Soccer Coaching Checklist: Training Equipment List & Guide for Soccer Coaches

Contrary to popular belief you do NOT need a whole array of soccer equipment to make your training sessions effective.

In-fact, ‘armed’ with a few essentials and some carefully picked additional pieces, your equipment ‘inventory’ can actually support your development as well as your players.

In this soccer coaching checklist, I’d like to give you as much detail as possible on the equipment available and the unique benefits each one provides.

Before We Continue…

Now, you certainly do NOT need everything on this list. What you need is the bare minimum to achieve two things;

  • Efficiency: Your sessions don’t need tonnes of equipment that take hours to setup and dismantle – and you certainly don’t need to be carrying a car load of equipment.
  • Effectiveness: But, you do need the right equipment to achieve the goals of your sessions that ultimately help you win games and develop your players both physically and psychologically.

‘If efficiency is doing things right, then effectiveness is doing the right things’ – Peter Druker

Every team will need slightly different training plan based on the team’s needs. It’s your job as a coach to find these needs and plan accordingly.

With that little piece in mind here is checklist of soccer coaching equipment to choose from.

Soccer Coaching Checklist: Essentials

Your essential soccer coaching equipment are things that are needed to play and coach soccer properly, with minimal interruption. If all else failed you would still be able to deliver a high quality coaching session with your knowledge and these 4 things;


Pretty self-explanatory I reckon. You’re not going to be able to play and train without at least 1 soccer ball.

I recommend you have at least one ball per player. Some circumstances however don’t allow for that which is where as coaches, we need to be able to adapt.

As a standard you should always aim for one ball per player but if that can’t be done for whatever reason, then make sure you’ve got at least one ball between two players.

GoSports Premier Soccer Balls x6 (with Pump)
178 Reviews
GoSports Premier Soccer Balls x6 (with Pump)
Stock up on your soccer balls with this set from GoSports. Comes in; size 3, size, 4 or size 5. Not convinced? You can also order 1 single ball to test out first...


Again another pretty self-explanatory one. Pinnies will make your job of coaching far easier as you’ll be able to coach, develop and run a smooth session without causing major confusion to yourself and your players!

BlueDot Trading Youth Scrimmage Training Vests
317 Reviews
BlueDot Trading Youth Scrimmage Training Vests
By far one of the more popular sets on the market, you can grab; 1, a set of 6 OR a set of 12. Also available in various team colors and can come as as a 2-color set.

Cones / Markers

Some indoor facilities won’t need the use of cones, but if you’re training outside, the chances are you’ll need some to mark area for skills development or games for example.

These days you can get all sorts of cones from big ones to little ones. You can also get flat disk markers which can double up as cones and be used indoors with more effect as they don’t slide all over the place.

In-fact at our indoor training session on Monday evenings – I opt for flat disk markers over the bigger more bulky ones every time.

As a last resort, you can always use cones to double up as soccer goals too.

Whatever type of marker you decide to go with make sure you think about these three things;

  • Your players
  • Your surface
  • Portability

Abco Tech Disc Cone Training Set (x50)
233 Reviews
Abco Tech Disc Cone Training Set (x50)
You can never has enough training cones - these things can double up for almost everything and be your saving grace in times of need. This is a 50 cones set that comes in at a very reasonable price.

Ball Pump

The amount of ball pump needles I’ve lost or broken over the years is ridiculous. Make sure you’ve got a reliable ball pump but also a pack of spare needles just in case.

Nike Ball Pump
235 Reviews
Nike Ball Pump
This ball pump minimizes the chances of your needle and pump breaking. It also comes in three different colors, black, gold and green.

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Soccer Coaching Checklist: Must Have’s

The following equipment, while not absolutely essential – are highly recommended. You’ll be able to make your training sessions;

  • More Effective
  • Fun and Engaging
  • Varied


Soccer Goals

There are absolutely tonnes of soccer goals on the market at the minute. You’ve got;

….the list could go on.

The question is – what goal do you need for your players?

Do you need a goal that’s;

  • Durable? Can’t afford to replace your soccer goals every season?
  • Saves Space? Because you’re stuck with a small area to store your goals when you’re not using them?
  • Highly Portable? Need a soccer goal that’s easy to move round, transport and carry?
  • Quick to Setup? To get training started quickly?

Answering these questions will help you immensely in choosing what soccer goal you need next.

If you need help figuring out what goal sizes you need for your players you can check out this resource here from US Youth Soccer

QUICKPLAY PRO Match-Fold Portable Soccer Goal
137 Reviews
QUICKPLAY PRO Match-Fold Portable Soccer Goal
These goals from Quickplay are great for training and matches. They come in 6 sizes including futsal and come complete with a storage and carry bag for easy portability.

Soccer Rebounders

These little beauties are starting to make a big appearance across youth soccer clubs up and down the country.

It’s not surprising.

I mean, these things can not only help develop your players first touch, trapping technique, aerial ball control amongst an array of other things – but what I really like about them is the ability to be able to mimic real-game scenarios.

With some rebounders, you can change the angle of the rebounder; change the speed of the return and most of them very well built pieces of equipment.

Of course there area few big players in the game and I’ve gone into more detail here if you interested.

In short; I defiantly recommend you have at least one soccer rebounder you can pull out for training.

SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer: Portable Soccer Rebounder
118 Reviews
SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer: Portable Soccer Rebounder
By far one of the most popular soccer rebounders from our readers. The SKLZ Soccer Trainer is unique in the fact you have two rebound sides for different purposes. I've used this particular soccer rebounder in team training and individual 1-2-1 soccer training and it works wonders for core skill development.


Coaching Education

Whether you’re a soccer coach who volunteers for their local youth club or a professional academy employee – you need to be educating yourself and furthering your knowledge.

Try to read and implement the information you learn from at least one book per month.

Here’s a list of books I wrote about that you might find helpful…

And, Here’s a book that well worth checking out to get you started


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Soccer Coaching Checklist: Fitness & Conditioning

The fitness levels of your team not only matter so they can physically keep up with the game but also so they can mentally keep in the game until the final whistle. How many games have been lost in the final minutes due to lack focus?

Don’t be that team!

Having a select few pieces of equipment to support your players fitness can;

  • Improve their Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS): Agility, Balance & Co-ordination are a must for life – let alone being extra needed to be able to play soccer properly.
  • Improve their Focus: By giving them something new to focus on, increasing the challenge or creating a competitive game everyone takes part in.
  • Improve their Sports Specific Skills (SSS): Speed, Power, Reactions, Strength and even technique can go a long way to improving your player’s game.
  • Add Variety: No one likes a boring training session!
  • Help Progress (or regress) Drills: To increase (or decrease) the challenge for your players
  • Make Your Training Sessions Look Highly Professional: This one should go without saying.


Here’s a quick list of equipment that can help develop your player’s speed, agility, power, reactions and overall strength.

Agility Ladders

As the name suggests, Agility Ladders primarily focus on improving a player’s agility. However, agility ladders are also fantastic way to improve; technique and power.

Agility ladders come individually or paired.

GHB Pro Agility Ladder
308 Reviews
GHB Pro Agility Ladder
Great for warm up drills, mid-session progressions and can be used as part of a rehab program. This particular agility ladder from GHB comes complete with with a carrying bag making it easier to transport and store when you're not using it


Another great addition for your fitness and conditioning drills.


Parachutes seem to have lost their appeal in the last few years. Yes, we have had some great advancement in technology, but, a good old parachute workout will have your players feeling almost invincible!

Parachutes are designed to add resistance to your player’s sprints to help them develop their power which in turn improves their acceleration.

All of which are highly important in soccer.

Physport Resistance Parachute
124 Reviews
Physport Resistance Parachute
With an incredible amount of positive reviews and an even better price tag, this parachute from Physport is bound to not only engage your players immediately at your next training session but improve their physical game in a way they (...or you) haven't experienced before...

Reaction Ball

A reaction ball is a uneven shaped ball that when bounced, thrown, rolled or moved in any way provides an unpredictable trajectory. Fantastic for improving your Goalkeeper’s reflexes and warm up the brains of your players before training and testing brain reflexes after training..

Qball Reaction Ball
65 Reviews
Qball Reaction Ball
One of the more popular reaction balls on the market, the Qball comes with the ability to play games in a random number format and can train the eyes, brain and body for faster reactions.

Agility Poles / Slalom Poles

We used these quite a lot for high intensity work. I’d normally combine them with some fast footwork drills and other speed, agility and quickness drills.

You can pick these up for pretty cheap most sports retailers. Just be sure to get some that are both durable and that have a little ‘give’ in them – especially if you’re using them with older players.

They look great, provide a highly effective alternative to standard cones or markers and don’t take up much space when you’re storing them.

Here’s some to get you started.

Champion Sports Slalom Poles
37 Reviews
Champion Sports Slalom Poles
Available in 3 colors, the Champion Poles are a great, cheap way to add agility poles to your training session

Agility Rings

Another feature of some of my high intensity drills are Agility Rings. These things a ridiculously durable as there isn’t much to break in terms of surface area.

The drills you can put together with these things are almost limitless. Well worth a look if you want to increase the intensity of your sessions while simultaneously keeping things fun.

Here are some Agility Rings again, from Champion Sports


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Additional Soccer Equipment

Coaches Whiteboard & Clipboards

Clipboards are a fantastic way of providing your players a visual representation of what you’re trying to tell them. I don’t think I need to explain the benefit of that too much – here’s it in a few words.

‘Telling’ your players, works for some – but not many. ‘Showing’ them will help them retain the information better in the head.

Some coaches prefer the old-school physical clipboard. That’s great – especially if you want to show multiple players the same thing and the same time.

Some coaches however, prefer the digital version.

I’d recommend you use both depending on your objective. If you’re not keen on having two methods, do your players a favor and have at least one.

You can check out a list of great soccer coaching clipboards I wrote about a while back here…

Soccer Mannequines

Again, these are great for adding more realism into your training and there also great fun to use as well.

Here are some decent, durable ones from FORZA Soccer…

Passing Arches

The would be great additions to your high intensity drills or technique focused drills. Passing arches allow your players to focus more on the accuracy, as well as the speed of their passes.

Here’s some from AGORA that are well worth checking out…

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