U10’s Soccer Drills: Best Under 10’s Practice Drills

Soccer drills for U10’s will focus on really refining what they learned in the previous age group; 1v1’s situations and individual techniques and be able to apply them effectively and efficiently. You’ll also look to increase the amount of players in small sided games from 5v5 to 6v6 and even start working within a 7v7 setup.

At this age group you’ll also start to see an improved standard in agility, speed, coordination and balance.

While boys and girls do develop at a slightly different pace it’s important to note that as this age some of your group will be starting to show signs of puberty. Keep this in mind when developing your practices and how you intend to manage your team.

In regards to their long-term ‘education’ – your warm up talks and topics should include the important of eating right and sleeping well.

Remember, while you ARE their soccer coach you are also someone they look up to. Use this to their advantage and develop soccer players that not only become better players – but better humans.

What to Expect from Under 10’s

Like I mentioned above you’ll really start to see quality in their agility, speed, coordination and balance. This will allow you to start introducing soccer drills that are more difficult and challenging to complete.

Your Priorities Coaching Under 10’s

Your priorities coaching under 10’s will primarily focus on developing their individual technique. You’ll like start to see the more talented players become a lot more ‘selfish’ at this age group.

This is a unique situation that will require you to find a balance between developing those individuals and letting them express themselves fully without them having a negative effect on the other players in the team.

Main Topics of Focus for Under 10’s

U10 soccer drills should focus around the following topics:

  • 1v1s
  • Ball Control
  • Dribbling
  • Possession
  • Positional Awareness
  • Receiving Priorities
  • Defending
  • Passing
  • Turning
  • Shooting
  • Heading (Defensive vs Attacking)
  • Pressing
  • Tackling
  • Support Play
  • Attacking
  • SAQ
  • Teamwork
  • Small sided games (4v4 / 5v5)

U10 Soccer Drills, Games and Activities

Feel free to take the drills from the U9’s Guide and the drills from the U11’s guide to regress and progress you training appropriately

[1v1] 1v1 4-Goal
1v1 4-Goal
4-Goal is a great game that can be adapted in various ways. Challenge your players to improve their; close ball control, dribbling and finishing skills within a 1v1 setup.

[1v1] 1v1 Practice
1v1 Practice
Another 1v1 drill that can solidify the technique and skill needed to excel in 1v1 situations. All you’ll need are a couple balls, markers and a set of small goals. Alternating from attack to defense you’ll force your players to work on their transitioning – with this drill however the winner takes all.

[PassReceive] Turn or Play
Turn or Play
With a small setup and an easy to explain concept, ‘Turn or Play’ work on your teams communication, decision making and listening skills while simultaneously developing their passing and receiving technique.
[PassReceive] Breaking Lines Progression
Breaking Lines
If I remember correctly, Breaking Lines was a drill developed within the Arsenal academy. It’s a great semi-dynamic drill that not only helps improve your players passing and receiving skills but, arguably more importantly, their first touch.

SSG 4 Goal
SSG 4-Goal
A great multi-directional and awareness developing drill. SSG 4-Goal is a conditioned small sided game that helps develop decision making, reactions, communication skills and the ability to transition from attack to defense.
Simple Wingers SSG
Simple Wingers SSG
This a real simple SSG that involves conditioning a game that isolates your wingers either side of the pitch. This type of drill forces your players to look to play the ball out wide and develop their link-up play.
[1v1] Attack and Defend
1v1 Attack & Defend
Coach your players how to attack and defend in 1v1 scenarios with our 1v1 Attack and Defend drill. Quick and easy to setup, this drill can work on your players close ball control, beating defenders with a change of pace, closing down space and being patient to win the ball.
[Warm Up] Handball IMG2
Hand to Head Ball
The ‘Handball’ variation of this drill listed uses a basic pass, move and throw sequence in order to score a point. However, you take this up a level for your Under 10’s. Same setup, same rules except this time to score a point player must use a header to score. Sidenote: Rules and regulations for encouraging heading the ball differ around the world. Please consult your local association before doing this drill.  
[PassReceive] Triangle Box
Triangle Box
This two-part drill develops your players; passing, control and the ability to be aware of and exploit the space around them. Again, another drill that doesn’t take up too much space and can be set up in a matter of seconds.
Speed Number
Speed Number
Something I see lacking across all age groups (and well into adulthood) is the ability to make good decisions – quickly. Speed Number helps develop this. It focuses on improving decision making at speed while improving the quality and speed of passes.
Hockey Rules 4 Goal
Hockey Rules 4-Goal SSG
This is an adaption of a drill I first see from a Watford FC Academy coach a few years ago. The primary aim of this drill is to work the ball out to the forwards quickly so they can get a shot on goal. How good are your forwards? It’s time to find out…

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