What Is The Best Portable Soccer Bench in 2019? (Folding Sideline Sports Benches)

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Tired of not knowing where your players are?

Want to stay organised and have your players in close proximity?

An easy to carry portable soccer bench is a must for all coaches who care about their coaching, their image and most importantly their players.

Being a soccer coach can be hard

It’s true. You’re a truly great person. It takes a special individual to get up week in and week out to go stand in all weather and help your players enjoy the beautiful game.

Things can get hectic being a soccer coach. I know, I’ve been doing it for over 10 years now. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but it doesn’t get any easier if you don’t put the right things in place – kids will be kids at the end of the day!

Match days are especially hard. You have to;

  • Pack all the correct equipment
  • Make sure all players and parents know when to turn up
  • Not upset parents and players by giving everyone equal playing time
  • Keep your team organised
  • Make sure you players stay focused

…the list could go on.

Wouldn’t it be nice to solve 99% of these problems?

Look deeper into your coaching

A portable soccer bench is more than just an easy to carry bench. It allows you to create a team that’s the perfect reflection of you.

Investing in a well-built, comfortable and portable bench allows you to;

  • Balance playing time (very important for young players)
  • Keep parents happy
  • Not keep reminding players to ‘Move away from the line!’
  • Stay ultra-organised when it matters by having players close to you
  • Keep your players focused when they’re not playing
  • Create a team focused philosophy amongst your players
  • Minimize the potential negative psychological effects of being a sub will have on some players

As you can see, a bench isn’t just a bench. It’s a tool that can create a positive ripple effect throughout the whole team, making its way through the parents and finally back to you – the ultimate soccer coach.

Portable Soccer Benches

In short you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So with that said here are the top 5 best portable soccer benches.

Quick notes worth mentioning:

I have left the following variables out;

Storage: These benches all range from the 4-6-seater benches and therefore take up roughly the same amount of space when stored. If you have room and space to store the Kwik Goal 6-Seater, you’ll also be able to store the Insta Classic 6-Seater in the same space.

If you’re storing the bench horizontally then please ensure you have enough space to do so, and be careful not to place anything too heavy on top. You can pretty much store all of these benches anywhere vertically (standing up) however.

Assembling & Dismantling: Again, all the portable benches require similar if not exactly the same method to erect or put away. Take the bench out of the bag, pull from either end and the bench is ready to use. To dismantle just do the exact opposite as you did to but the bench up in the first place.

Each bench might be a little bit of challenge to set up and pack away on your own but with the help of another coach, parent or even a child if their old enough you’ll have the bench set-up and packed away in seconds.

Portability: This variable I have included in each review due to each one weighing in at different weights, however unless you are superman or the incredible hulk who can carry a bag of balls, cones other equipment and a portable bench with them, I wouldn’t recommend these benches to be carried on public transport!

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Kwik Goal 6-Seat Kwik Bench

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Kwik Goal 6-Seat Kwik Bench
710 Reviews
Kwik Goal 6-Seat Kwik Bench
Kwik Goal have been in the industry for years - here you've got a selection of three colors from; Black, Red and Blue. Would one of these benches suit your teams colors?
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The Kwik Goal is by far one of the more popular benches chosen by soccer coaches and parents alike.

Not only does it have the extra added benefit of having a back support but it’s also built well for accommodating parents too.

The Kwik Goal 6-Seat Portable Bench;

  • Seats up to 6 substitutions per bench
  • Is extremely quick to unfold and set up
  • Comes in 3 different colors
  • Is great for tournaments
  • Provides back support
  • Includes carry bag
  • Perfect for parents to use

Worth Noting:

  • Definitely not suitable for coaches who travel on public transport!
  • Could be a little awkward to store depending on the space you have available


This well-engineered, structurally solid portable soccer bench comes in at the top of our list. Not only can you use it for your players but the Kwik Goal has been well manufactured to take the weight of your soccer parents too!

A little heavier than most portable benches but well worth its weight in value if you’re looking to please everyone.


Easily transportable from vehicle to playing field. Can be carried either by holding it or using the shoulder strap available.

Definitely not suitable for a coach who travels on public transport.

Best for Coaches;

  • Looking for a portable bench with back support
  • Wanting to accommodate parents as well

Overall Thoughts

If you don’t mind the little extra weight that this goal has then the Kwik Goal Portable Soccer Bench is a well worth-while investment.

You can check out the Kwik Goal here


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Kwik Goal 8-Seat Kwik Bench

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Kwik Goal 8-Seat Kwik Bench
17 Reviews
Kwik Goal 8-Seat Kwik Bench
Here we've got another portable bench from Kwik Goal - this time without the back support. This might be perfect if you're on a tight budget but need the extra seating on match days or training.
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Another bench from our friends over at Kwik Goal.

This bench is more for those coaches or parents who are looking to seat more than 6 people at a time.

Instead of going through all the same point above, I’m going to list the differences between the 6-seater and 8-seater.

Kwik Goal 6 Seater:

Back Support?: YES

Weight: 26 pounds

Maximum Capacity: No Listed

Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 15 inches

Available Colors: Black / Red / Blue

Carry Case Included?: YES

Frame: Steel

Material: Nylon

Kwik Goal 8 Seater:

Back Support?: YES

Weight: 34.4 pounds

Maximum Capacity: 500 pounds

Dimensions: 27 x 25.2 x 7  inches

Available Colors: Manufactured Color

Carry Case Included?: YES

Frame: Steel

Material: Nylon

Overall Conclusion

Both benches are top quality, it just really depends on your personal preference and circumstances. The 6-seater is the more popular between the two benches but if you’re looking to seat more that 6 then I would recommend going with the 8-seater.

Do be warned however, 34.4 lbs is not to be sniffed at – it’s pretty heavy, not making it the most portable of benches.

All-in-all Kwik Goal Portable Benches are virtually indestructible benches that are great for both players and parents a-like.

Both benches can be effortlessly assembled and dismantled which makes these benches literally a walk in the park.

Check out the Kwik Goal 8-Seater here


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Trademark Innovations Portable Folding Sports Bench

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Trademark Innovations Portable Folding Sports Bench
1,049 Reviews
Trademark Innovations Portable Folding Sports Bench
A no frills, durable sports bench that would be suitable for your parents and players at a very reasonable price.
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This plush little portable bench has the option of having either a 4-seater or a 6-seater. Only weighing in at 15 pounds this bench also comes with a carry case to make the transportation from vehicle to field as trouble free as possible.

The Trademark Innovations Portable Folding Sports Bench;

  • Seats up-to 6 players
  • Is one of the more lighter benches
  • Is perfect for soccer moms
  • Dimensions: 100 x 18 x 18 inches (when assembled)


Trademark Innovations have used slightly less durable materials in comparison to the Kwik Goal Portable benches we’ve just talked about.

You really get what you’re paying for as it’s one of the less expensive benches on the market.

If you’re looking to seat older people such as parents I would probably recommend you didn’t go with this bench and kept it for the little ones only.


You may not be getting a bench that is as durable as the Kwik bench however if weight is something that concerns you then this may just be your bench.

Weighing in at just 15 pounds makes it our 2nd lightest portable soccer bench.

Best for;

  • Coaches and Soccer Moms looking for a really lightweight portable bench

Find out more about the Trademark Innovations Portable Folding Sports Bench here


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Agora 6-seater Bench with Backrest

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AGORA 6-Seater Bench with Backrest
79 Reviews
AGORA 6-Seater Bench with Backrest
This beautifully crafted sports bench from AGORA comes slightly heavier than most other benches on the market - but, does have an added benefit of being super durable.
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The AGORA portable bench can be set up by one person with ease, carried by all types of coaches (dare I say even the public transport coach…?) and holds up to 250 lbs per seat.

It also comes with a backrest to support your player’s backs. Not only that but it comes in at a very reasonable price.


This bench is built to withstand the elements. Not only can it sit 6 players comfortable but can also withstand the weight of adults too.

Although it does air on the heavier side of things when carrying, this just makes the bench more durable and impact-resistant as it’s been put together properly with decent materials.


The AGORA can be carried either over the shoulder or in the hand like a suitcase which gives you the option of changing the way you’re carrying it if it’s gets a little too heavy.

If the AGORA was a little lighter – it would be top of our best portable benches.

Have a look at the pictures of the AGORA here to see how well made it’s been made.

Best for coaches;

  • Looking for a high quality, durable soccer bench
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Insta-Bench Classic 6-Seater Bench

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Insta-Bench Classic 6 Seater Bench
152 Reviews
Insta-Bench Classic 6 Seater Bench
The Insta Bench not only comes with a very reasonable price but also has a great customer review rating on Amazon too. Another nice added benefit is the net pocket at the end of the bench which can hold bottles, or other things during match days.
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With a weight capacity of 25 lbs per seat, the Insta-Bench has one of the biggest weight capacities of all our benches.

Based on the number of customer reviews this bench is a pretty popular portable soccer bench on Amazon and also comes in 3 different colors; black, green and navy.

The Insta-Bench Classic 6-Seater;

  • Is great for seating heavier adults
  • Weighs in at 10 pounds overall (Bench + Bag)
  • Weather resistant


You’ll notice the Insta-Bench is being marketed as 600 D polyester. What does this mean?

Well the d stands for denier, which is a unit of measurement that gives us a good indication of the strength and durability of materials. A 200D nylon bag is less durable than a 600D nylon bag.

The Insta-bag is made from 600D polyester which is stronger than 200 or 400 D polyester but is NOT as strong and durable as 600D nylon.

As most of our other benches are made from Nylon we can safely assume (without knowing the exact durability measurements) that benches such as the Kwik Goal 6-Seater is of better quality.


The 600D polyester does have its uses however.

The Insta-Bench weighs in at a very light weight of 10 pound which can be very alluring to a coach or soccer mom looking for a lightweight portable soccer bench.

Check out the Insta-Bench Classic 6-Seater here


Wrapping it all up…

As you can see, a portable soccer bench is more than just a bench you sit on. It can have all sort of positive benefits.

Not only will you keep your players, you’ll keep parents smiling and in the process keep yourself stress free not having to run around trying to organise players!

Having a portable soccer bench allows you to bring a little bit more of the stadium to your next youth game!

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