3G pitches while everyone was making their way to their pitches looking like ‘human kettles’ with steam coming off them waiting for their next game to begin.

I was taking a 10 minute break from refereeing the weekly 7-aside tournament, so I thought I’d collect some stray balls. There was one ball in the far corner of Pitch 3.

As I’m taking my time to go and collect the ball thinking about how nice a cuppa-tea and some biscuits will be when I get home I start to hear some voices from beyond the 3G pitches behind the wire-meshed fence.

When I got to the edge of the pitches I was actually surprised to see 3 people doing some training – 2 young lads and an older guy, the coach.

He was using a piece of equipment I had heard about but never actually seen used. I mean nearly every coach I knew at the time would carry as little equipment as possible!

What was he using?



Soccer rebounders.

There he was, feeding the ball off the rebounder towards the goal where the two young goalkeepers were.

Not only that, but he was getting each player to take it in turns to feed the ball to the rebounder then take shots at each other – using both hands AND feet.

It was pretty impressive to watch to be honest. All while, he was on a dark field lite up only by the floodlights that we we’re using – hence the reason he was so close to the fence.

Creating Effective Soccer Training Sessions

The thing is, this coach was really coaching in an all-inclusive, progressive and specific way – all while saving himself money using our lights!

Soccer rebounders aren’t just extremely useful for Goalkeepers though. They can also be useful for ALL players to;

  • Improve their first touch (head, chest, thighs and feet)
  • Work on their volley’s without having to keep chasing the ball
  • Strengthen weaker foot
  • Improve agility and reaction time
  • Develop all-round shot accuracy (including heading)
  • Improving throwing accuracy
  • Challenge them appropriately based on your players individual skill level

…the list could go on. But I’m sure you get the point. A soccer rebounder can be highly effective in improving your players’ all-round game all whilst mimicking real-life scenarios.

You could use one soccer rebounder to improve your players basic and foundational skills, or add a few more rebounders in the mix to really up the pace and challenge.

What’s more, is that soccer rebounders are another fantastic way to keep your players engaged while having fun. Which are the perfect conditions for a positive learning environment.

Like everything however, having too many options usually leads to not doing anything at all! Which ultimately effects the way we develop as a coach, and how to we develop our players too.

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best soccer rebounders currently on offer.


Top 5 Best Soccer Rebounders To Help Support Your Players Key Development Areas

Soccer Rebounder #1

1st Rebound Net: Tekk Trainer Review

Tekk Trainer Soccer Rebounder

TEKK Trainer Soccer Rebounder
165 Reviews
TEKK Trainer Soccer Rebounder
The TEKK Trainer is by the most popular choice from our readers. Durable, sturdy, easy to set up and a great tool that can help your player develop those finer essential skills needed to excel...

The TEKK Trainer is one of the bigger ‘players’ in the game of Soccer Rebounders. Used in soccer academies all over the world, the TEKK Trainer can add that professional edge to your sessions, players and overall training philosophy.

(Check out PSC’s TEKK Trainer review here if you’re interested in finding out more.)

With 40 Sq. feet of surface area, you’ll be able to not only be able to carry more ‘bang for your buck’ but you’ll also challenge your players and develop them even further with its ability to change through 7 positions.

Yep, the TEKK Trainer can be used at 7 different angles to push your players and your sessions up a notch.

It doesn’t come cheap, but if you’ve got the budget you players will say thank you in more ways than one! You can check out the latest price of the TEKK Trainer here on Amazon.

Here’s a quick video demo…


Soccer Rebounder #2
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2nd Rebound Net:  SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer Review

SKLZ Soccer Rebounder

SKLZ Soccer Trainer: Portable Soccer Rebounder
112 Reviews
SKLZ Soccer Trainer: Portable Soccer Rebounder
Here we've got a brilliantly designed soccer rebounder - or Trainer as SKLZ like to call it that can help your players development on more than one level - literally. We've used this in both large group team training and in 1-2-1 private sessions with players - Two thumbs up from everyone at PSC for this one.

Here’s a super quick promo video from the SKLZ Youtube channel. You should be able to get a quick glance of what’s possible with the SKLZ Soccer Trainer…

SKLZ are known for their slightly ‘out of the ordinary’ design. The SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer is no different.

As you’ll see from the picture, there are two separate rebounder nets that actually aims to develop your players in a highly realistic way.

You’ve got one smaller net that’s great for ground passes, and a slightly bigger one that mimics a similar ball ‘flight-path’ to other soccer rebounders.

I really like this idea. If you watch the video on this page here, you’ll notice that the coach has two players using the same rebounder at the same time. Fantastic if you’ve got a bigger groups to coach and great for session differentiation.

The SKLZ soccer rebounder only weighs in at a measly 1.6lbs, and even with its carry case and 4 stakes to fasten it to the ground it still would come in as our lightest and most portable soccer rebounder.

Another thing that SKLZ has over its competitors it that it’s extremely easy store. Got a set of portable goals? The SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer would definitely look right at home.


Soccer Rebounder #3
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3rd Rebound Net: Quickplay Pro Rebounder Review

Quickplay Pro Rebounder

Quickplay Pro Soccer Rebounder
19 Reviews
Quickplay Pro Soccer Rebounder
A classic, quality rebounder with a huge surface area, adjustable panels and good build quality. The QuickPlay Pro Rebounder is a 5x5 or 7x7 foot model, with an adjustable angle that means you can simulate lots of scenarios for your players. It’s also tough: it has a heavy-duty net and steel construction, and is designed for high-level use, so it should last a long time.

A new entry into our top 5 for this year – and for good reason. 

Its not only great for your outfield players, but goalkeepers too. While there’s certainly something to be said for Coach to Player 1-on-1 training, allowing and empowering your goalkeepers for example to train each other has it’s benefits. The Quickplay Pro not only allows for partner work but also grades really well for solo work as well.

In regards to your outfield players, you can have the Quickplay Pro setup as part of circuit drill or, if you grab a pair, you can set them up and get creative with your small sided conditioned games.

The double surface area opens up an array of possibilities only limited by your imagination.

A nice addition is the 2 year warranty, which is unusual for this type of product. It gives you extra peace of mind in your investment, but more importantly tells you that QuickPlay is confident in the quality of its construction.

The 7×7 foot version is one of the largest angled rebounders you can get hold of, which brings with it plenty of benefits, including making it easier for more than one player to use it at the same time.

It uses quite a traditional design approach. It doesn’t have some of the advantages of a double-sided rebounder, for instance, but it makes up for that in maturity. It’s simple, strong, and performs well in most situations.

And it’s true that switching up play without changing sides can also be very useful. Having both panels on the same side on such a large rebounder opens interesting practice drills involving multiple players.

The latest version, from autumn 2017, has a larger upper panel and a smaller lower one, and the latter creates some top spin on return, which is great. On a side note, it’s got rubber feet which are good for indoor use, but they also can help protect the frame from a garage floor, for instance.

If you’re interested – Here’s a video that has all Quickplay Pro rebounder models in one shot…

In terms of portability, it does fold down, but it can’t go completely flat because of its shape, although that’s generally fine for storage. As to whether you can travel with it to and from your club, it really depends if you’ve got a clear 7 feet in both directions for the bigger version.

By all accounts, getting the net on is quite tricky – it’s extremely taut which is great in-use, but can be a be a struggle at first. I suppose that’s fair – they do advertise its ‘high-tension net’. Other than that, assembly is straightforward as there’s no nuts to fiddle around with.

All in all, this is a strong rebounder that isn’t radical in its design but gets all the basics right and will stand up to years of high-level use. It has a large panel, adjustable angle and as a bonus, two years of warranty.


Soccer Rebounder #4
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4th Rebound Net: Soccer Wave Jr. Soccer Rebounder Review

Soccer Wave Jr

Soccer Wave Jr: 2 in 1 Skill Trainer
65 Reviews
Soccer Wave Jr: 2 in 1 Skill Trainer
A well-built, solid rebounder with a very useful two-sided design. Although it has quite small surface area, it's specifically used to develop trapping and passing skills.

Another new entry for years top 5 list…

The SoccerWave Jr is a dual net rebounder for both ground and air shots. It’s got an unpredictable ball return which helps with movement development and improves that critical first touch for your players, and you can use it to traing everything from volleying to heading to passing skills.

I do like this design. Lots of rebounders these days have two panels, but often on the same side. What’s good about this approach for clubs is that you can have two players using it at the same time, doing different exercises, or you can incorporate quickly switching sides. Potentially, that means you can buy half the number of rebounders.

It’s not perfect of course – it’s a bulkier piece of equipment as a result of this approach, and if it’s for solo practice you can’t just switch up the exercise, you have to run to the other side (although maybe that’s a good thing for conditioning!), but overall I think it’s worthwhile.

The SoccerWave is well built and feels like it’ll last a long time if you take care of it. It’s got an anti-rust frame (useful if you do decide to leave it outside) and has UV protected nets.  It’s 45 inches, or a little under 4 feet, across.

Talking about the size, I saw a review that said ‘it’s too big to be portable yet too small to really be useful’. Now of course that’s very situational – the size might be exactly right for your needs. But I think it’s an important thing to consider. Make sure you think through whether this will be big enough for your players.

Because of It’s bulkiness, not particularly portable, but you can separate the two sides for relatively easy transport, although being able to store it indoors at your club is ideal. On that subject, it can be a bit unwieldy when it comes to assembly.

Getting the bungees on can be hard work, and lots of people seem to struggle a bit getting it built – but once it’s done its solid and rigid, and it’ll stand up to years of use, especially if you store it inside.

In summary, the SoccerWave Jr is a well-built, solid piece of equipment that will last a long time. It’s got a useful two-sided design and its unpredictable ball return is great for developing skills. It’s not particularly portable and is on the small side, so it won’t be for everyone. But if it fits your needs, you won’t be disappointed.


Soccer Rebounder #5
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5th Rebound Net: Franklin Adjustable Training Soccer Rebounder Review

Franklin Adjustable Soccer Rebounder

Franklin Adjustable Soccer Rebounder
418 Reviews
Franklin Adjustable Soccer Rebounder
If the Tekk Trainer is slightly out of your budget, then the Franklin Adjustable Training Soccer Rebounder could be up your street. While not as big as most of our other soccer rebounders, this Franklin Adjustable Rebounder would be perfect way to introduce your younger players to the world of rebounders...

With a surface area of 24 sq ft it certainly isn’t the biggest rebounder on this list, but it does have the extra added benefit of having multiple angles for your players to aim at – which again is great for varying the skills and the challenge level of those skills you’re trying to teach.

If you haven’t got the budget for the TEKK Trainer, then this could be seen as its cheaper option. However, it’s well noting that using bungee cords this thin and loose could be a major pain when they start to go.

You can see from the product pictures themselves the TEKK Trainer definitely looks a lot more durable than the Franklin – but if you’re looking for a cheaper version to use with the little ones (7 and under I’d say) the Franklin Adjustable Soccer Rebounder might be just what you’re looking for.



Other Soccer Rebounder’s: (2015-2017)

Kwik Goal AFR-2 Rebounder: While still a good rebounder, I felt the additions of the Soccer Wave Jr and the Quickplay Pro rebounders were far more practical in developing the fundamental skills needed to excel in soccer. If you’re still interested in checking it out however you see everything I’ve written about it here. 

Trigon Sports Soccer Rebounder: Again, another great soccer rebounder even it’s for the sheer size of it. I decided to omit this soccer rebounder due to similar reasons. While it can act as a reasonably good rebounder and an even better ‘backstop’ – the Quickplay Pro and esspecially the Soccer Wave Jr were better additions to the list. If however size does matter – you check out what I had to say about it here….

Soccer Rebounder Reviews: Rebounding….back to the beginning.

Overall, we’ve got some pretty decent soccer rebounders on the market at the minute. As the idea of using a soccer rebounder spreads, expect to see more advancements like the SKLZ Soccer Trainer.

If you’re on a budget then the SKLZ or the Franklin may be the best option. Both are built differently, with SKLZ mimicking their unique design while the Franklin is made from a steel frame.

Most portable? Has to be the SKLZ again. While the shipping weight is considerably heavier – the actual weight of the rebounder is feathers compared to the others!

If you’re looking to take your training up a notch, and really look to challenge your players then the TEKK Trainer could do wonders.

Considerably more durable than most others and has the added advantage of being used in professional academies around the world.

You need to pick a trainer that not only coincides with what you willing to spend (obviously!) but also what will compliment your training sessions for your players.

At the end of the day, it our players development that matters most!

Which soccer rebounder are you going to use?


Take Care & Stay Focused!